My Opinion on Man From The Stars Episode 5 and 6


Title: Man From The Stars

Main Cast:

  • Gianna Jun as Cheon Song Yi
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hui Kyung 
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi

My Thoughts: 


Oh my drama Lord! I swear I died when I saw the preview! It was kinda misleading and I thought Song Yi screaming for help at Min Joon’s door was because she knew that Hui Kyung’s brother was going to kill her! But we definitely know that Song Yi is in danger because of the warning “be careful of your health.” I was so scared for Song Yi and I kept on screaming at the screen for her to stop when she was telling Hui Kyung’s brother that she heard about their relationship. I wonder what method is he trying to use to kill him…….I’m guessing it has to do with sleeping pills because he did ask her about her insomnia. I just hope our alien comes to save the day in time.


I’m glad that Min Joon saw Hui Kyung’s brother’s conversation with his minion. Now that he is suspicious of him, I can rest a little.Since Hui Kyung’s brother always has a ring which he plays around with, I wonder if that has a special purpose. But then he also show a caring side when he visits the vet where he volunteers every week. Hmm…I don’t really know what to say.


Back to the kiss~ sorry but since the murder thing was so intense that the kiss scene was off my mind for a while. So continue from where we left off, Song Yi was actually awake when she pulls in for the kiss but she thought that it was a “sexy dream” and that she needs to start looking into marriage. Okay that makes so much more sense and it actually tells us that subconsciously, Song Yi is attracted to Min Joon. I think Song Yi’s quote is hilariously awesome and I think I’m going to use it when I’m older. In case you haven’t seen the episode, the quote is “Hormones are honest.”.


I really like the profound conversation Song Yi and Min Joon had on his balcony. It shows what they are feeling inside and I’m glad that they are honest towards each other. Min Joon is very pessimistic and tells Song Yi that if she doesn’t want to get hurt, she should give none and receive none. But Song Yi disagrees “What’s the fun in living then?”. Song Yi reckons that Min Joon doesn’t have any friends and asks if he isn’t lonely but Min Joon points out that even though she is surrounded by people she is still here on her own. It is so sad that both are true! But then Song Yi corrects him, she is not alone because he is there. I think Song Yi’s optimistic nature is the thing that Min Joon is attracted to her.


Min Joon and Song Yi’s relationship continues to deepen as Song Yi reveals more of her weakness to him. She cries and snaps that she isn’t the one who is at fault. It is special since at the end of episode 6, we are told that Hui Kyung is the one that Song Yi is comfortable crying in front of because she has known him for ages. Then Min Joon also continues to secretly help Song Yi whether by lying to her about the reporters and blocking her from seeing that her ad is taken off. It is especially sweet to see that Min Joon actually misses Song Yi when she is gone. There are just so many cute scenes that I don’t know what to talk about it!


It is really ironic how Min Joon was giving a lecture about jealousy being the lowliest form of human emotion and that he has never experienced it but then flashback to him telling Hui Kyung about Song Yi’s stay in his house. haha….why you so cute, alien? Then there’s also a scene where he established the 1 metre rule but then he was touching Song Yi himself because she wouldn’t team up and in the end the ended up in a very wrong position which Lawyer Jang saw.


The scene where Song Yi is trapped in her car and Min Joon comes to the rescue makes me swoon! It is also nice know how talented he is at not only history but also medicine and law! He really is the knight in shining armour for Song Yi. Then he brings her to the museum where the jade hairpin is kept and while looking at it, Song Yi comments on how she feels unusually sad looking at it and Min Joon notice her reaction. Now I believe that she actually is the reincarnation of her doppelganger and I’m sure Min Joon is convinced too!


The drama is trying to show us that Min Joon is the perfect husband material. We are told that not only is he smart, good-looking and possesses super-powers but he also has extreme amount of wealth which he invested in with the help of a real estate agent who is cameo-ed by none other than his best buddy in The Moon That Embraces the Sun.Oh~ you just gotta love these drama references!


Speaking of drama reference, you have to love the Heirs parody in this. The cutest thing is that it is parodied by little kids and on top of that, one of the kids is the boy who played mini-Gu Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers. Seriously, the writers are geniuses! How can the put together drama parodies AND be relevant to the plot? That’s why I love this drama so much!


Song Yi’s career is definitely over as her ads are cancelled and her company refuses to resign her contract. I like how Song Yi handles her situation though, being cool about it and like “no! you are not cancelling me, I am cancelling you!”. But I guess deep inside she is actually hurt and helpless. With Song Yi’s fall, Se Mi is slowly rising up.


Se Mi’s not-so-innocent personality is starting to emerge despite trying hard to keep her image in front of Song Yi. I guess Song Yi is not as dumb as we think she is. Aww…I would have really ship her if it wasn’t for the fact that she is turning evil. Now I really think that she doesn’t deserve the man. Se Mi’s brother is the investigator that is in charge of Yoo Ra’s murder case and now that Se Mi knows that Min Joon is the guy from 12 years ago who saved Song Yi, I’m afraid of what she will do since after all, she is becoming evil.


Poor Min Yoon’s past is revealed. We found out that the reason he is so pessimistic is because young Song Yi’s doppelganger sacrificed herself to save him from flying arrows and he was unable to stop the time because he was too weak from the poison. Here’s the lesson guys~ Supernatural Romance in Joseon NEVER work out! Examples would be Wol Ryung/Seo Hwa and Kang Chi/Yeo Wool from Gu Family Book.


Min Yoon mentioned that there is a moment that he wants to stop forever~ the moment when the person he loved met death but in modern day, when Hui Kyung confessed to Song Yi and asked her to marry him, Min Joon stops the time because he doesn’t want to hear Song Yi’s answer. So what I’m saying is, doesn’t that mean that Min Joon loves Song Yi so much that his wish to stop the time forever is when Song Yi was about to answer while for her doppelganger he wanted the time to stop when she is about to die. In other words Min Joon loves Song Yi more than her doppelganger because the pain of Song Yi doppelganger dying is the same as hearing Song Yi’s answer to Hui Kyung’s confession. I know that’s confusing but I’m so excited!!

I can’t wait to see Song Yi’s answer to Hui Kyung and even though I know that Song Yi has no feelings for him, I think she will agree because she did say that she wants to think of marriage when she had the “sexy dream” and Hui Kyung is the best choice according to her mum.

What do you guys think of these two episodes? I love every single bit of it! Thank you for reading and I hope you like my post^^


2 thoughts on “My Opinion on Man From The Stars Episode 5 and 6

  1. Great recap! I too am loving this show more and more. The chemistry is so great and I love the different situations they find themselves in. Hee Kyung’s brother is beyond terrifying and I’m expecting some good suspense in the next episode surrounding his plot to kill Song Yi. I really can’t wait for next week!

    • Sorry for the late reply>< Thank you for commenting:D I totally agree with you! Min Joon is cuter and cuter each episode with all the things he does to protect Song Yi. I can't wait 'til she finds out that Min Joon is her "first love" from 12 years ago. I wonder what her reaction would be…..I hope she is not freaked out that he is an alien~
      Hee Kyung's brother sends chills to my spine whenever he comes up and his "take care of your health" is so intimidating! I feel sorry for Hee Kyung……

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