K-drama Friday Club #1: Rich Guy, Poor Girl


This is it! I’ve been wanting to have a weekly segment but I hadn’t thought of what to do yet. Now I thought of one and it is basically a post where I talk about the recurring ideas that is seen is most K-dramas. So this segment happens to be on Friday because I wanted a recognizable abbreviation which is now KFC~ (no wait…..I hope I won’t be sued:P)

KFC #1 is going to be about the idea of having a rich guy, poor girl in K-dramas. I’m starting with this because it is one of the “k-drama classics” and it is basically seen in EVERY k-drama. Since there’s lots of dramas with this theme in it, I’m just going to pick a few and talk about them~

Usually when there is a rich guy, poor girl concept in a drama, there are always the same problems that gets in the way of our main couple’s relationship.I’m going to compare them and see which is the “King” of this concept (the one that fits most of the problem).These include:

  • The b!tchy Future-Mother-In-Law(or any other family members) that you want to slap the hell out of~
  • The whole idea of the social status
  • The Girl who doesn’t think they match
  • Troubles involving kidnapping (since the guy is rich~)


Boys Over Flowers

Boys Over Flowers is one of the original ones and I believe it is one of the root of this trend. It is definitely one of the dramas that you will think of if you were to talk about the whole Rich Guy, Poor Girl concept.

  • There is definitely the b!tchy mother in law in this drama~ I remembered it really clearly because it was the first time I cried because I’m so angry at a character.
  • Well this certainly happened as Geum Jan Di modeled to earn money for her family and this caused a dispute between our main couple.
  • If I remember correctly, there isn’t the whole the girl doesn’t think they match thing because well I guess Guem Jan Di just doesn’t think Gu Jun Pyo is superior to her at all.
  • Lee Jae Ha (the brother of the suicidal student that Jan Di saved on episode 1) kidnapped Jan Di as per the order of Jun Pyo’s mother (another reason why she’s a b!tch).


The Heirs

This is another drama that centers around the rich guy, poor girl concept. The Heirs is also known as the second BOF as it has a similar setting and with Lee Min Ho as the lead.

  • This drama has a B!tchy member of a family and this time, it is the father. He was the one who forced Eun Sang to moved and thus the whole break-up.
  • Eun Sang works several part times and even though the social status means nothing to Kim Tan, it certainly does affect their relationship.
  • Eun Sang doesn’t think that her and Kim Tan are possible because of their social status and with Daddy Kim’s push, she and Kim Tan had a constant push and pull relationship.
  • There’s no kidnapping involved her but Young Do’s presence is certainly threatening to them (not to us, we love him!:P)


Secret Garden

Secret Garden was a huge hit in 2010/2011. The main plot is about Gil Ra Im and Kim Joo Won switching bodies but the rich guy and poor girl definitely plays a big part in the story.

  • Joo Won’s mother is the b!chy relative of the drama but for some reason all I can think of is Daesung because of the Big Bang Parody of Secret Garden:P Joo Won’s mother doesn’t pose much threat because Joo Won has unwavering feelings for Ra Im and even though Ra Im is reluctant at first, she stayed with Joo Won until the very end.
  • Joo Won didn’t like the way Gil Ra Im went to his department store to claim the prize she “won”. Ra Im thinks that Joo Won is embarrassed because she is there and they had a huge argument.
  • Gil Ra Im thinks she is inferior to Joo Won and keeps her distance despite Joo Won’s desperate efforts at first.
  • Thank God! there’s no kidnapping~


Cheongdamdong Alice

I consider this one of the most interesting plot on the list. The Poor Girl is actually a gold-digger in this drama so it makes it a lot different from other ones which are about the guys who fall for the girls and try to court them while the girls are pushing them away.

  • For once in kdramaland there’s no b!tchy mum or dad. In fact, the dad in this drama is impressed with Se Kyung because she got him closer with Seung Jo.
  • This actually doesn’t affect the relationship at all.
  • Se Kyung likes Se Kyung because of his money (partly). She doesn’t think about them being not a match and in fact, she doesn’t care.
  • No troubles with kidnapping again~!


The Master’s Sun

Another drama with the rich guy, poor girl trend. This is the drama that is the second least affected by it though~ (The first is Cheongdamdong Alice)

  • This is really rare but the b!tchy character in this drama is actually Joong Won’s aunt. That makes it more unreasonable because why would the aunt want to interfere with her nephew’s love realtionship? I get it if it is the mum or the dad or even grandparents but the aunt? This makes her twice as b!tchy as others!
  • No problem at all with this~
  • Hell, who cares when Joong Won is Tae Yang’s only ghost shelter!
  • Joong Won did get kidnapped when he was a teen but this doesn’t affect his relationship with Tae Yang directly. Or maybe it does:P The reason why Joong Won is interested in Tae Yang is because of her ability to see ghost as it can help him to find out the truth about Hee Joo.

There’s definitely a lot more with this concept such as City Hunter, Can you Hear My Heart, Lie to Me, Protect the Boss and Shining Inheritance, etc. But I just talked about the first five that came into my head because otherwise it will take years to complete this post.

The “King” of the Rich Guy, Poor Girl concept is….*drum roll*……….The Heirs~. Out of the four problems I stated above, The Heirs had at least three and since it is a tie with BOF, I looked at the last problem and see if there’s at least one association with the problem and there you have it~ The Heirs!!!*claps* *claps*


10 thoughts on “K-drama Friday Club #1: Rich Guy, Poor Girl

    • True. Perhaps it’s because even though they have the same concept, what they have in store for us is totally different! Like the five dramas I’ve talked about above, all of them heads to different directions, giving it a unique story. Okay, maybe except the Heirs and BOF. Those two are awfully similar! Which one is your favorite Rich Guy Poo Girl story?

    • How could I forget Coffee Prince! But I guess it is a lot different for the ones above because they handle huge companies or department stores. MY favourite from my list is Secret Garden too!

  1. I love all of the KDrama mentioned!! Especially The Heirs & BOF!! Hmm… I’d like to add “queen of reversal” – I think that’s the correct title.. Although it’s about a rich younger man in love with a older woman, divorcee & has a child! The story was so heartfelt… And does have most of the elements/criteria you mentioned… Except this female lead really takes charge! πŸ˜‰

    • I love The Heirs and BOF too but Sevret Garden has a special place in my heart because it is one of the dramas that made me a drama-addict! Thank you for telling me about the drama. I didn’t include that drama because I haven’t watch it yet so I can’t really comment on the different “problems” it has. There are several Taiwanese drama that fit the description as well but since I made this a K-drama Friday Club, I”ll just have to stick to the k-dramas:P Thanks for the comment^^

  2. I loved how in “Cheongdamdong Alice” the poor girl actually likes that the guy has money. It was kind of refreshingly honest. πŸ˜‰ (At least, I suspect I’d be pleased that the guy madly in love with me was also filthy rich…)

    • I agree but I don’t really get why she is all upset over the fact that she has turned “bad” and that love and business can’t co-exist. She like a guy who is rich and who likes her back, what’s the big deal? Just date him without thinking about the whole Alice thing. Seung Jo is so funny in that drama~ I miss his weird dances!

  3. yay for Heirs πŸ™‚ i was wondering if you could do a post where it is rich girl poor guy plots… i dont think i have seen such a drama yet… and a post on younger guy older girl like in I hear your voice or maybe not that extreme age difference.. i have been looking for new dramas to watch so yeah… sorry if you have already made those posts but i have just not seen them… well thanks πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely look into doing them when I have time~ The K-drama Friday Club posts takes long to do as it requires research but I am working on it! (the noona romance is nearly done!) If you are looking for a drama with rich girl and poor guy, then My Fair Lady is certainly a good choice:D

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