My Opinion on Man From The Stars Episode 9 and 10


Title: Man From The Stars

Main Cast:

  • Gianna Jun as Cheon Song Yi
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hui Kyung 
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi

My Thoughts:]


 To sum up these two episodes, they are episodes of disclosure. We are told why Song Yi raced out of her house 12 years ago when she was nearly ran over by a truck. Min Joon reveals his superpowers to Jae Kyung which is very much like saying “I’m an alien” to Jae Kyung. Hui Kyung confronts Min Joon about saving Song Yi 12 years ago. We learnt about how Lawyer Jang met Min Joon. Hui Kyung answers a call from “K” and begins learn about the dark side of Jae Kyung. Song Yi finds a glass piece and figures out that Min Joon saved her from falling off the cliff that day. Min Joon finally watches the video of Yura’s USB. And last but not least, Song Yi gathers up her courage to confess her feelings to Min Joon. Yep~ it is indeed very eventful.


First of all  I have to talk about the kiss scene. I can’t believe that Min Joon is actually sick after kissing Song Yi. I mean he didn’t get sick the last time he kissed her on the ship! I love that the Song Yi can finally take care of him though since it is always Min Joon who takes care of her. I wonder why he is so cold towards Song Yi though. She was just trying to help!~ I love when Lawyer Jang comes and tells Min Joon that he could’ve held it in. There is always a comedic side to this drama!


I feel so bad for Song Yi because she is traumatized in her childhood by the reality of materialism. I think this is why she sometimes can be snobby and thinks that money can buy everything. She learns that both her dad and mum preferred to raise her because she could earn money. This is really sickening and I don’t feel sorry for the dad anymore.


Words cannot express how annoyed I am with Se Mi. I don’t mind if she is evil but the angelic act she puts on whenever she is with Min Joon is angering me.  I can’t believe that Min Joon actually fell for her facade and I just want to face-palm myself every time Min Joon takes her back. But I love the way Min Joon takes off his coat for Song Yi and puts his arms around her when the coffee is spilled on her. 


I’m so glad to see jealousy coming out of Song Yi. Her jealousy is just so different and fierce but she isn’t b!tchy about it. I love seeing Song Yi at the doctor’s, looking for consultation because she is just so crazy! I seriously hope she ends up with Min Joon before she turns completely insane!


Hui Kyung’s reaction to Min Joon being the person who saved Song Yi 12 years ago is much calmer than I thought. He knows that Min Joon looks exactly the same as 12 years ago so shouldn’t he be at least a bit surprised or something? I guess he is so desperate to have Song Yi that he just doesn’t want her to know that Min Joon is the one who save Song Yi. Lesson learnt=Love does conquer everything !


Song Yi’s confession has got to be the best confession ever. I feel so sorry for her but I laughed through half of her speech. If only Min Joon reacted to it at least a little, it would’ve been perfect! I really expected Min Joon to teleport to her side of the balcony  and to pull her in for a kiss when she has her back turned  but I guess dramas never work out as you though it would.


I really wish that Min Joon didn’t reveal his identity to Je Kyung because there is no doubt that he is in danger now. Even though he has super powers, he seems to be sick lately and his powers are slowly weakening. I don’t want Song yi to be hurt but that goes the same for Min Joon. I do want to know what Jae Kyung will do since he now knows that Min Joon is not an easy opponent. Will he call out more men? Or will he give up? 

Even though there are less couple moments in these two episodes, I still like it because I feel like I learnt more about the characters. I can’t wait for the next episodes! Thank you for reading this post and I hope you like it^^ Comment below if you want to talk about these two episodes with me and I will reply asap:D




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