First Impression: Man From The Stars


Title: Man From The Stars

Main Cast:

  • Gianna Jun as Cheon Song Yi
  • Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon
  • Park Hae Jin as Lee Hui Kyung 
  • Yoo In Na as Yoo Se Mi

My Thoughts: 


I don’t want to say this yet but my conscious will eat me away if I don’t say it: This drama is AMA*ZING* (just in case you’re wondering, *Zing* is stars in Cantonese so I’m trying to make reference to the title….no?…..nevermind:P) This show just cracks me up whenever I see Cheon Song Yi. She is awesome! She reminds me of Jang Hye Sung from I Can Hear Your Voice because of her indifferent character.


My favourite scenes are all scenes with Cheon Song Yi in it~ Her SNS posts really hits the bull’s eye (of stupidity). Cheon Song Yi literally takes a crazy character to a whole new level! Her mistakes are cute though and even though she showed mostly her stupid/ carefree side, there are also the emotional side that she revealed. I am sorry but when Do Min Joon complained to her about her singing and when she exploded because she is not hearing shitz from others anymore, I laughed so hard when it was suppose to be a scene which is sad and shows Song Yi’s troubles. (Yes….I have a weird sense of humour:P)


Another one of Song Yi’s troubles is her family problems. According to her, Song Yi’s mum dumped her Dad because he was broke so Song Yi doesn’t really have a good relationship with her mum. And we can actually tell that even though Song Yi’s brother ran away from home, he still cares for Song Yi since he beat up his friend who photoshoped Song Yi head onto a bikini body. It’s sweet and I’m pretty sure that Song Yi doesn’t know her brother’s love for her.


I must mention Cheon Song Yi’s singing since it’s still stuck in my head. You know, even though Min Joon did say that she sang horribly and a lot of people agree, I am convinced that she can actually at least pass the first round of Kpop Star because I remember the judges saying that it is best to relax yourself and to give it all you’ve got than to be emotionless. What do you think?


Oh~I almost forgot our alien Do Min Joon. I total love his character and his superpowers! I love when the scene freezes and he just walks through everything. It makes me wonder how the directors make those scenes. It’s really well done as well so I have nothing to complain about his superpowers.


I watched Man From The Stars with my best friend and when Min Joon mentioned that he doesn’t eat dinner with others because he can’t mix fluid with others. My friend’s first reaction= “aww….he must be so lonely to eat alone!”, my first reaction= “awww….how is he going to kiss the main girl lead?”. Yeah~ that tells you so much about me:P


Another problem with MIn Joon is when he showers! Honey, come here, let me tell you~ nobody showers with a freaking towel on! You’re really sexy though 😛 I guess I can’t blame him~ It’s not like he can look into another person’s apartment and see how they shower.


I feel like that Do Min Joon is very cold towards others because he doesn’t want to get close to anyone since he is an alien and doesn’t age but I really wonder why he became friends with the lawyer then. I want to know what happened between them as well as what happened to Min Joon in the past with young Cheon Song Yi’s doppelganger. He did say that he couldn’t return to his Star because of a person’s death and I’m presuming it’s her.


Do Min Joon is a mysterious character that I still can’t quite understand and I can’t until many of his past is revealed. He doesn’t seem to like Song Yi and it’s fresh because usually it’s the guy that gives a bad impression to the girl and not the opposite so I’m really excited for the next two episodes.


Okay I have to mention both Se Mi and Hui Kyung here because I feel so sorry for them. Se Mi is just forever the supporting character and on top of that, her crush Hui Kyung doesn’t notice her at all because he is too busy swooning over Song Yi. But then I feel sorry for Hui Kyung as well because it happens to him as well with Song Yi and then his hyung is somewhat a murderer as well.


I think this is the only drama besides Secret Garden that I like from the very first episode. I love the way it is really fun and crazy but it also does a good job balancing the serious part of the drama. I definitely think this drama is going to be success. It always keep me at the edge of my seat and by the end of the second episode it already has such a cliffhanger that I have to rewatch three times!

I can’t wait to see what happens next. What about you guys? I’m pretty sure that all of you like the drama so far so I don’t need to ask~ Anyway thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoy it^^


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