Kdrama: Lee Soon Shin is the Best! Review~


Title: Lee Soon Shin is the Best!

Main Cast:

  • IU as Lee Soon Shin
  • Cho Jung Seok as Shin Joon Ho
  • Ko Du Shim as Kim Jung-Ae
  • Kim Yong Rim as Sim Mak-Rye
  • Son Tae Young as Lee Hye-Shin
  • Yoo In Na as Lee Yoo-Shin
  • Kim Hwan Hee as Han Woo-Joo
  • Kim Kap Soo as Shin Dong-Hyuk
  • Lee Eung Kyung as Yoon Soo-Jung
  • Bae Geu Rin as Shin Yi-Jung
  • Ko Joo Won as Park Chan-Woo
  • Lee Mi Sook as Song Mi-Ryung
  • Yun Da Hun as Hwang Il-Do
  • Kim Yun Seo as Choi Yeon-A
  • Lee Ji Hoon as Kim Young-Hoon
  • Jung Woo as Seo Jin-Wook
  • Jeong Dong Hwan as Lee Chang-Hoon
  • Kim Dong Joo as Jang Gil-Ja
  • Song Min Hyung as Park Bok-Man
  • Ga Won as Park Chan-Mi
  • Lee Ji Hoon as Jo In-Sung
  • Choi Kang Won as Ko Jae-Bum

My Rating: 7.5/10 Turtles


Lee Soon Shin, the youngest daughter of the Lee household is the least successful daughter. After her father’s death, she finds herself dragged into the entertainment world by the bet of Choi Yeon Ah, a famous actress and Shin Joon Ho, the CEO of a entertainment company.

My Thoughts:


Since this is a 50-episode drama, there is a lot to talk about but I’m only going to focus on a few main things because I could go on for eternity. Basically this drama is pretty good but I gave it a 7.5/10 because it is too long. Originally, I wasn’t going to watch it but I eventually gave in to my friend’s persistent persuasion.


IU is the main actress of this drama so I expected this drama to be the high-school, singing kind of drama but this isn’t. Now that I think about it, I think it is a waste that IU only sang 2 or 3 times in this drama. IU is actually surprisingly good at acting and in fact, she acts as a actress in this drama. Her character is a bit pathetic though but I love that she has her own uniqueness.


Talking about IU, her character Lee Soon Shin is too much of a push-over. She doesn’t really have her stable opinion and she is easily persuaded, hence the scam. At first I thought that she is being treated badly by her family but then later on they aren’t that bad at all. This is confusing in my opinion as I can’t make out if the family is actually nice from the start or if they changed.


Cho Jung Seok’s character is pretty interesting and since I like him in King 2 Hearts, it doesn’t take long for me to fall for him again. I don’t really think there’s any major change in his character but that’s okay because I mainly focused on IU. His character is really charming and I think it is cute the way he can’t express his feelings to IU.


IU and Jung Seok’s chemistry is great in this drama but I expected it since after all, it took them about 40 episodes to bond and finally confess. Usually longer dramas have more chemistry as the characters experience more events together but it also take them more time to finally work out with each other. So I can’t really decide which kind of dramas I prefer, the longer 50-episode ones or the short 16 episode ones. Anyway, I’m just saying that they look good together.


Ko Du Shim is such an amazing actress. It is incredible to see how she changes from a warm, kind mother to a godzilla mother that seems like she is on her period. I was so scared at her mood-swings and I felt really sorry for Soon Shin as well since she has to tolerate the anger issues. To be honest, I really didn’t like her and even cursed at her but you know what, that only proofs how fantastic Ko Du Shim is as an actress.



I would love to talk more about the actors but there are a gazillion of them so to make it short, everyone in this drama did a stunning job. Just talking about the characters though one that caught my eye was Bakery Guy, Seo Jin Wook! He is just hilarious all the time and I look forward to seeing him for every episode so kudos to him for making this long drama a better experience for me!

The plot of this drama is interesting but I think it started off a bit to slow and then there’s also this period of long winded who is whose mother and so on. That really dragged out for too long for me and it killed me every episode that went by but somehow I got to the end.


What I really like about this drama is the acting aspect of it. It is like watching a actress you like from when she first debut. Kinda like a diary thing and I think it teaches us that actors are humans too. They all have their hard times and they don’t just always succeed in one go. I think people has this concept of celebrities earning money without lifting a finger. It is true that sometimes they attend events for 10 minutes and they get a butt load of money but think about the times they have to film outside during the winter, without sleeping. It is such a simple yet hard thing to do and we don’t appreciate it.


In general, this drama is remarkable but I wouldn’t recommend this to you if you don’t have a lot of free time. This is definitely something that you should watch during the summer or winter break. I also wouldn’t recommend this if you are not patient with your romance in dramas since you won’t get it until episode 40. But I have to say that there are lots of romance throughout the drama despite the fact that Soon Shin and Joon Ho only officially date after episode 40.

Do you guys like Lee Soon Shin is the Best!? Who is your favourite character? Comment and let me know! Thank You for reading and I hope you enjoy this^^



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