Anime Review: Night Wizard


Title: Night Wizard

My Rating: 8/10 Turtles


Night Wizard is those who protect the world from impending darkness and only those with special  abilies can be one of them. Hiiragi Renji is a Night Wizard wants to go to school but he gets called for mission all the time that he misses school. His latest mission is to protect a girl called Elis and he eventually finds out that Elis, too is one of the Night Wizards. But what he doesn’t know is that Elis has a secret. A secret that can destroy the world that he is missing school to protect.

My Thoughts: 

This anime is pretty good but it’s not awesome that it impresses me that much. I don’t the anime nowadays which is full of “fan-service” if you know what I mean and so it is very hard for me to find anime to watch since they are everywhere. This one is one of the recent ones that doesn’t have any of the “fan-service” and that element alone pleases me.

The characters in this anime is not that unique except for our “Falling-Man” and Elis who has an obsession with her “Daddy-Long-Leg”. Even though this drama is very typical, I still feel very warm and fuzzy inside whenever I watch it and I think that this is the charm of this anime. I guess I feel warm because it is familiar.

I always love when the the powerful person in an anime is a girl and it is in this anime as Eliz possess the ability to obtain the seven Jewels. Her main power is defense but it looks so cool when she attacks with her special weapon thingy. Then when Hiiragi always comes to save her, it is just so sweet but I already know that these type of fighting-the-evil anime usually doesn’t have that much romance so I couldn’t get my hopes up.

I really love how Hiiragi is the only one standing up for Eliz even though he found out who she really is. I guess Kirihito didn’t expect that at all and that’s why they won against him at the end. I also like when the good guys Team Anzelotte and bad guys Team Bell Zephyr team up together to fight the same enemy. It really shows what you can do if you just stick together!

Then another thing I like about this anime is the reason why the God wants to destroy the world. If you think about it carefully, the God in the anime is right in that human activities are destroying the beautiful nature of the Earth and I think that this would send a very good warning/ message to the kids that are watching the anime. “Treat the Earth with respect or else God will come again and destroy it!” Haha, just kidding, that would terrorize the kids:P

Overall this anime is not bad and I think I would recommend it to you guys if you are still 14 or under. I think I really need to move on to more mature anime but then again it’s full of “fan-service” which I absolutely hate! Well, I actually watched mermaid melody recently because this is the anime which introduced me to my best friend and I”m just hinting to you guys that there will be another anime review so stay tune! Oh~ and another thing I love about this is that it doesn’t have the whole transformation thing which I am a bit too old for.

Anyway, have you seen this anime and do you like it? Tell me in the comments below and I would appreciate if you can recommend any non “fan-service” anime. Speaking of “fan-service”, am I the only one who doesn’t like them? Thank you for reading this post and I hope you like it^^


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