First Impression of Bounty Lady (Episode 1 and 2)


Title: Bounty Lady

Main Cast:

*since I can’t really find their character names in english, I’m just going to use their real name~*

  • Kate Tsui
  • Dayo Wong
  • Sharon Chan
  • Louis Yuen
  • Benz Hui
  • Elena Kong
  • Toby Leung
  • Jazz Lam
  • Samantha Ko
  • Grace Wong
  • Sammy Shum
  •  Tracy Ip


I can’t really find any information in English so I’m writing this from what I’ve watched so far.

So basically Kate Tsui had a one-night stand with Dayo Wong. Everything’s cool until Kate finds out that Dayo Wong is a worker in the new company she is working in and more than that, Dayo is her superior. Dayo is a creative director but he only does what he likes. His secret is that he helps what Hong Kong people “sing lui”(women in their 30’s that haven’t had any relationship because they are so busy with work) to find true love.

My Thoughts:

This drama is definitely made to be a comedy, especially with Dayo Wong since I kinda consider him as the Hong Kong Mr.Bean. I know it is kinda rude but I can’t help but laugh every time I see him. This drama is a must-watch! I’m glad that this airs now because with Triumph In The Skies 2 and other dramas which are complicated and tragic, I certainly needed something fun to watch to lighten my mood.

Kate is stunning in this drama. I never really thought that she would be able to carry out the role that well since it is her first time doing this sort of comedy. I guess I worried for nothing and she is still my favourite TVB actress. I can’t wait to see how her character develops since right now she seems like a real snob.

The episodes are so far so good and I have nothing to complain about…..yet. Dayo has a dark past, like most most main characters and I can’t wait to find out what happen and how Kate will manage to unlock his sadness that he has hidden deep inside his heart. So far Dayo is the genuine good character….wait…..and Sharon as well but we’ll definitely catch more of what’s going on.

Lots of scenes in this drama is super exaggerated but sure I’ll let that go because this is no doubt a comedy. I swear though……some exaggerated korean dramas that are not comedies makes me cringe! This is reasonable and the actors did a good job portraying it.

This drama really reminds me of Cyrano Dating Agency except in this drama they are not getting paid for matching couples. I don’t see a HUGE dilemma coming but rather I think the main plot in this drama is just helping couples and connecting the love lines between the leads. I hope they have something more than that though. Even if there isn’t, this is still very fun to watch.

So this is what I think of the drama. I love it but I don’t really have that much to talk about. Anyways I hope you enjoy this drama if you are watching this drama and thanks for reading my post^^ 


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