My Opinion on Man From The Stars Episode 11 and 12


Title: Man From The Stars

Main Cast:

  • Gianna Jun as Cheon Song Yi
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hui Kyung 
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi

My Thoughts:


I seriously didn’t expect Min Joon to be hurt and even though he was so cold to Song Yi last episode, I forgive him since he actually does his best to protect Song Yi when he was barely conscious. He is just so sweet and besides, that means there’s (bed) scene in this episode. Song Yi is beginning to see some of his alien traits-being 28’C which is abnormal for a hum being. Okay~ I know that Min Joon and Song Yi are different but I never knew they are THAT different. They are literally the opposite in their taste of food! But I guess it’s true then, the thing about opposites attracting each other.


Song Yi is so desperate trying to follow Min Joon all the time and I’m so frustrated! The thing I hate the most in a drama is when a couple is actually in love with each other but they can’t be together due to stupid reasons. I’m so annoyed with Min Joon because clearly he knows how Song Yi feel and he even go as far as to stopping the time just to kiss her but he decides that it’s best for Song Yi to not be together. I just dunno what to say:/ Song Yi’s stages of her post-rejection is hilarious and it gives me comfort from this bitter episode though.


I’m sorry but I dunno how Song Yi didn’t call the ambulance just because Min Joon told her not to. I would totally freak out because who wouldn’t? Min Joon is in a pile of blood and he’s unconscious. Okay~ Song Yi did freak out but she didn’t call an ambulance. I do see that she really cares about his well-being though. I’m more concerned about Min Joon since his powers aren’t working!!!


Jae Kyung can’t get any worse because I’m gonna faint from all this suspense! I just hope he doesn’t do anything rash for the time being since Min Joon is losing his powers. But since Song Yi told the cop about Jae Kyung’s relationship with Yura, I’m pretty sure it won’t be long until the next attempt murder. Hopefully, Min Joon will be recovered by then~


Arrgh!!! Min Joon is right about sweet dreams! It doesn’t only kill him but all the viewers too:( His dreams got me to wonder if it’s actually dreams or are they visions of the future that Min Joon sees. He did get random visions of the future before but they are less clear and short so it is possible that the dream is actually the future! Let’s be optimistic:D


Yay!!! Finally! Hui kyung is getting suspicious of his hyung so now I’m expecting him to protect Song Yi as well as Min Joon. I hope Jae Kyung is not evil to the extent of killing his brother~ because then Hui Kyung is really in trouble!


As much as I am annoyed at Min Joon for rejecting Song Yi. My heart breaks to see him being all depressed and breaking down into sobs. I think it must be pretty new to him to feel these kinds of feelings and that’s why he’s so overwhelmed by it. It moved me to tears as well because I got to see how upset he is rejecting Song Yi. Finally he is not a poker-faced alien!


Min Joon finally decides to reveal his identity to Song Yi. This is great because after all, it is better to not have any secrets in a relationship. We don’t get to see much of Song Yi’s reaction but she is definitely surprised. I’m so pleased with these two episodes except for the rejection which is super heartbreaking T^T

What do you guys think of the episode? Tell me in the comments below:D Thank you for reading this and I hope you like it^^


2 thoughts on “My Opinion on Man From The Stars Episode 11 and 12

  1. These episodes were heartbreaking, especially his dream of a happy, normal future. I’m with you- I’m going to be optimistic and say it was actually a vision not a dream. I have to give myself some hope! Man, when Kim Soo Hyun cries, I just lose it. He really is one of the best criers I’ve ever seen in a drama! While I appreciate his talent, I just wish it didn’t make me want to curl in a ball and sob. This show is fantastic!

    • I know right! This is killing me because I really want them to have a happy ending:( I agree with you, Kim Soo Hyun is amazing at his crying scenes. It just breaks my heart to see him cry like that. The only time he cried like that was when Song Yi doppelganger died! That means Song Yi is officially more important than the doppelganger. I feel bad saying this but am I the only who cries at Min Joon’s crying scenes and laughs at Song Yi’s crying scenes? I can’t take Song Yi seriously after all the humorous things she did, I just laugh even at her slightest gestures after that so I keep smiling or even laughing when she is crying. I know it’s meant to be heart-breaking and it does break my heart to see her like that but I still feel like it’s kinda funny in a way if you get what I mean~

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