My Opinion on Man From The Stars Episode 15 and 16


Title: Man From The Stars

Main Cast:

  • Gianna Jun as Cheon Song Yi
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hui Kyung 
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi

My Thoughts:


*sobs*…..The father-daughter first meaning in 12 years is so touching. Too bad Song Yi’s dad is not Song Yi’s most important man in her life now. Even though I’m a huge sucker for romances, sometimes I’d prefer family-loving relationship. It’s just so heart-warming and I think Song Yi deserves to see her dad.


On the other hand, I’m still bothered by how the Dad said he wanted to raise Song Yi more because she makes lots of $. Even though people argue that he said it out of anger and whatnot. I think it is bullsh!t because if you said something, then that thing must have crossed your mind at least once, right? I don’t agree that the Dad didn’t mean it but I think it is not the entire reason why he wanted to raise her more. He might just love Song Yi more, who knows! I’m just glad that Song Yi is happy to see her Dad.


Min Joon is risking to tell the cops about their identity. Good news is that they are not frightened and they did not order people to dissect Min Joon or anything. Bad News is that the cops believe in Jae Kyung’s testimony more than Min Joon’s “nonsense”.


There are several comedic moments as Min Joon is getting jealous of Song Yi and Hui Kyung relationship. I wonder if Min Joon’s hallucinations are one of his superpowers because Hui Kyung did managed to knock him when he walked past him. I just love when Min Joon screams “She said it tickles!”. I seriously laughed so hard at that. Then there’s also when Min Joon sent Song Yi the text “I miss you” by an accident. I really wished Song Yi could see it but I guess there won’t be the “pyuntei” scene near the end:P


Min Joon’s kiss at the end of Episode 15 finally marks the beginning of their romantic relationship. Episode 16 is all sweet and romantic with all the Song Yi and Min Joon moments but then something’s wrong at the end. I hate you dramaland! Why are characters are confronted with obstacles once they start dating? Seriously it’s only been one episode and now you’re taking all that sweetness away from me! I am dying here, help!


Nevertheless, it is still better than no romantic scenes at all. Song Yi and Min Joon finally have their official bed scene and I am loving every single bit of it! (  The imaginary scenes doesn’t cant because they are not real~wait…..maybe I was right! The “imaginary” scenes are actually the future! Song Yi~ I’m waiting for an awesome Hallyu alien baby!) Seriously? How can you not swoon over this awesome bed scene?


I have’t thought about the problem of Min Joon not aging because I was too focused on wanting them to be together but now that Song Yi brought it up, I’m worried! On the bright side, this problem brought in quite the humorous scene:P


I never took notice of Song Yi’s brother until now! I think he is literally the highlight of Episode 16. It is really hilarious how protective he is of Song Yi but then got win over by Min Joon’s star-gazing technology. And even now, he is on Min Joon’s side ,calling him hyung and saying that Song Yi is not worthy of Min Joon’s love. He is so adorable!


The last bit of the episode is hinting break-up and I am not liking it:( I hope Song Yi can understand him but at the same time I get what she thinks. If they are really breaking-up, I’d be really angry because they are wasting time! Min Joon only has a month left! I’m already panicking but I’ll put my trust in this show.

I hope the show doesn’t disappoint me! What is your favourite Min Joon/Song Yi moment? Tell me in the comments below^^ Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the post:D



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