Ti Amo Chocolate Review: Characters (Part 1)


Title: Ti Amo Chocolate


  • Vanness Wu as Fang Jia Hua 方家驊
  • Joanne Tseng as Hong Xi En 洪希恩
  • Michael Zhang as Fang Jia Rui 方家瑞
  • MC40 as Wei Li 威力
  • Wang Zi as Wang Zi Yi 王子翊
  • Ah Ben as Hong Xi Ping 洪希平
  • Bu Xue Liang as Su Yi Cheng 蘇一誠
  • Guo Shu Yao (郭書瑤) as Hong Xi Hui 洪希惠
  • Dou Zhi Kong as Lu Zheng Ting 陸政廷
  • Lene Lai as Lu Zheng Jun 陸政君
  • Ge Wei Ru as Ge Jia Yi 戈嘉怡
  • Jian Chang as Hong Zhong Xin 洪忠心
  • Doris Kuang as Ye Mei Ren 葉美人
  • Shen Meng Sheng as Fang Pei Long 方珮瓏
  • Zhou Dan Wei (周丹薇) as Li Ru Yun 李如芸
  • Angie Tang as Fang Lin Wen Yue 方林文月
  • Zhong Xin Ling as Su Xiao Xiao 蘇小小
  • Zhao Shun as Flower store owner
  • Qian De Men as Fortune teller
  • Na Wei Xun as Bakery store manager

My Thoughts: 


There are just so much to this drama and I just feel like I can’t leave out anything so I’m going to split this review into three parts: “Characters”, “Relationships” and “Plot”. In this post, “Character”, I’m going to talk about my thoughts on the actual developments of the characters. While in “Relationships”, I’m going to talk about our couples, their chemistry and other heart-racing scenes and in “Plot”, I’m going to talk about the storyline and conflicts, etc. 

This is officially the longest drama I have ever watched! I can’t believe I went through the trouble to actually finish this. I’ll talk more about the actual story in my “Plot” post so I’ll head straight into our characters~


In this drama, there are quite a few main characters. From the official poster, we see Xi En, Chocolate, Jia Rui, Wei Li and Wang Zi Yi. However, what confuses me is that a lot of the “main characters” are not as important as I thought and one even disappeared from the second half of the drama! It just annoyed  me how they organised the appearance of the characters because you might have an episode based on for example, the Xi En/Chocolate couple. You will see the events that happened to them and the relevant people that they are connected to but all of the other characters are just gone for that episode. It is really a problem of trying to fit a large cast in the 45-min episode. Nevertheless, I still love the characters.


My favourite character has got to be Xi En. She is just so candid and forthright. She is the breadwinner of the family but she doesn’t complain and  works hard willingly to make her family happy. I liked the from start to end but it was a bit frustrating watching her being so soft-hearted towards Zheng Jun. I’m glad that she finally learns to get a backbone and fight for what she wants and deserves at the end……..though that took about 10 episodes. Xi En’s character really gives you a familiar feeling and I can’t really pinpoint what it is exactly. But she is definitely a character loved by everyone! Her genuine character also eventually won Zheng Jun over and I think this is something worth noting in her character.


Next up I have Chocolate on my list. I love him more in the middle and less in the second half because his stupidity. At first I didn’t like him that much because even though he is eager to find his mother, he is still a spoil brat. The one thing I like about him from the start is that he straight away knew to fight for want he wants instead of listening to his father’s unreasonable requests. He breaks out of his cage and frees himself from his father’s reign even if it means to give up on the inheritance. Though by the second half, he loses this quality and became obedient to Zheng Jun. That really disappointed me and I face-palmed myself until I can’t feel the pain anymore. Chocolate definitely grows stronger emotionally throughout the whole drama and he also learnt a lot of values in life such as the importance of family. Just this alone is worth watching, I think.


Xi Hui is adorable in this drama and she captured my heart with her purity and innocence. I personally think that Xi Hui is the character with the most changes/developments. At the beginning, she is over-protected by her family who has put all their hopes on her because she is the only one in the family receiving a third level education. She is confined in a small world away from danger until she meets Zheng Tin. Can you imagine that Xi Hui actually believed Zheng Tin when he told her that he is a national spy?! Yes…….that is how gullible she is. Xi Hui gradually experienced the harsh reality of life but she remains pure and positive. This is a side of her that I find very charming. Unlike her sister Xi En, who is aware of the reality of the world and becomes stronger at the end of the drama, Xi Hui is a character that learns about the reality of the world while trying to retain her genuine personality.

images (2)

Zheng Tin is not so much a character I spaz over but one that I respect. Like Xi En, Zheng Tin sacrificed so much for his own family. He joined a gang hoping that would prevent his family from being harassed but this only made his family members leave him. It was so heart-breaking looking at him in his empty house. He is obviously a main character but he is not in the poster and I thought it was a bit misleading. I’m just one of those people who hate when the blurb/summary doesn’t really match up with the story. I would spend ages waiting for whatever to come but when it doesn’t, it kills me! In this case, it isn’t so bad because Zheng Tin is not mentioned in the summary so he is more like a pleasant surprise:D

images (1)

Zheng Jun is the antagonist of the show and to be honest, she isn’t as evil as I thought she would be. She is nearly getting there at the end but still not evil enough. It was interesting to see how she slowly evolves into this person who is full of hatred and jealousy. I actually don’t like her more at the start because she was being too nice and I just don’t see how she could expect to have the same relationship with Chocolate when clearly he’s dating.  It was hard to hate her while she’s being nice because I’d feel like a bully so it was much better when she turned to the dark side completely. Some of the stuff she did when she turned evil are just *facepalm*. I didn’t like that she got better because I felt that she needs to learn a lesson but then again if she doesn’t I would cry for Jia Rui.


Jia Rui is the only character that I love from the start but grows to hate as the story progresses. I know persistence is one of his good traits but to me he just seems extremely desperate. I felt sorry for him but at the same time I felt like he was digging his own grave. I wouldn’t mind it as much if he just keeps on with his own crush but then he went ahead and ruined someone else’s perfect relationship. It was so irritating to see him like that and I was screaming at my screen the whole time! But then I guess “Love is blind and lovers cannot see, the petty follies that themselves commit”. Haha……sorry>.< I just had to do it:P I’m studying this for my English exam and I’m trying to keep up with my studies as well as this blog:)

images (3)

The other characters such as The Hong Family members, Wei Li, Hao Jie, Master and Xiao Xiao are all worth mentioning and some of them play big roles in the drama. For example, Papa Hong is definitely in charge of being the cock-blocker. I’m pretty sure Chocolate and Xi En would at least have 7 or 8 babies if it weren’t for Papa Hong. I still like Papa Hong though, he brought in a lot of laughters throughout the drama. Another person who is the happy virus is Xi Ping. It is hard for people who doesn’t Mandarin to understand his jokes sometimes because the jokes he makes are pretty local. Xi Ping is a character that brings a smile on your face whenever he is on-screen. The actor did an excellent job portraying the character and bringing out Xi Ping’s innocence. Mama Hong has a motherly figure which makes you warm and fuzzing inside. She takes care of the family very well and she really sends the message “Mother sacrifices a lot for us” out to us when ever she does a warm gesture for her family.


The actor who played Wei Li is in Love Around so it is one of the reasons why I started this 80-episode drama(so long!). He and Xiao Xiao are more like chocolate and Xi En’s sidekick as they really didn’t contribute much to the plot except for their relationship and when they console Xi En with her relationship. I don’t have that much opinion on them except that they are likable and useful sometimes.


Hao Jie is such an appealing character so it was disappointing to see her disappear for a while. I guess what’s attractive about her is that she is Chocolate’s mother and that she is left with no choice but to abandon her son when he was still young. It was painful to watch her being unable to let her son know about her identity because it would hurt Chocolate in the end. I’m glad that she doesn’t actually die though because I would’ve burst into tears! Hao Jie is another motherly figure in this drama that inspire me to do more for my mum. I think Master is the master of unrequited love like in kpop, we have GOD, Shinhwa, etc. I wonder if there’s anyone in dramaland that has had a crush on someone for more than 17 years. This is the one thing that I really admire about him other than him being a master chocolatier. It is hard to explain but I guess I don’t like Jia Rui’s crush on Zheng Jun as much because Master’s crush on Hao Jie is just so chivalrous and gentleman-like.

I don’t really remember much about any other characters because there’s so freakin’ many of them!!! Anyways, that’s my thought on the characters of this drama and I hope you like my review on the characters. In general, you would find most of the characters are attractive and likable but like any other drama, there’s always a few that you wish to slap the hell out of them . Stay tune for my “Relationship” post!:D



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