Book Review: My Fair Godmother


Title: My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison 

My Rating: 7.5/10 Turtles


Just before her prom, Savannah finds out that her boyfriend is secretly dating her sister! Savannah has to find someone to go to prom with her and out comes her fairy Fair Godmother, Chrissy. The problem is, Chrissy is a teenage fairy who is still in practice and after sending Savannah to the Middle Ages as Cinderella and Snow White, she accidentally sent Tristan, a boy in Savannah’s school to Middle Ages as well! Now it’s up to Savannah to save him. Will Savannah get the prom date that she wants?

My Thoughts:

I’m pretty sure I said it the last time I did a book review that I wanted to read something light and fun because of all the depressing dramas and books that broke my heart lately. Yep~ I’ve finally found my best choice, My Fair Godmother. The plot was really good and the humour in this book never fail to make me laugh. I love how this is about the downfall of a pretty and popular girl like Lexi in My Life in Black and White as Savannah is told that her boyfriend hunter prefers her nerdy and not-so-popular sister.Savannah is shocked to discover that because of course she thinks she is superior but Tristan comes along and slaps some sense into her. I really like when romance makes a person a better person. It really shows us what the power of love can do.

This book is funny because usually when you think of fairy Godmothers, they are supposed to help you and are very caring but in this book, Chrissy is a teenager who loves shopping and couldn’t care less about Savannah. It gives me a fresh image of fairy Godmothers that I’ve never seen before and I love it. Chrissy is also very impatient and sarcastic and it really reflects teenagers’ personality which adds to the comedic side of the book.

The romance is especially cute and at one point you would find yourself shipping literally everyone because it’s just impossible to not to. The scene when The Black Knight and Savannah were alone was breathtaking and I wished there was more sexy scenes like that between Savannah and Tristan. I never thought that this book would have more than one line of romance and I like that.

I thought the whole book was dedicated to romance because of the blurb but there was so much fighting as well and it caught me off guard (in a good way). I really liked the mystery in this book and I love how the author gets me into thinking but indirecting the questions Savannah has to me, for example, when Savannah asks herself “Who is the Black Knight?” ,”What is Simon’s relationship with the princess?”. Even though Savannah is asking herself that, it made me subconsciously think about those questions. Yea~ so I really like that part of the book because I was solving the mystery with Savannah as well.

I love the way even though Jane and Hunter are deemed as clever and smart, they didn’t think of bringing anything like jewelries or soap or shampoo when going to the Middle Ages but instead, Savannah who is the “stupid” one did. It occurred to me that cleverness and knowledge are two different things. Just because you know information from a text book, it doesn’t mean that you are clever. In other words, Jane and Hunter are actually full of textbook knowledge while Savannah is actually smart.

I really liked this book and I was planning to read this and do a review before Halloween as a Halloween special but I didn’t get to because I had to read To Kill A Mockingbird for my Junior Cert. So what I am saying is that you can look forward to my To Kill A Mockingbird review^^ This book is hilarious and it surprises you with unexpected elements. Be sure to put this book on your New Year Book List and I guarantee that you would like it!

Still thinking if you should read this book? Just read it! It’s humourous and light for the New Year! I can’t wait to read more books this year! City of Heavenly Fire is coming out! Are you excited? Tell me in the comments below which book are you excited for:D Thank you for reading my review and I hope you enjoyed it!^^ Happy New Year!!!


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