My Opinion on Man From the Stars Episode 3 and 4


Title: Man From The Stars

Main Cast:

  • Gianna Jun as Cheon Song Yi
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hui Kyung 
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi

My Thoughts: 


Woah~ seriously this drama is unbelievably awesome. I know it is only the 3rd and 4th episode but we all know that this drama is outstanding. I just can’t believe where this drama is going. I really didn’t expect this drama to have such a dark and murderous side. It just feels like that it is full of surprises and I love it. 


Many things happened in these two episodes and I think the major things are the appendicitis, the murder of the rival actress of Cheon Song Yi, Yoo Ra andof course the very first KISS scene between our main leads, Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon.(already!?)


Min Joon is very supportive and tries to help Song Yi in every possible way from pretending that he is going to the hospital to give Song Yi a ride to letting her stay in his house because of the reporters that are camping outside her house. Already we can see that Min Joon is becoming softer for Song Yi since of course she looks like what I assume his first love but I think it is also because he is slowly captivated by her charms. I love the way the romance is developing at roller-coaster speed, meaning fast and I can’t wait to see more Song Yi/ Min Joon moments. 


Song Yi is funnier than ever with her fart ,her foods and her funny poses. I like that we find out more about her in terms of family and personality. I really feel sorry for her for having that kind of mother. I think she feels like that noone truly cares about her because her mother is all about money while her brother doesn’t show even though he does. 


Even though Min Joon is not good to her, it is so much better than the people who are smiling in front of her and attacking behind her back. It’s really sad that that’s the reality for her. I think that’s why she trusts Min Joon more than anyone else and shows her weak side to him.( She cried in his house and revealed that she feels guilty even though she did nothing wrong.)


The murder in episode 4 was so well put together and I love the way that it is told. When I first saw the silver heels I found myself panicking and asking “I thought Min Joon saved her~ Why is she there? She can’t die because she is the main character! What the hell happened?”. I somehow came up with a theory that maybe Min Joon revealed himself as an alien and so both of them ran away and to do so they had to let the world know that she died or something since after all, she is a celebrity that everyone keeps their eyes on. Well I guess it’s not and it’s even better this way!Aiishh! I can never guess anything right!


Another thing I like from these two episodes are the way the director showed us bits and pieces of Min Joon’s past. It is so sad to see what happened to young Song Yi doppelganger. I just don’t understand why her mother and father-in-laws and her biological father would want her dead. What is this Virtue title thing? Is it really enough to kill a person?


We all know that Hui Kyung’s brother is evil but why is he behind all those murder I have no clue whatsoever. It seems like at first he was just murdering people to help the company but I guess he ended up killing people who knows his crimes. That’s why the not-the-brightest Yoo Ra who decided to threaten him was murdered. I wonder what kind of secrets does she know about him though since she did threatened him with his “secrets”. If she knows about him murdering people, then I guess she dug her own grave because no way in hell would she be stupid enough to threaten a serial killer. Just sayin’ 


Of course the high-light of the episode is the kiss but I have to say I don’t like it as much as I thought. Seriously!? I’ve seen strange sleeping habits but a normal person would never decide to grab something midair and pulls it for a kiss. It just seemed unrealistic and I personally think that one of those accidental falls-and-lands-with-lips-meeting makes more sense. I dunno but now I’m wondering why nothing is wrong with Min Joon since he kissed. I’d feel so bad for Min Joon if the exchange fluid thing is just a way his fellow aliens are trying to stop his race from falling in love or being so close to humans. I mean he did spend 400 years eating alone!


These two episodes are just exacting what I am looking for and I can’t wait to see the next to episodes. I love the overall balance of humour and the seriousness in this drama. It really works out well and I hope that this drama isn’t one of those great-start-shitty-ending drama because I really love it. The endings are just a bonus for me and the interview is a great way to know about what our main characters. 

What do you guys think? This is definitely going well for me. Tell me your thoughts in the comments below! Thank you and I hope you enjoy my post^^


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