My Top 10 K-dramas of 2013~


Yay!! My very first post of 2014:D This year I didn’t watch as many Kdramas as last year due to many reasons so I’m just going to do my TOP 10 Kdramas.So without further ado here it is:

TOP 1- I Hear Your Voice


This drama leads the first place by capturing our hearts with its noona romance. It seemed like an unexpected pairing at first but you will fall more and more in love with it as the plot develops and as our main couple’s chemistry oozes out! Have you ever think that sometimes if the character speaks his/her thoughts, a lot of things would be solved? Well, we have Park Soo Ha’s I-Can-Read-Thoughts abilities so I guess it’s dream come true!

TOP 2- Man From The Stars


To be honest this might as well be my TOP 1 but since this is still airing, I think it wouldn’t be fair because I can’t fully judge the drama yet. It has the crazy elements that you can’t get from any other character other than our actress Song Yi and the existence of the alien plot is unique by itself. This drama is definitely one that any drama-addict should watch. I seriously can’t wait for the episode tonight!

TOP 3- The Master’s Sun


This drama is without a doubt one that you should look out for (get it?! because it has ghosts~no?….sorry I have a weird sense of humour:P) Anyway what else can you expect from So Ji Sub and Kong Hyo Jin? This drama combines the elements of horror and romance really well and the chilly romance stands out to become my TOP 3 of 2013.

TOP 4- Empress Ki


Empress Ki is 4th on my list because again, it is not finished yet. It is also because it is so long! I swear long dramas are good for when you are watching it as it is airing but if you are to rewatch it, it can become troublesome. Ha Ji Won is back with more ass-kicking action since last year’s King 2 Hearts  and I am loving it! Too bad she is merely a maid now and I can’t wait to see more of her sassy side. This is the only long drama on my list and it is pretty high up so I’m expecting a lot from it. I hope you guys will check it out as well because I surely wouldn’t want you to miss this gem from dramaland.

TOP 5- Gu Family Book 


Oh Gu Family Book, where would I be without this portion of gumiho goodness this year? This drama caught my eye from the start with Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa’s tragic love story. It is just full of sadness and I actually didn’t realize how sad this drama is until the very end. I’m sure everyone is same as me, wondering where the hell is the Gu Family Book but I guess we’ll never know. But I guess if there would be a second season it would probably be about Kang Chi trying to find the Gu Family Book in modern day because he just found Yeo Wool. Despite the title being kinda irrelevant from the story, Gu Family Book is still a drama you guys should check out.

TOP 6- The Heirs


The Heirs garners a lot of attention in the second half of our drama year with the popular cast such as Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Ho, Choi Jin Hyuk, Kim Ji Won, etc. The Heirs is also titled as the second popular drama “Boys Over Flowers” since it has a similar setting with the whole rich high school kids in an infamous exquisite school and the rich guy, poor girl falls in love plot. Despite the similar settings and romance, I am surprised to say that it actually has a totally different vibe to Boys Over Flowers and it doesn’t remind me of it at all.

TOP 7- Flower Boy Next Door


Another Flower Boy series to swoon over this year~ unfortunately, for me it wasn’t that much of a flower boy image to me. I’m sorry and don’t get me wrong, I love Enrique and the other boys but Jin-Rok to me has more manly charms than flowery ones with his mustache hanging. I guess you can argue that it’s another type of Flower Boy but not to me. Nevertheless this drama is great in the sense that it is fun, cute and full of stalker goodness:P I guess the scriptwriter finally decided to write about one of us? except for the fact the we don’t have Enrique at our door with a panda hood:T^T

TOP 8- Dating Agency Cyrano 


If you are into romance like me, this drama is definitely for you. I loved the way the plot is all about helping other people’s romance and it’s adorable to see the different types of romance blossom one by one. Soo Young from Girl’s Generation is not bad at acting and it’s fresh to see this couple. This drama is a fun watch if you have time and I certainly enjoyed it a lot.

TOP 9-Cheongdamdong Alice


I personally found the plot a little bit silly but Park Si Hoo’s character definitely made up for it. Seriously, it made me wonder if there is really a person like him in real life. He literally scripts what he is going to say to certain people and practice it in front of a mirror. I don’t know but I just felt so warm and fuzzy seeing how Jean Thierry Cha falls in love again . However, there were moments where I just face-palmed myself so much at the stupidity of it.

TOP 10- 7th Grade Civil Servant


The last drama on my list is 7th Grade Civil Servant. I actually struggled picking the last one but I guess it didn’t really matter because Joo Won also played in Good Doctor. I finally decided to pick this one because I actually like this couple more. It was really intense to see them together because they are both spies and I really like the idea of couples keeping secrets from each other. Whoever said that relationships don’t last when you keep secrets from each other, here’s a big fat example to slap back at your face!

Highly Recommended 

1. School 2013


I decided to watch this after I watched The Heirs and fell in love with Kim Woo Bin oppa. This was actually really good and it nearly made my list. I love the way it deals with the friendships of high school students. Awhh!! I totally ship Woo Bin and Jong Suk! It’s okay if you don’t get Eun Sang, Woo Bin, you still have your Jong Suk!

2. Good Doctor


This drama is medical based and I am kinda biased towards medical dramas because I want to be a doctor myself. I definitely love this drama a lot more compared to Medical Top Team for obvious reasons which I am not going to name. But one element that caught my eye more than anything else is Joo Won’s character. He endured many hardships because of his disability and he wasn’t trust despite his talent in medicine but he break through this barrier to become a reliable doctor. This aspect of the drama really touched me and I want to share it with you guys.

3. That Winter, The Wind Blows


This drama is one of the classics and there is no doubt that it is excellently made. I really enjoyed it but I prefer fresh plots and eccentric characters and this is why this drama didn’t made my list. I love this drama and I think you guys should check it out. It is just my personally preference that I like dramas with a not-a-so-tragic plot. I think it is such a pity that it ddidn’t made my list because it has an amazing cast.

This year is certainly a great year for Kdramas and I am looking forward to more drama goodness next year. The list above is just based on the dramas that I’ve watched this years and it is not a lot because of my school studies. I plan to watch more of 2013 dramas that are high-complimented such as Secret and Two Weeks so if there is more, you guys should tell me. Thank you guys for reading this and I hope you had a Happy New Year! ^^


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