The Heirs Episode 12 Recap~


Title: The Heirs Cast:

  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

Episode 12:

Screenshot (1968)

So with Tan offering Eun Sang his hand from the last episode what will Eun Sang’s decision be?

Eun Sang takes Tan’s hand but she tells him that they’ve already gone far enough and lets go of his hand while Tan’s shouts at her saying “Don’t do it!”. Eun Sang walks away, leaving Tan’s hand hanging in mid air. Alone with Tan, Young Do adds, “As usual, you always make people leave”

Screenshot (1971)

Young Do then chases after Eun Sang who tells him to move while crying. Young Do jokes saying that people will think that he has kidnapped her but Eun Sang only cares about Tan, asking if he has left. Young Do still doesn’t get the situation while Eun Sang cries louder, leaving him in the end. Young Do mutters that Eun Sang still wouldn’t let him get close to her.

Screenshot (1974)

Tan is recalling all the intimate moments with Eun Sang on the school rooftop, where they first kissed. Tan sees Eun Sang is in a daze sitting alone in a corner in P.E class until Bo Na and Chan Young comes in, distracting her. Eun Sang notices Tan but avoids his gaze. Bo Na is worried about Eun Sang because she disappeared without even eating breakfast.

Screenshot (1978)

Tan has called Chan Young last night but he didn’t answer. Chan Young learns that Eun Sang has stayed out while Tan finds out that Chan Young hasn’t taken her in. Bo Na pester Eun Sang for Chan Young’s photo ans Eun Sang promises her that she will give it to her soon.Tan has thinks of the connection between Eun Sang going to Young Do’s hotel before and her with Young Do this morning. He thinks that Eun Sang has spent the night there.

In the changing room, Tan asks Young Do if Eun Sang has cried a lot this morning. He warns him that it is not an opportunity for him and walks out.

Screenshot (1982)Screenshot (1983)

In Myung Soo’s hideout, Bo Na is complaining that she looks fat in his photos but Myung Soo thinks that she looks better when she is chubbier. On the other hand, Young Do is laying at his ease on the couch and he is looking through SNS for Eun Sang but only gets a bunch of other random girls that is named Eun Sang. Myung Soo pins a photo of Young Do and Eun Sang on his notice board and notices that the photos around it are all of Young Do and Eun Sang’s. He and Bo Na puts the clues together and concludes that Young Do has a crush on Eun Sang.

Screenshot (1987)

Myung Soo and Bo Na confronts Young Do about it and he admits it. It is surprisingly cute that Eun Sang is actually Young Do’s first love. I guess we can’t blame him completely for his childish behavior but Bo Na reminds him that Eun Sang and Tan has something going on and that Young Do plays a big part in that. Young Do sees the photo of himself looking at Eun Sang up on the notice board and realises how he looks when he looks at Eun Sang. Then Myung Soo also rubs it in saying that first loves don’t blossom and that it is set by the law.

Screenshot (1991)

At home Madame Han is harassing Tan with persistent questions of him and Eun Sang. She doesn’t want Tan in trouble so that he won’t be sent to the States again. Tan makes a good point asking her if she is happy living in the house when she is not even allowed to tell others that she is his mother. Madame Han is upset about it but she thought that she would be added to the family tree very soon when she first took over the master’s room. Unfortunately, that is not the case so now her motivation is for Tan to do well. Tan looks depressed and Madame Han tells him to take off the expression of having no mother when he has two. Tan then tells her to take off the socks (the one that Eun Sang left behind in America) because it is his. Okay……first, this is random and second the socks are actually Eun Sang’s……

Screenshot (1992)

Eun Sang is looking around for houses for rent and she eventually finds one that she is satisfied about and gets the phone number off a house agent. She calls Hee Nam to tell her to bring her clothes when they meet up late.

Screenshot (1994)

Tan runs to a park and sits next to Hyo Shin, who he called early for a chat. Without even a greeting, Tan tells Hyo Shin about having another mother but Hyo Shin thinks of it as a joke. Tan apologies to Hyo Shin for deceiving him for so long and Hyo Shin doesn’t understand why he is telling him that now. It turns out that Tan wants to test on Hyo Shin to see if he would be nervous or not when revealing his birth secret, his conclusion: he is nervous and he thinks that it is super scary. Only now does Hyo Shin believe him but Tan goes for another jog without giving him more details.

Screenshot (2003)

Since Won has found out about Secretary Yoon being the biggest shareholder of Papa Kim’s shares, Won is having difficulty conversing with Secretary Yoon. He is bluntly about it and so it tells so much about Tan. Won is uncomfortable and wonders which side Secretary Yoon is on. Won asks Secretary Yoon what benefits he gets for holding on to Papa Kim’s share. Secretary Yoon doesn’t answer properly and instead shows him his Ipad, saying that this is the best he can help him with his private matters.

On the Ipad is an article about Hyun Joo with the longest heading ever “Young girl raised by the support of the Empire Group stands on the podium as a teacher at Empire High School”. Won is furious that Secretary Yoon didn’t tell him earlier, saying that it is cruel to reveal a girl’s hardships like that.

Screenshot (2012)

Won storms home to Papa Kim’s study when he sees that Hyun Joo is in the room chatting with Dad. Hyun Joo remains quiet while Won disses Dad. Won knows what hardships Hyun Joo will have to endure if the article comes out but Papa Kim is more than proud to be the antagonist, saying that he can’t bear to see Won being so incompetent anymore. Papa Kim than turns to Hyun Joo, calling her shameless for receiving help and money from him and still meeting Won. Hyun Joo manages to utter a “I’ll consider your words seriously” before walking out.

Screenshot (2015)

Alone Won states that he has worked so hard to get to the position he is in today but Papa Kim crushes him, saying that Won is in the position because of the fact that he is his son and that if he isn’t sick then there’s no way Won would be at where he is today. Oh gosh! Why!?

Screenshot (2022)

Hyun Joo exits the house crying and she is seen by Tan who asks her if she is alright. Hyun Joo recognizes him as Tan and tells him that they will meet again. Tan offers to bring her to the bus stop but Hyun Joo just tells him to hold on to Won as a favor and walks on. Won comes out and Tan is like a puppy following him and informing him of the things Hyun Joo told him.

Screenshot (2024)

Won has no intention of following Hyun Joo and gets into his car. But he is stopped by Tan who is concerned about him because Won doesn’t look to good. Won is cold and tells him that he is crossing the line. He is slowly soften by Tan’s persistence and warns him about Papa Kim trailing them, telling him to be careful.

Screenshot (2025)

Tan quietly sits next to Hyun Joo at the bus stop and tells her that Won isn’t coming. Hyun Joo says that she isn’t waiting which can have a double meaning- she isn’t waiting for him to change his priority or she isn’t waiting for him now. Tan wonders if Hyun Joo is Won’s boyfriend and how she could recognize him earlier.

Screenshot (2030)

He then asks her if Won has talked about him before. Hyun Joo answers, quoting Won “My brother is affectionate…….honest……..grown so tall……..and his eyes are like mine”. She comments on how Tan is just exactly as Won has described him. Aww…..I knew that hyung isn’t so cold-hearted bastard! Tan doesn’t say anything but is deep in his thoughts. They don’t talk for a long time even when the bus has taken Hyun Joo away.

Screenshot (2032)

Hee Nam informs to Madame Han in advance that she is only working until the end of the month. Madame Han pretends that she doesn’t care much but as soon as Hee Nam is walking out, she screams out “how can you leave without a word?” but soon realizes that Hee Nam is just going out for a while.  Oh, how I just love these two!

Screenshot (2033)

Eun Sang for once in her life, answers Young Do’s phone but tells him that she is busy. Young Do expresses his gratitude saying that he is thankful that Eun Sang answered her phone even though she is busy. Young Do wants to eat noodles with Eun Sang but she has already hung up before he requests it. Eun Sang walks to meet her mum and notices that Young Do is just a table away from Hee Nam. She ducks back and that’s when she gets another call from Young Do who asks if she wants to eat something else instead. Eun Sang agrees before he even finishes the sentence, eager to get him away.

Screenshot (2036)

She tells him to go to the intersection, where she is supposedly at. Young Do is all smiles, satisfied with himself. He grabs for his motorbike without further delay. Eun Sang meets her mum after making sure that Young Do has left. Hee Nam tells her that she has already informed Madame Han of her departure and Eun Sang updates her with the cheapest room she has found so far.

Screenshot (2039)

Hee Nam is curious about the location of where Eun Sang is staying and she is told that a very pretty and nice friend from school has let her stay in her house. Hee Nam wants to give Eun Sang some side dishes for her to eat but Eun Sang is late for her “part-time job” so she grabs the bag with the uniform and leaves.

Screenshot (2040)

Eun Sang shows up at the intersection where Young Do is waiting. He notes that she is coming from the convenience store and tells her that he was there. Eun Sang shrugs acting like she doesn’t know. Young Do notices the bag Eun Sang is holding and remembers seeing Hee Nam with the bag at the convenience store. Young Do then tells Eun Sang to wait for him for 10 to 15 minutes before he heads off.

Screenshot (2049)

Young Do has gone to Tan’s house to look for Hee Nam to confirm that she is Eun Sang’s mother. He asks her a bunch of questions to which she only answers by nodding. The moment of truth comes out as Young Do asks Hee Nam where Eun Sang is and she types out the reply on her phone. Young Do officially knows who Eun Sang’s mother is and that she is mute.

Screenshot (2051)

Tan sees Young Do leaving as he is walking home. Young Do stops by and is asked by Tan why he is coming from the direction of his house. Of course Young Do doesn’t answer properly and rubs it in Tan’s face saying that he must be angry because Eun Sang didn’t take his hand. Young Do leaves and Tan gets a message from Won, who informs him about the golf meeting with Young Do and his Dad.

Screenshot (2053)

Young Do goes back to the intersection while Eun Sang is inside a shopping mall with the bag of spare clothes given by Hee Nam. She looks through the bag and sees the “I ❤ California” shirt. Eun Sang is reminded of Tan but her mind is soon interrupted by a text sent by Hee Nam, who tells her of Young Do’s visit. Eun Sang immediately rushes out to meet Young Do.

Screenshot (2055)Screenshot (2056)

Eun Sang confronts Young Do about the meeting with Hee Nam. She challenges him to bully her or tell everyone about her but warns him to stay away from Hee Nam’s workplace. Young Do doesn’t answer and change the subject to the noodles. Eun Sang tells him to stop avoiding it because she needs to prepare for it. She asks “What are going to do with me?” Young Do snaps “I don’t even know what to do with my wounds, how could I do something about yours?!” Aww:( Young Do seems so desperate saying that he only wants to eat noodles with her when Eun Sang keeps on pestering him to tell her what he is going to do with her.

Screenshot (2059)

Young Do and his Dad are preparing for golfing, Dad wants to work with Empire Group so he instructs Young Do to win over Tan while he’s going to lose against Won. Won is coming out from the other side and he orders Tan to not show any weaknesses even though working with Zeus is their only solution. The four meet up and they start golfing.

Screenshot (2069)

Young Do keeps on insulting Tan about his family and Tan warns him that he has a golf club in his hand. Young Do brings up Eun Sang which immediately sets Tan on edge. Tan eventually snaps and grabs hold of Young Do’s collar, warning him to not to threaten Eun Sang. Young Do declares that he is not threatening Eun Sang and he tells Tan to stop protecting Eun Sang recklessly because then he really has to reveal Eun Sang’s identity. Young Do then says “If you don’t protect Cha Eun Sang, then I’ll protect everything.”

Screenshot (2068)

Tan lets go of Young Do’s collars but tells him that if he has to go back to his old self to win him, then he’ll really die. In other words Tan is going to get rid of everything that Young Do has. Young Do shrugs saying that Tan is only a illegitimate son  but Tan reminds him that he is still the second son to Empire Group. Flashback reveals that Tan went  to Young Do on that day to tell him about his mother but Young Do refuses to listen to him which lost him an opportunity to have a last meal with his mum.

Screenshot (2077)

In school Tan totally ignores Eun Sang. Eun Sang walks into the broadcasting room to find a fountain of presents for Hyo Shin who has won an award at the Asian Young Film Awards. Bo Na, the gossiper tells Eun Sang a “huge secret”- that Young Do has fallen for Eun Sang. Eun Sang can only act surprise and I might add, doing a very bad job at it. Hyo Shin comes in thinking that Eun Sang and Bo Na must be talking about him.

Screenshot (2082)

Tan knocks the door after rushing in the room. Hyo Shin tells him that unauthorized people are off limit but Tan argues that there in no one in the room that he is not connect to. Tan has heard that Hyo Shin has won an award and he asks him about the genre he is getting the award for- Is it horror? Scary? Something that is like Friday the 13th. Hyo Shin points out that it is more Eun Sang’s taste. How the hell does he know that?! Bo Na is surprised and Eun Sang lists the genres she likes-horror, thriller, occult, splatter, etc. Her dream is to film a horror movie that is full of hopes and dreams.

Screenshot (2083)

Hyo Shin notices that Tan and Eun Sang are avoiding each other’s gaze. Bo Na hilariously tells them that they don’t have to do it for her sake. Haha…..poor Bo Na, still thinking that Tan is not over her. Tan decides to leave saying that he is caught and that he has already seen the person he wants to see. Bo Na thinks it’s her but we all know well that it is Eun Sang.

Screenshot (2085)

Tan has gone to see Second Madame to request her to help him invite Rachel to dinner. Second Madame initially refuses but then she thinks of her telling Madame Han that she will show how low she is and decides to help Tan.

Screenshot (2086)

Rachel is attending Esther’s fashion function and is surrounded by Rich Ahjummas who are sucking up to her. Rachel goes to her mum complaining about the event being so long. She notices Ye Sol’s mum and that’s when she learns that Ye Sol’s mum is the owner of a largest bar in GangNam. Ye Sol’s mum is talking to Madame Han on the phone about Eun Sang and Tan. It is so nice to see that Madame Han has someone to share secrets with.

Screenshot (2091)

Madame Han mentions that Hee Nam is leaving and she sounds quite upset about it. Ye Sol’s mum warns her about her secret being out and then Hee Nam comes in, notifying Madame Han of Rachel and Esther’s visit. Madame Han storms out to the living room to confront Second Madame who blames it on Tan, saying that Tan planned it out.

Screenshot (2096)

Eun Sang is wondering around when she meets Tan who greets her with questions- Do you like not seeing me? Do you like letting go of my hand? Do you like not seeing me. Tan tells her that it is nice to meet her in his dreams last night, causing her to fluster and orders him to leave. Tan surprises her with a sudden kiss, asking her if she thinks that he will leave just because she asked.

Tan continues saying that there’s no call or text from her even though she misses him. Eun Sang protests saying that she didn’t miss him but is attacked by another sudden kiss. Tan warns her not to lie again and tells her to not go home today.

Screenshot (2097)

At home Rachel and Esther is at the door so Madame Han has no choice but to hide even after being humiliated by Second Madame. She is in her room crying when Hee Nam brings her a glass of water to calm herself. Hee Nam then reports what’s outside to Madame Han.

Screenshot (2104)

Rachel, Esther, Second Madame and Papa Kim were dining and having nice, modest conversations when Tan joins them. It is so weird to see Rachel acting so nice and polite. Tan invites Rachel to go to his room and tells her in advance that he is going to reveal his weakness. Rachel doesn’t get what Tan is talking about and notices the dream catcher that is hanging up in his room.

Screenshot (2109)

She recognizes it as the dream catcher in Tan’s American house as well and points out that she can’t grasp Tan’s taste. Tan apologies in advance and tells Rachel that he is going to reveal what Young Do saw the other day.

Screenshot (2115)

Second Madame pesters Madame Han and offends her, saying that she is still in the same place as she was 18 years ago. Then she splashes water at her for no reason. Tan comes in quietly and wipes water off Madame Han’s face. Second Madame leaves and Tan silently slips his hand into Madame Han’s. Tan drags Madame Han out and lets the cat out of the bag. He introduces Madame Han as his biological mother and himself as Empire Group’s second and illegitimate son.

Screenshot (2120)Screenshot (2125)

Esther and Rachel are startled while Papa Kim and Second Madame’s faces stiffens. Tan also announces that he is breaking off the engagement. Esther is speechless but still tells them that she will be deciding the wedding date before storming out with Rachel. Second Madame chases after them and Papa Kim slaps Tan across the face. Not once! TWICE!

Screenshot (2123)

Madame Han takes all of the blame, saying that she ordered Tan to do it because it is too hard for her. Tan of course clears his mum’s name saying that he will take responsibility and leave the house but tells his Dad to take care of Madame Han. Papa Kim leaves, speechless while mum cries, asking him how he could do this. In her room Madame Han panics, wondering what they are going to do now. Tan apologies for the mess.

Screenshot (2134)

Eun Sang is at her part-time job but she screwed up most of her work because she is too busying pondering. Eun Sang walks out to take the trash that she has forgotten to do earlier. She turn around and sees Tan standing a few meters away from her. They stand at their spot, staring at each other .Tan starts crying and Eun Sang starts tearing up too.

The End.


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