First Impression: Boy Over Friends a.k.a American Ver. of Boys Over Flowers


Title: Boys Over Friends

My Thoughts:

This isn’t working at all and a lot of you agree with me! There are just so many problems with this drama that it is enough to depress me. The cast, the characters, the settings and even the dialogues are just all WRONG! I don’t think the remake is good at all and I think the problems lies between the different cultures we have. I mean China, Japan and Korea all pulled it off but why not America? I guess seeing Asian culture in an American TV show gave all of us a shock.

I don’t think the actors actually fully understands what they are doing because there is no way they would do what they did if they actually understood the characters. Geum Jan Di is meant to be tough but not like a friggin’ emo! I mean seriously, what the hell is wrong with the side shave? Then there’s also the wig that Gu Jun Pyo wears. I don’t even know what they hell the were thinking when they were filming this. I’m not trying to be mean because everyone I know that watched it had the same WTF!? reaction as me.

Another problem was the set. It was so bad that it looked more like a run-down school than a prestigious high school. I am really convinced that they had really low budget because no way in hell would an American produced show would be that bad. I watch Nikita, White Collar and Supernatural and all of the are awesome. They are so low budget that they can’t even hire any other students except the main leads! (yep~ I totally noticed the exceptionally empty school!) As well as that, on purpose or not, I think they didn’t have enough money to buy that many flour and eggs to dump it on Geum Jan Di so they had no choice but to use papers. This really disappointed me because I feel like asian dramas are going to be a laughing stock to Americans now.

Now that I said so many negative things, I want to tie this up with a nice comment. I actually think the way they make Jan Di and her group of friends revenge on F4 was pretty awesome. Though I kinda feel sorry for the other three who are involved in the mess that Jun Pyo created. Yea~ that’s pretty much the only nice thing I like about the very first episode of this remake.

What do you guys think? Is it horrible or do you think it’s not too bad? I can’t imagine watching anymore of this but I might just continue for the laugh. Will you guys watch it or are you sticking to your Asian cast? Tell me in the comments below^^ Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoyed it:D


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