My Opinion on Empress Ki Episode 7 and 8~


Title: Empress Ki

Main Cast:

  • Ha Ji Won as Ki Seung Nyang
  • Joo Jin Mo as Wang Yoo
  • Ji Chang Wook as Ta Hwan
  • Baek Jin Hee as Tanasili
  • Kim Jung Hyun as Dan Ki Se
  • Cha Do Jin as Top Ja Hae
  • Kim Young Ho as Baek Ahn
  • Choi Moo Sung as Park Bool Hwa
  • Lee Moon Sik as Bang Shin Woo
  • Lee Jae Yong as Wang Go

My Thoughts:


Oh Lord~ This episode starts with such intensity! Seung Nyang gets caught disguising as a girl but perverted Ki Se seems to fancy her and gets her to be brought to his room dressed up as a women. I love how he is in awe looking at how beautiful Seung Nyang is as a girl and that he has to get Byung Soo to snap him out of it. Lolz.


Byung Soo’s jealousy plays a big part at the start as he reveals to Yoo Seung Nyang’s secret and therefore, she is saved from being raped. Seriously, I was screaming at my screen because clearly Seung Nyang is strong and warrior-like. There’s no way she can’t Ki Se. But I suppose the rescuing of the damsel in distress is quite sweet if he actually manages to escape and libve with her happily ever after:/…hmph..I’m grumpy:( I think I already ship them too hard. How will I be able to survive the remaining forty-something episodes! T^T


I knew from the very start that I’m going to hate Tanashiri! She is just so spoiled and self-centred and every other wicked description you can think of. In all fairness, she is pretty and lovable if she shuts that mouth of hers. I don’t see how some people can say those things without cringing themselves! Erk!!


I have a feeling that Ki Se has real feelings for Seung Nyang ( I mean who wouldn’t!). He pretends that he doesn’t care for her but he secretly steals glances at her when she is having trouble walking the long way. Forgetting the fact that he tried to rape her, I respect him for giving Seung Nyang a choice to stay in the palace as maid or to be his concubine.


When Seung Nyang is finally in palace and is bullied by the head girl and her gang. I thought she is going to keep quiet about but she doesn’t and kicks their asses. I’m relieved that she has some kind of friends at least because I’ve seen too much ancient dramas and I know what it’s like in one.


Yoo is sent to the borders and God helps him because he has to fight to Turks with such feeble men and sh!t weapons. Mussolini had better weapons than him in World War II! But since Yoo excelled in fighting and war, he manages to survive but seeing his own people die in front of him causes him a mental breakdown.


Mean while Seung Nyang is plotting her revenge of she keeps on missing her chances. Even though I don’t like Ta Hwan and want him dead, I don’t think it’s a good idea for Seung Nyang to kill him. She will never get away with it with all those palace guards and everything else. On top of that, she has promised Yoo to survive and meet each other. I hope she doesn’t get anymore reckless. Seung Nyang gets caught hiding a knife but she manages to get away with it saying that she wants to protect herself against Ki Se.


Ta Hwan has his first night with Tanashiri and it’s hilarious. Tanashiri is all “I’m ready” in bed but Ta Hwan just wants more drink and they end the night without getting anything done. I love how Tanashiri sulks at the unexpected outcome.


So far I’m liking this more and more but the cliffhangers kill me!! This week they end with Ta Hwan running into Seung Nyang and seeing her face for the first time after he is back at Yuan. I’m really curious as to how Seung Nyang is going to explain this or what she is going to do if Ta Hwan recognises her.

What about you guys? Do you think that this drama is getting better and better? I know I’m a bit behind but sure it’s nearly Christmas break so I’ll definitely manage to get it done by then~ Hope you enjoy this and thanks for reading^^


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