First Impression: Two Weeks (Episode 1 and 2)~


Title: Two Weeks

Main Cast
  • Lee Jun Ki as Jang Tae San
  • Park Ha Sun as Seo In Hye
  • Kim So Yun as Park Jae Kyung (prosecutor)
  • Jo Jung Eun as young Jae Kyung
  • Ryu Soo Young as Im Seung Woo (detective)

My Thoughts:


So I did say in My Top 10 K-dramas of 2013 that I want to watch Two Weeks and I finally got time to because it’s my midterm break! I’m so angry at myself for not discovering this gem earlier. I seriously need to stop judging a book by its cover. Anyways, I am loving this drama! It is only two episodes in and it already got me to have an emotional breakdown. I honestly cried by the end of episode 2.


Episode one is very intense and condensed. It starts off in the future and it’s working its way backwards. We learned a fair bit of Tae San’s past or at least what she did to In Hye. I understand why In Hye is so mad but isn’t she a bit too much since she is , after all, asking a favor from Tae San. Even though the drama shows us that Tae San is living a trash life, he still has enough conscious to help his one and only relative. For some reason I feel like Tae San is not as bad he he appears to be.


I already like Su-jin. That little girl is so adorable! She is just so optimistic even though she is going through one of the toughest stage in life that sometimes even adults can’t handle. Her smile makes me realize that my smile might be the very thing that makes someone’s day. I have a soft spot for little kids dramas but I wonder why I never really approach kids in real life. Su-Jin makes me want to be brave and approach them!


Even though Seung Woo is nice and kind like your typical second lead, I don’t ship him and In Hye at all which is strange because I have serious second lead syndrome! He is very caring but I guess it’s because I later found out in episode 2 that Tae San was forced to break up with In Hye in order to protect her. He had absolutely no choice and I guess this is also why he told In Hye to abort their baby. He probably doesn’t want In Hye to stay with him since he knew that he was going to jail for President Moon.


Like I said before, I hate villains who put on an act and fool people and I think they are worse than villains that actually show their evil side. What I hate the most about Congresswoman Jo is that she uses her disabled son as a tool to win the public’s heart. I get that you are evil but why drag your son into this? She is even worse than President Moon!


I think the reason I don’t hate President Moon as much as I hate Congresswoman Jo is because even though President Moon is evil, there is still something human in him. I could see that he is truly hurt by Mi-sook who didn’t love him at all. Now, I didn’t say that his reaction (killing Mi-sook) is normal but I mean the way he is hurt because he really loved Mi Sook. That scene made me feel sorry for him until he took out a knife and start stabbing her.


I was confused at first because I didn’t notice that Mi-sook is the one with President Moon at the club because she looks so different when she went to the pawn shop. I don’t mean her face but I mean her vibe because she seems so innocent when she was with Tae-San. I’m actually sad that she is dead because I loved her and probably because Tae San was framed as well.


Jae Kyung the prosecutor (not the evil bro from Man From The Stars) is so upset (who wouldn’t) because she thinks she is the one who caused Mi Sook’s death. And to be honest, it is her fault. Then she goes off in her car crying and caused a car accident which helped Tae San to escape. Seriously, this is why there is a buttload of car accidents in Korea and that also explains a lot about the drama plots.


My favorite scene from these two episodes is how In Hye and Tae San met. It is hilarious and it also relieved me a little from the intense plot. It is sad at the same time because we get to see what In Hye is like in contrast to the way she is now. Back then she was cheerful and bright and even though she smiles a lot now, you can see that she is full of hatred for Tae San.


This drama is starting great for me and I think you guys should check it out. From the poster, I expected a lot of action scenes in this drama but there is less than I thought but it is still full of suspense. Su-Jin is a happy virus in the drama that makes you smile whenever she is on-screen so go on and watch it!

Have you guys seen the drama yet? I love it and comment below if you feel the same:D Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy it^^


3 thoughts on “First Impression: Two Weeks (Episode 1 and 2)~

    • Same! Two Weeks is amazing and I can’t wait to finish it:D I just hope I won’t be suffering from heartaches after I finish it~ I agree! Su Jin is so adorable and I just want to give her bear hugs! Why can’t my cousins be so cute? But instead their all weird and perverted O.o I swear I don’t know what the hell they are thinking!

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