My Opinion on Man From The Stars Episode 7 and 8


Title: Man From The Stars

Main Cast:

  • Gianna Jun as Cheon Song Yi
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hui Kyung 
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi

My Thoughts:


It turns out that Song Yi was going to say “yes” to Hui Kyung’s confession but fortunately, during the time when Min Joon stopped time, Song Yi changes her mind because of a sudden “strange” feeling. I was disappointed that our Min Joon didn’t get to hear her rejection but then again, if he doesn’t stop the time then Song Yi would probably answered yes already.


I think Min Joon is slowly admitting that he likes Song Yi. In his own interview, he tells us that he is afraid of death because he has found someone who he doesn’t want to be forgotten by. Well he should be comforted because next he heard that Song Yi rejected Hui Kyung. Omo, wait……did he just get introduced to his future mother-in-law and sister-in-law?! Haha…..maybe I am just thinking too much:P


Min Joon is in trouble because his face was caught on camera in the boat and the police found him suspicious. Well at least he’s off the hook for now because he never left his house to go on the boat. This is the good thing about his teleportation ability, I guess. Anyway, it is not a good thing that he is exposed and is involved in a police investigation.


Min Joon is getting too comfortable around Song as he uses his superpower in front of her. Although he managed to make Song Yi think otherwise, Min Joon has to be more careful in the future. Min Joon is really giving in little by little. Haha, you big ol’ softie! It is just so cute the things he does for Song Yi. I mean he already ate with Lawyer Jang but he pretends he didn’t so that he can eat with Song yi. Isn’t that just adorable?!!

star7-00358 star7-00372

Talking about adorable relationships, I have to include Lawyer Jang/Min Joon and Bum/Song Yi. Lawyer Jang is clearly jealous because of the changes Min Joon makes for Song Yi. It doesn’t help when he finds out the the #1 speed dial is Song Yi. I won’t help you on this one, Min Joon! Even though you argued that #2 speed dial is Lawyer Jang, it doesn’t really count because there are probably only two contacts in your contact list XD On the other hand with Bum/Song Yi, Bum tells his noona that he will wait so that he can be her manager again. He also tells Song Yi that he “misses her swearing and violence”!


Song Yi finally finds the USB and played it but she doesn’t notice anything strange which annoys me. Seriously, why are you so slow!?  If you’re not going to find out about Jae Kyung’s evilness in the first place, why are you watching that video and putting yourself in danger!


It disappoints me to know that Se Mi is actually evil in the beginning and not “turning evil”. She never thought of Song Yi as a friend and she said that she never felt sorry for taking her position. Se Mi is very cynical as she thought that the reason Song Yi treats her well is because she doesn’t think that Se Mi is worthy as her rival. I must say she scares me a little when she said all those things while shooting dagger stares at Song Yi.


As I said Min Joon is slowing using his superpowers more often infront of Song Yi but this time is reasonable because Song Yi is in danger. Even though Min Joon managed to save her once, Song Yi is in danger at the end of the episode again because Jae Kyung sent someone to kill me and disguise it as suicide. Thank God, Song Yi is saved because of Min Joon’s superpowers and because she actually screamed for him. The way Min Joon saved her is just hella awesome and I replayed that at least 7 or 8 times!


At the of episode 8, we have our Min Joon who just saved Song Yi and left. I was really happy at the end of the last episode because I thought Song Yi finally found out that Min Joon is an alien. Min Joon denies saving Song Yi which causes her to rely more on Hui Kyung because he was the one who accompanies her home. This made me so mad but Jae Kyung made it up for me because he ruined Song Yi’s house. This means that there is another sleepover!!!


Sleepover means more cute Song Yi/Min Joon moments! Okay~ the first has got to be when Song Yi apologies for wearing his clothes at his house because this makes him hot and bothered. Min Joon hilariously proves her wrong by holding up his vase and telling her that he finds it beautiful but it doesn’t makes his heart flutter. The next is when Min Joon gives Song Yi a bunch of books so that she can sleep and in it includes an ancient manuscript which is written in hanja. Song Yi looks at it and asks if it is “alien language”. Haha, the alien jokes are the best!


Then there’s also the moment when Min Joon gets found out for stealing Song Yi’s silver shoes. My favourite moment is when Song Yi is trying to clean up but ends up breaking all the Joseon potteries which are worth thousands! Min Joon’s face is priceless and to stop Song Yi, he has no choice but to stop her by giving her a back hug! It was just amazing andd I squealed so much!


Hui Kyung finally knows that Se Mi’s crush is him. Seriously? I don’t think any man can be as clueless as him! I hate the way we didn’t get to see how he dealt with the confession:/ I just hate when that happens! It’s worse than a cliff-hanger.


Remember that Song Yi has seen Min Joon teleportation when he saved her from the falling fishbowl and the car accident? Well, apparently she thinks she is crazy and went to the doctors. I feel so sorry for her! If that were to happen to me I would probably be in the psychiatric hospital! She is diagnosed that she is depending too much on Min Joon so the next time she sees him. She keeps on emphasizing that she is not dependent on him at all. lol~


Song Yi is getting smarter and catches Jae Kyung’s mistake of knowing that a person put a camera in her teddy bear. She also tells him about the USB stick which I think is to set a trap against him or something.


The ending is just intense and hot! The 15 second seduction works on Min Joon too! I’m glad that Min Joon is not holding back but he better be able to explain how it doesn’t affect him to kiss her THAT passionately.

What do you guys think of these two episodes? I love it and I can’t wait to see what happens! Comment below on what you think and you are welcome to discuss any drama with me^^ Thanks for reading my post and I hope you like it^^


3 thoughts on “My Opinion on Man From The Stars Episode 7 and 8

  1. Hey Kelly girl! Still not caught up yet, lol. But i’m working on it! Love that you get excited for the sleepovers too – they make me all squeeful! Someone find me a man who will give me a back hug to stop me from cleaning. I would love that.

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