YAY!!!100th Post Special : 50 Facts about Moi!


I’m going to do something different today~So I saw this trend on Youtube and I thought it would be a great idea to write 50 facts about myself as a special 100th post. It is weird that I am writing behind the computer screens and I am still receiving so much love from you guys who know absolutely nothing about me (except for the fact that I’m obsess with Asian dramas, books and anime. So to thank you guys who supported me, here are 50 facts about me:D)


1. I love all colours except red because red resembles blood.

2. I used to think I excelled in art because that’s what I’ve been told half of my life. I realized that my drawings suck when I met my best friend Simona.

3. I have an obsession with turtles/tortoise. I have a collection of over 50 turtle/tortoise stuff from nine countries.


4. I’m attracted to invisible banana peels. Seriously, I slip/trip at least 3 times a week.

5. I’m quite sporty. I am in the school hockey team and I used to be in the school tennis and camogie team.

6. My favourite subject is science and more specifically biology and chemistry.


7. I have a weakness for English speaking Asians. For example, Kevin from U-kiss and Amber from f(x)

8. I can’t handle any I.T. stuff. My brother is the one who helped me set up this blog and I didn’t know how to work a touch screen until 3 months ago.

9. I have to have tea every morning before I go to school.

10. I am scared of spiders because I had one crawling up my arm when I was in 3rd class.

11. I have 32 cousins and I don’t know half of their names.

12. My nickname is “K-ying” which means weird form in Cantonese. It derives from my English initial and my Chinese name.


13. Soy milk is the only milk I like to drink.

14. I’m the only member of the family who can’t eat anything spicy.

15. My favourite dessert is my mum’s homemade cheese cake.

16. I am in the school choir and I’m an alto.


17. I wanted to be a patissiere when I was young but I gave up after nearly burning my kitchen.

18. Another one of my nicknames is “Accident-zone” which my friend got from You’re Beautiful. Go Mi Nam has that nickname because she seems to always cause trouble and it is the same for me because I always unintentionally hurt her physical.( I used too much force to open the door and it slammed right at my friend’s face.)


The bathroom sink that I broke~

20. I’ve had some unpleasant experience with bathrooms. I broke the shower door by an accident. I smashed the mirror in the bathroom while trying to clean it. And I pulled out the bathroom sink which was attached to the wall and broke it when I slip and dragged it with me as I fell.

21. I have serious second lead syndrome.

22. I used to be in a band with my brother and cousin.

23. I am not flexible at all. I can’t even touch my toe when I bend down.

24. I love the name Róisín which means little rose in Irish. I want to name my daughter Róisín if I will ever have one.


25. I used to do Irish dancing and I won a bronze metal at the local feis.

26. I’m easily persuaded. Whenever my brother begs for my laptop, I can never refuse.


27. I’m addicted to dried mangoes.

28. I have a weird Cantonese accent:/

29. I hate when people discriminate.

30. I’ve been bullied before. When I first came to Ireland, I went to the library to get books to improve my English and on the way back home, I was stoned and also got water balloons thrown at me. I was really angry because it got the books wet and I had to pay for it but I couldn’t say a thing as I didn’t know any English.


31. I only have two hairstyles-hair down or ponytail.

32. I’m really slow at understanding jokes so very often, I would stand there for a minute before I burst out laughing.

33. I listen to Kpop, country, classical and Irish music.

34. I haven’t grown any taller since 2 years ago. (so yes…..I’m short T^T)

35. If I like something, I can stare at the photos of it non-stop until my mum snaps me out of it.


36. I cry if somebody beside me is crying.

37. I’ve known to be ugly when I’m crying among family members.

38. I have a really close relationship with my aunt even though we live miles apart.


39. I’ve composed 37 tunes but I’m only satisfied with 5 of them so far.

40. I’m very random so people are often confused whenever I’m talking to them about something because I always change subjects.

41. I nearly drowned 2 years ago when I tried to swim to the deeper adult pool with my brother. I struggled and dragged my brother with me when I was drowning but a life guard saved both of us.


42. My favourite karaoke place is my shower.

43. My worst subject is English.

44. My favourite scenery is the starry sky.


45. I have a perfume which smells like fresh grass.

46. I’m very forgetful. I always forget my keys and so I get locked out all the time.

47. I hate the feeling of wet socks.

48. I keep a notebook full of reviews of ice-cream I’ve tasted. I have now more than 40 reviews on ice-cream.

49. I want to volunteer around the world as a traveling doctor.

50. I love you guys as much as I love myself! (Sorry, I can’t help it:P I hope you are not cringing right now:D)

Phew~ it’s finally over! I never expected this to be so difficult. I find it so hard to think 50 facts about me! I hope you guys get to know more about me. Let me know if you’ve had some similar experience or interests as me. I would love to know more about you as well! Thank you so much guys and please support me until the very end! Saranghae!!!<3

4 thoughts on “YAY!!!100th Post Special : 50 Facts about Moi!

  1. They have invisible banana peels in Ireland too?! I thought we only had them in America! I trip over things all the time, lol. I’ve never broken a bathroom vanity before, but I did knock over my brother’s bookshelf once when I fell over. You must be really strong! I almost drowned when I was four, but I was really close to the side of the pool when I fell in, so I climbed up another kid’s leg and pulled myself out. And those bullies were very lucky that you’re a nice person. I would have thrown those stones right back at them! Loved this post, congrats on reaching 100!

    • Thank you for the comment^^ I can’t believe we share so many experience! I’m actually not that strong but I think it must be the force I used when I tripped that pulled the sink with me. It was just reflex for me to grab hold of something. People take it as a joke but I actually feel so sorry for my mum who has to pay for the amount of stuff I broke 😦 Even though my family is not poor, we are not extremely well-off either. I swear it’s been like that since I was young. I just somehow break everything I touch!
      I hope the kid is only~ my brother was actually fine until I pulled him down with me. He was angry at me for a whole week because he felt embarrassed being rescued by a life guard:P
      thank you so much for supporting me! I’ll be sure to be there to see your 100th post as well:D

    • Haha….sorry for the late reply>~< and you're right! It was shocking but since it happened at 5 in the morning I wasn't fully awake then. My hand was cut by the shattered pieces of porcelain. My mum was more worried about me than the sink and it was quite touching. Keke….I love my mum:D
      Thanks for the comment and I'm glad you enjoyed my post^^

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