My Opinion on Man From the Stars Episode 13 and 14


Title: Man From The Stars

Main Cast:

  • Gianna Jun as Cheon Song Yi
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hui Kyung 
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi

My Thoughts:


It turns out Min Joon revealed his identity so he can keep Song Yi away since he has tried that in the past and even the friendship of over 10 years doesn’t need 2 secs to run away from Min Joon. His past experience gets his ready for Song Yi’s reaction but it wasn’t the reaction he expected. Song Yi cares more about what Min Joon thinks of her than anything else which includes Min Joon being an alien. Kudos to Song Yi for that because you can see she is actually shaking in fear but she still chooses to believe in Min Joon and takes his hands. I swear my eyes welled up at that moment.


It seems like there is something wrong with Jae Kyung’s mentality, well of course since he’s killed countless of people, but it’s not just that. He has hallucinations of Yura and he even screams at her O.o Someone needs to lock this guy in a mental hospital!


I love how Song Yi is dealing with the new fact about Min Joon. She is pretty calm and she is even curious about his nature. She even went to a mountain and screamed his name just to test if he really has alien powers but ended up looking like a lunatic instead. Min Joon of course was there but he was hiding behind a tree and even complains about it under his breath after realizing that he was trick. I didn’t like this already because it reminds me of the crying wolf. I just hope Min Joon will still go to her regardless of if it is a joke or not.


Song Yi goes through another Stages of Overcoming Grief and this time, she is accompanied by Min Joon except she moves on (not really~) and Min Joon remains depressed. He kinda deserves it though because he’s after giving the girl hope and crushing it again. I wish he’s not that stubborn about this whole keeping-his-distance-to-protect-Song-Yi thing. It just bugs me so much because the excuse is so stupid!!


The second episode irritated me because I feel like it is the plot is moving forward but then it is not since it keeps on telling the story in a flashback fashion. I mean I get it~ at first it’s cool and artsy but then the overuse of it makes it annoying. It makes the whole thing feel dragged out since it is moving forward and yet it’s not. I appreciate the director’s style but it just doesn’t impress me anymore. Hopefully the next thing won’t be backwards again!


I’m sorry to say this but I actually love the way Song Yi fell from the wire. It was refreshing to see an enraged Min Joon since he’s normally so reserved. I’m officially addicted to his outburst! I rewatched that scene seven times and I gotta say that Kim Soo Hyun is the hottest when he is angry. Hey, don’t judge me~ I made this blog so I can say whatever I want about my oppas 😛 *cough*….Calvin…..*Cough* Watcha’ gonna do!:P (sorry it’s a family joke) It is also a great opportunity for the family reunion. It’s so sweet to see the father-daughter relationship between Song Yi and her Dad and I’m glad that it was Min Joon who convinced him.


Another thing about the wire that got my attention is how Hui Kyung rushed to Song Yi but ended up getting a worse injury than Song Yi. How is that even possible? Song Yi just fell from the third floor but he was just at the bottom catching her. I guess Song Yi is heavier than I thought~ The more Hui Kyung is being nice to Song Yi, the more I feel sorry for him. We all know that he is definitely not going to end up with her but yet we don’t want him to stop loving Song Yi because he is just so cute. Screw you dramaland, for making such awesome second-leads that we fall for!!T^T


To wrap this up I want to say that the episodes are great in terms of the events but the plot is moving backwards. As you watch more episodes, you will actually how humans are so cruel to Min Joon which is one of the reasons why he’s so cold towards humans. We learn that people are not accepting Min Joon just because he is an alien even though he helped them. I just realize that we always consider foreign things dangerous. For example, ghosts. We always think they are out to get us but dramas like The Master’s Sun tells us that they only want us to fulfill their wishes. Similarly for Man from the Stars, it teaches us to not be judgmental. This is another reason why I love Man From the Stars so much!

What do you think of these two episodes? Do you agree that the plot seems like it’s moving forward but in truth it’s the opposite and are you okay with it or are you sick off it? Comment below and let me know:D Thank you for reading and I hope you guys like it^^





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