Movie Review: Secretly Greatly (2013)


Title: Secretly Greatly


Park Hye-Sook … Jeon Soon-im
Park Ki-Woong … Ri Hae-rang
Soo Hyun Kim … Won Ryoo-hwan
Gi-woong Park … Ri Hae-rang
Hye-soo Park … Jeon Soon-im
Hyeon-joo Son … Ri Hae-jin

My Rating: 8.5/10


Three North Korean agents from the special unit, 5446 Corps are sent to South Korean to be spies. One acts as a village idiot, another acts as a rock star wannabe and the last as a high school student. They haven’t received any orders for a while and they started to get along with the villagers. One day, they received an order to commit suicide as their first and last mission…..

My Thoughts: 


I just finished this movie and it has left me with so many feels! I watched this film because of Kim Soo Hyun who is now staring in Man From The Stars. The cool image he held in Man From The Stars is completely ruined for me so if you guys are planning to watch this film, be sure to finish Man From The Star because Kim Soo Hyun will never be the same again after you watch this. I really want to compliment Kim Soo Hyun for his amazing acting in this film! I was left speechless at how well he portrayed the village idiot.


The other two main leads are actors I am familiar with as well from To the Beautiful You and Full House 2. They both did really well but Hae Rang didn’t stand out as much as Hae Jin.  I felt like Hae Rang couldn’t show his full potential in this film. Hae Rang is just a normal rock star wannabe while Hae Jin is only a high school student but what makes him special is his special relationship with Dong Gu. Okay~ Was it just me or did everyone else also fan-girled over the bromance of Hae Jin and Dong Gu? It was really sweet seeing how Hae Jin really respect Dong Gu. This is going to be up on my “Favourite Bromance” list!


This film made me laughed a lot in the first half and bawled like there’s no tomorrow in the second half. I think the movie did really well at bringing out the viewers’ emotions and sympathizing with our three main leads. I admit that I’m very emotional but I don’t normally start bawling. I had to stop the video because I was crying so much! I never thought that it would be that depressing so I was caught off guard. The only other movie that made me bawl like that is A Werewolf Boy.

2 years later

What I don’t like about this film is that it is fully comedic at the start and completely intense at the end. Even though we already know about the whole North Korean Spy thing, I still felt like that the change is too abrupt. Everyone from the village is just totally gone at the second half of the movie except the ajumma who took care of Dong Gu. I know they appeared at the very end of the movie but still! They are gone for most of the second half and that bugs me! You probably won’t notice it though because of the action-packed second half but once you finish the film, you will find yourself asking. This is why I didn’t give this as high of a mark as I thought I would while watching the movie.



There’s another thing that kinda bother me and that is the ending of this movie. I presume that the three died because there’s no way you could survive after falling off a 20-storey building and getting bombed. But then again, this is a movie and everything can happen in a movie and besides, the ajumma did find a message on the wall which reads “Mother, don’t get sick”. This is the point which I find annoying because I’m after crying because the three died but then they are showing me the message on the wall which Dong Gu left!? I was very emotional but then I just forgot all my feelings because I’m too distracted thinking about if they are alive. I felt like they should have ended the movie after Hae Jin and Dong Gu fell and answer what they want to be born as in their next life. *SPOILER ENDS*


Despite all my complains, I still think that this is a fantastic film. I mean it did got me laughing, smiling and bawling and gave me good memories. Just in case you guys are wondering, the reason why this will ruin your perfect image of Kim Soo Hyun is because you will see him acting silly.I don’t mean the Cheon Song Yi silly but REAL silly. He poos in public and gosh that’s real even though it was kinda blurred out! He also tastes pee and just do all sorts of weird stuff. Kudos to him for not being afraid of ruining his image and acting the character accurately.

So that’s my review~ thanks for reading and I hope you like it.^^I know some of you would disagree with me on a lot of stuff and you are welcome to discuss it in my comments. I would love to know the difference in our opinions. 


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Secretly Greatly (2013)

  1. Before i watch this movie. I read original webtoon. But thought since its movie. They will change the ending. But they didnt. 😥 cried so much. Love hae jin, dong gu. ❤ im watching you came from the stars too. Really love it. Thanks god that ive already watched this movie. Bcs Dong gu=/= domin jun. 🙂 hope you still love dominjun. 🙂

    • Is the webtoon good and where did you read it? I love Man From The Star SOOO much!!! I still like Do MIn Joon (I mean,how can you adore this man *cough*….alien:P)but it was just weird to see a completely new side of him.

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