My Theory on Do Min Joon’s powers (Man From The Star)


I’m back with my theory and I’m guessing that’s it’s wrong because I’ve never guess anything right! Anyway~ I still think that this is my best theory. I mean my one from the Gu Family Book is just so off but whatever. This one makes more sense and here it is~


So we’re told in the very first episode that our alien, Do Min Joon, can’t mix with human fluids for some reason so he didn’t eat with anyone for the past 500 years. We don’t know what would happen if they do mix with human fluids yet. At some point, I thought the whole thing was just a way the higher-up-aliens are trying to scare its tribe so that they don’t get too close with humans and in Min Joon’s case, fall in love with one.


But I started to notice things in the drama and it occurred to me that Lawyer Jang did mention that Min Joon is changing. He is assuming it’s because it is near the time Min Joon is going back to his planet but what if the actual reason is that Min Joon is affected by the whole mixing fluid thing?!


My theory is that Min Joon is slowly losing his powers because he mixed with human fluids.He teleports to his own library but he has landed on the stairs and trips down the stairs. I’m saying this because he looks like a smart enough person who wouldn’t teleport to the STAIRS of his room.


His second failed attempt at teleportation is when he realized at the start of episode 6 that Hui Kyung’s brother might harm Song Yi and teleports to the lobby from mid-air. This causes the guards to be suspicious and questions him.


In the most recent episode, Min Joon is starting to feel cold and Lawyer Jang comments that he rarely feels cold.


Then from episode 8, Min Joon foresees a person in a pool of blood with Yoo Ra’s USB in hand when he is taking YooRa’s USB out of the laptop. We don’t get to see the person’s face but I have a really bad feeling that it’s Min Joon because the coat reminds me of his. So I’m presuming that Min Joon is weak from all the fluid mixing (somehow that sounds weird:P) and he is beaten by Hui Kyung’s brother who wants to destroy the USB.


And Hui Kyung’s brother can beat him because he is an alien too. I don’t have prove for that but he doesn’t seem too surprised when he is told that Song Yi is saved by a man who appeared one second and disappeared the next. A normal person’s reaction would usually be “Are you serious?”, “Impossible!” and just basically shock and even though he is a villain, shouldn’t he be angry that his minion didn’t kill Song Yi and started saying nonsense? But what did he do? He is just curious as to who the person is and smirks as if he expected it. Then Hui Kyung’s brother’s ring really bugs me! I’m guessing it has something to do with his identity. If he is really an alien, I am guessing he is the sworn enemy of Min Joon’s alien folks.

Even though my theory’s sad, I think it is possible. I mean now that I think about it. Lots of supernatural romance didn’t work out!The romance of Wolryung/Seo Hwa and Kang Chi/ Yeo Wool in Gu Family Book, Arang/Eun Oh in Arang and the Magistrate and Lee Gak/ Park Ha in Rooftop Prince didn’t work out. I just hope that it is a happy ending because I swear I would never be able to handle the heartbreak!

Thank you guys for reading^^ Tell me what your theory is in the comments below and I’ll share my opinion on it!:D 


4 thoughts on “My Theory on Do Min Joon’s powers (Man From The Star)

  1. My theory is I like your theory. I don’t know if you have updated your theory recently, but it sounds like a good one to me! Also the part you wrote about him landing on the stairs…I laughed so hard!

  2. Your theory is quite interesting! I actually thought because of all the fluid mixing, it’s turning our beloved alien Do Min Joon into ‘human form’… therefore, possibly making it work for this doomed couple from the start! Wishful thinking on my part!!

    • Well my theory is just totally wrong except for the part about the one in the pool of blood is Do Min Joon. I kinda did that post before the episode was aired so it’s outdated. I have a new theory but I just didn’t bother to put it up to further embarrass myself with my nonsense theory:P I thought of your theory as well but as of now, Do Min Joon is still having his powers so I kinda ruled that possibility out.

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