The Heirs Episode 11 Recap~


Title: The Heirs Cast:

  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

Episode 11:

Screenshot (1719)

We are going back a bit to when Tan has just arrived at the camp site with Hyo Shin. Tan leaves Hyo Shin alone in the car and Hyo Shin comments that it’d be good to see a virgin ghost. Myung Soo sees Tan who has just gotten out of the car. Tan calls Eun Sang and that’s when he finds Eun Sang and Young Do having a conversation.

Screenshot (1693)

Young Do tells Eun Sang that he has only shown one side of him to her and as soon as he sees Tan, he embraces Eun Sang, saying that he is showing her his other side. Eun Sang breaks away from him asking what he is doing. Young Do answers that he is doing it for Tan to see.

Screenshot (1726)

Tan walks towards them and Young Do tells him to stop because he’s ruining the good atmosphere. Tan doesn’t care saying that he has come all the way from Seoul to ruin that atmosphere. Ha! Eun Sang tells them both to stop. Young Do continues, stating that Tan seems sincere about Eun Sang. Then he requests Tan to covey his sincerity as well since Eun Sang seems to only believe Tan’s words. ooohh~ He mutters that it’s upsetting and walks away.

Screenshot (1727)

Eun Sang is just standing there in surprise, finally taking in the fact that Young Do is serious about her. Tan is mad and tells Eun Sang to get a hold of herself. Eun Sang is frustrated and tells Tan to stop because the most dumbstruck person is her. Tan snaps saying that he has come here without break for 4 hours and wonders if he is the crazy one. He wishes that Eun Sang’s method of running away from him isn’t Young Do. Ermm…’s not really Eun Sang’s fault that Young Do falls in love with her and hugs her. Tan then walks away as well.

Waiting in the car, Rachel’s sudden appearance startled Hyo Shin since he thought that she is really a virgin ghost. Rachel has come to look for Tan and when Tan comes, she joins them to go to the hotel they are staying.

Screenshot (1730)

Hyo Shin refuses to leave the hotel room when Rachel asks since he is the one paying for the room. Rachel goes on to ask Tan personal questions which gets Hyo Shin to give up and leave immediately. Tan is honest with Rachel-he met with Eun Sang and is waiting for her call. Rachel then tells him herself that she slapped Eun Sang and that even though Tan likes Eun Sang, it means nothing because Tan and her exchanged rings in front of all their relatives.

Screenshot (1732)

Tan says that he knows and that’s why he’s going crazy. Rachel calls him a bad bastard and Tan admits that he is and that he is going to treat her worse in the future. He then tells her something about the engagement but Rachel ignores him and storms out.

Screenshot (1735)

Some girls in Eun Sang’s class are gossiping about her, calling her a two-timer because they saw her hugging Young Do and there is also the rumor about her and Tan. Eun Sang is depressed and Young Do pulls up her hood from behind, telling her to not listen to it or get hurt by it. He then takes the girls’ shoes and throws them in a bucket of water.

Screenshot (1737)

Eun Sang doesn’t want to get in trouble but Young Do insists on getting revenge for her. Eun Sang says that she doesn’t understand him and Young Do agrees.Young Do concludes that Eun Sang lives in Tan’s house and promises that he won’t tell anyone since he has a connection with her. He then tells her that he is going to ask her questions but tells her not to answer because if she does, he won’t be able to ask her anymore.

Screenshot (1738)

Young Do asks Eun Sang why she is living in Tan’s house and lists the 5 possibilities-a live-in housemaid included but Young Do doesn’t think that any of the reasons makes sense. He then asks her if she really likes Tan when she doesn’t answer the other question. Young Do is broken hearted when Eun Sang says that she likes Tan. Before he goes, he tells Eun Sang not to take out the shoes. Eun Sang seems to soften at the sight of the defeated Young Do.

Screenshot (1739)

Rachel is in the hotel when she gets a call from Chan Young who tells her to go back to the camp site. Rachel refuses and Chan Young warns her that he is going to call Esther. Esther is at a club after talking to Chan Young to bust Daddy Young Do’s affair. Daddy Young Do insists that he is there for business but Esther isn’t buying it.

Screenshot (1746)

She then asks him about the marriage article that is about to come out and he says that he is doing it to repay loans since when the article is out, their stock will skyrocket. She is distracted when she sees Ye Sol’s mum at the club and that Daddy Young knows her, calling her “Madame Park”. Okay I think when he says ” Madame Park” it means that she is the owner of the club because remember Ye Sol’s mum mentioned that she sells alcohol when she was talking to Madame Han.

Screenshot (1752)

Eun Sang is in her tent while Ye Sol is outside complaining about her wet shoes to her mum on the phone. Ye Sol walks away and Tan comes in, telling Eun Sang to follow him somewhere. Tan brings her to this beautifully lit-up caravan with two fold-up chairs in front it. Eun Sang asks Tan when did he have time to prepare it but Tan tells her that it’s been there already, embarrassing her. But I think that he really did it himself.

Screenshot (1755)

Tan gives Eun Sang his coat and asks her why she called him earlier while sitting her on one of the chairs. Eun Sang doesn’t answer the question and instead asks him why he came back again. Tan replies that it’s because he missed her and gives her a choice of going into the caravan and be warm together or stay out in the cold together, emphasizing that there is no option of leaving.

Screenshot (1756)

Eun Sang smiles saying that she likes it and to not send her away. She tells him that she called him because she wanted to see him a lot which shocks Tan. She also gestures him to sit to the chair next to her. This prompts Tan to ask her if she got bulled by other kids because she doesn’t seem to be in her right mind. Eun Sang laughs and explains that she is far away from home, it’s night time and that Tan is here so she is escaping to her dreams.

Screenshot (1764)

Eun Sang leans on Tan, telling him that she has always wanted to do that. After a while, Eun Sang tries to get up because it is not as comfortable as she thought. But she is stopped by Tan who tells the that it’s because she is only leaning with her head, she has to lean with her heart as well. Eun Sang looks up at the sky, dazzled by the starry night. Tan warns her to not ask him to pick a star for her because he can’t. Eun Sang then immediately brings out the Chan Young card, which gets Tan to ask her eagerly which one she wants.

Screenshot (1758)

Eun Sang then brings the horror movie reference back out, saying that the atmosphere is like ” Friday the 13th”. Tan doesn’t understand why Eun Sang goes from a melodrama to a horror movie and asks her why she likes horror movie. Her answer really breaks my heart! Eun Sang says that she likes it because it’s tragic, she feels that her life is not that bad after watching horror movies. This gets Tan to ask if he is one of her miseries. Eun Sang doesn’t answer and goes to sleep instead.

Screenshot (1778)

At dawn, Tan and Eun Sang are walking back to the camp. Tan can’t believe that Eun Sang actually slept out and Eun Sang knows that Tan lit the fire because all the wood is gone. This gives Tan the excuse the gets Eun Sang to “heal” his hand by holding Eun Sang’s. Eun Sang then starts talking about the Hollywood sign that they saw, how it looked close but it is actually far away. She brings this up as a comparison to Tan~he is the same for her. Eun Sang tells him that holding his hands makes her feel like that she is kidding herself into believing that Tan is close.

Screenshot (1782)

Eun Sang continues, she reveals that Tan is not her misery and in fact, he is the relief to her misery. She then announces that it”s enough, that she needs to wake up from her dream in order to live. She apologies to Tan and slowly slips her hand out of his. Tan doesn’t give up and grabs her hand again “how much closer must I be for you to believe it?”  He then says that she never even come to him and tells her not to assume that it’s far. That is so true! “Love is the moment” is played and they stare at each other while holding hands.

Screenshot (1785)

In the morning everyone is brushing their teeth and they are gossiping about Tan who came and Rachel that spent the night out. Ye Sol joins in saying that Tan has left Eun Sang to go to Rachel. This makes Eun Sang uncomfortable and she walks away.

In the meeting room, Rachel stares at Eun Sang as she walks in. Everyone assumes that Rachel spent the night with Tan and Rachel doesn’t deny nor admit it. Young Do stares at Eun Sang for her reaction. I bet Young Do doesn’t know that Eun Sang is the one who spent the night with Tan and is afraid that Eun Sang is hurt.

Screenshot (1787)

Tan and Hyo Shin is eating breakfast at the hotel and Eun Sang turns away to get her plate as soon as she sees them. She tries to walk pass them but Hyo Shin calls out for her. Eun Sang just gives a quick greeting and sits at the table next to them. Tan kicks out a chair for Young Do when it seems like that he is going to sit next to Eun Sang.

Screenshot (1789)

Young Do sits down and they are joined in by Rachel. Bo Na and Ye Sol stop by to chat with Hyo Shin and they learn that Tan actually spent the night with Hyo Shin. This humiliates Rachel and Tan is nice enough to cover it up by saying that he slept in the corridor because Rachel wouldn’t open the door.

Screenshot (1802)

The mood intensifies when Young Do says that Tan is “American style”, having to miss one girl and wants to sleep with another. Eun Sang is uncomfortable hearing this and gets up to leave. Tan then tells Young Do to leave and he agrees probably because Eun Sang left. Young Do chases after Eun Sang outside to the pool. Tan stares at Eun Sang and Young Do who is outside despite Rachel’s warning. Young Do stops her from walking on but pulls her back when she ignores him. This trips Eun Sang but Young Do catches her.

Screenshot (1808)

However, Young Do gives her this bright smile and lets go of Eun Sang, causing her to fall into the pool. For a moment there was great chemistry but no! Young Do, you just had to ruin it!:(  Tan gets up immediately after seeing that and warns everyone not to go out before rushing out himself. Young Do’s ridiculous excuse for his action is that his hand slipped.

Screenshot (1810)

Eun Sang is mad and asks him if that is the sincerity he wants to show her. Young Do tells her that this is what Tan will do to her in the future, pretending that he is holding on but lets go of her in the end and tells her to let go of Tan before he does. Eun Sang sarcastically thanks him and tells him that she already knows so he is going to die in her hands. Young Do just scoffs and laughs “Really?”

Screenshot (1811)

Tan comes along and kicks Young Do into the pool. Ha! It is so cool the way Young Do does a side flip before falling into the pool:P Tan apologies, saying that his foot slipped. Double Ha!! Everyone inside is staring. Young Do doesn’t mind because he thinks that it seems like he won. Tan then offers his hand to Eun Sang, telling her to get out of the pool. Young Do gets out of the pool himself and provokes Tan by asking him “Are you going to let Cha eun Sang be called a ‘mistress’ like somebody?” This gets Tan to grab his collars and yells at him to shut up.

Screenshot (1820)Screenshot (1821)

The fight is stopped by Hyo Shin and Tan is ordered to get back inside. Chan Young and Bo Na comes out and Chan Young offers his hand to Eun Sang. Bo Na pushes Chan Young aside and tells Eun Sang to hold her hand instead. This is enough to get Eun Sang smile in this situation. Eun Sang is out of the water and Young Do puts a towel over her head. Omo! “You’re Beautiful” parody?He then tells her to not catch a cold before walking away. Bo Na then tells Eun Sang to not listen to Young Do and to catch a cold. Ha! You just gotta love Bo Na!

Screenshot (1823)

In the car, Hyo Shin says that the ones who make a fuss are the ones who don’t have that much experience in love. Tan talks back at him and Hyo Shin’s “Do you want to walk?” immediately gets Tan to shut up.

Screenshot (1824)Screenshot (1825)

Hyo Shin arrives home to have an angry mother waiting for him. He apologies for staying out but surprisingly, Mother doesn’t care and instead asks why Hyo Shin didn’t go to the college-entrance interview. Hyo Shin says that he isn’t interested in law but Mother doesn’t give a shitz and asks him why he is acting like that. Hyo Shin gets emotional because finally his mother cares for him a bit- she didn’t ask Hyo Shin why he doesn’t want to go to law school or why he collects sleeping pills and takes them. Hyo Shin is ready to answer but Mother isn’t hearing it until after the exams. What a shitz mother!

Screenshot (1827)

Second Madame is looking for Madame Han in her house when she comes across Hee Nam. She asks Hee Nam for Madame Han’s whereabouts and notices the contents of Hee Nam’s notes. She orders Hee Nam to show her more but Hee Nam refuses. Madame Han is now here and immediately gets in front of Hee Nam when she hears that Second Madame is looking for Hee Nam’s notes. This gives Hee Nam time to escape. Hee Nam eats the memo as she runs, trying to destroy the evidence. Ha! Oh how I love those two!

Screenshot (1833)Screenshot (1834)

But it is too late because Second Madame already knows that Madame Han has someone to trail her. Madame Han scoffs that there is no evidence and Second Madame quotes the memo “Then you should’ve used a disposable phone!” Madame Han says that this is why they should’ve done the family tree thing. Second Madame warns her, saying that she will show her how low she is.

Screenshot (1839)

Madame Han looks for Hee Nam to buy the evidence but it has one box full of the notepads. Madame Han offers Hee Nam $1 per sheet but Hee Nam bargains it for $2 per sheet. Haha! you just gotta love this couple!

Screenshot (1843)Screenshot (1842)

Schools starts and Ye Sol and her friends sees the article of Esther and Young Do’s dad getting married. They kinda state the obvious, saying that Young Do and Rachel is going to be siblings. Ye Sol adds that their family is messed up just as Rachel is walking pass. DUN!Young Do doesn’t look affected by the article and puts Rachel in a bad mood as usual. Rachel wants him to date her so as to stop the marriage but Young Do rejects her, saying that he already has someone he likes.

Screenshot (1846)

Kids gather around them to congratulate them since they are making more money. Nobody actually care about the marriage itself. Eun Sang is at her locker looking at them when her eyes meet with Young Do’s. She is distracted by Bo Na who accuses the kids as fake, that they are actually raging inside but is lining up to congratulate them. Eun Sang disagrees saying that the kids congratulate them because they are friends but her idea is immediately dismissed as Bo Na knows that the is no friends in the school but just connections. Well that’s kinda lonely.

Screenshot (1857)

Tan comforts Rachel outside but she doesn’t appreciate it asking him why he is acting like a fiance now. Tan replies that he is behaving like a friend and tells Rachel to stop pretending to be an adult. Rachel breaks down her icy facade in front of him and cries. Tan consoles her, patting her back and all of this is seen by Eun Sang who is passing by.

Screenshot (1858)

Young Do appears from behind Eun Sang and acts normal,  like nothing is wrong. Eun Sang shows concern for Young Do, asking if he is alright with the marriage thing. Young Do is overwhelmed and frozen on the spot. Eun Sang also offers to postpone her promise of getting revenge on him since she acknowledges that after all Young Do is just 18. Tan looks up and see the two together.

Screenshot (1868)

Eun Sang is working in the broadcasting station when Tan comes in and blocks the door of the room she is in with stacks of chairs. Tan then talks to Eun Sang through a mike, explaining his earlier encounter with Rachel. Tan also talks about the incident at the pool. He apologies to Eun Sang for not pulling her out of the pool and tells her how regretful he is. The mood is great there and I thought it is romantic until Tan brings up Young Do, asking her what she talked about with Young Do that made his eyes shake like earthquake.

Screenshot (1871)


Eun Sang has had enough so she walks away. Tan warns her that she won’t be able to go out as he has blocked the door but the door is opened the other way so Eun Sang can still open it. Tan is frustrated and it is pretty cute and funny. Eun Sang comments that it isn’t a surprise that Tan is ranked 100th and Tan is surprised that she knows. Eun Sang makes fun of him saying that it’s amusing because it is the first time she is talking to someone that ranks last. Tan pouts and argues that Eun Sang should’ve comfort him instead.

Screenshot (1880)

Young Do is at a ddokbokki store with Myung Soo and they are talking about the old times when they were there. Myung Soo complains that they are coming from a long way just to eat ddokbokki and Young Do explains that he has picked there because the whole country has witness how messed up his family is and that is where everything started, the place where he lost everything. Myung Soo asks what he lost and Young Do stares at the seat from the next table. FLASHBACK TIME!!

Screenshot (1883)

Young Tan is telling Young Do to go to the ddokbokki store but Young Do refuses. Tan warns him that he will regret it but Young Do still walks away. Back in the present, Young Do answers Myung Soo “Mother……….friends…” but Myung Soo misinterprets it as “Mother’s friend” and this frustrates Young Do. Haha….. this is actually super hilarious!

Screenshot (1892)

In the company the topic of Esther’s marriage is brought up and Won asks Secretary Yoon why he broke up with Esther. Secretary Yoon asks him why he broke up with Hyun Joo instead but Won denies it saying that he is just ranking importance first: Empire Group first, Hyun Joo second. Secretary Yoon then asks him why he would think that they would wait and reminds Won that him and Esther’s ranking importance is the choice they made. Second Madame interrupts their conversation.

Screenshot (1895)

Up in his room, Won is asked if he knows the birthday of Tan. He thinks that Second Madame is trolling him and gets up to leave. But Second Madame is here to inform him that Papa Kim is after buying a whole load of shares under a borrowed name and she concludes that it is for Tan’s 18th birthday. She also tells Won that after Tan’s birthday, Tan might have equal or even more shares than him which gets Won to eyeball her.

Screenshot (1898)

Won doesn’t understand Second Madame’s intention of telling him that but she just tells him that it is affection for raising him for 10 years. Won orders Secretary Yoon to make a list of the people who hold’s Papa Kim’s share but only to learn that Secretary Yoon holds the biggest shares. This shocks Won as Secretary Yoon seems to be the only person he trusts in the company.

In the company meeting, Won seems to be still in shock and zones out. This is noted by Secretary Yoon.

Screenshot (1902)Screenshot (1906)

Eun Sang arrives home and a housemaid orders her to go on an errand upstairs. She tries to tiptoe her way past Tan’s room unnoticed but of course Tan sees her and forces her to go into his room. Eun Sang calls him crazy but Tan accuses her of getting caught red-handed with Young Do. Eun Sang ignores him and turns to leave. Tan warns her that he will hug her if she turns her back and that he will kiss her if she talks back. This gets Eun Sang to turn around just as Tan is leaning his face towards her. Tan only wants Eun Sang to talk to him with more affection but she waffles it off saying that she will later.

Screenshot (1908)

Then they are really caught red-handed by Madame Han. They try to explain but Madame Han tells them to shut up. Tan urges Eun Sang to go away first but she is stopped by Madame Han who continuously scolds Eun Sang. It doesn’t help either when Tan tells Madame Han not to treat Eun Sang badly because she is already having a bad time with him liking her. He manages to get Eun Sang out of the room and talk to Madame Han himself.

Screenshot (1914)

Madame Han is on about how he has to inherit the company but Tan snaps, telling her to not to push what she wants to do on him. Eun Sang goes to her room and panics. In her mid-way of explaining to Hee Nam what has happened, Madame Han bursts into the room and gives out to Hee Nam for letting Eun Sang do what she is doing. Hee Nam stands up for her daughter but Eun Sang translates Hee Nam’s sign language into some wimpy apologies. Tan gets in to drag his mother out.

Screenshot (1922)

Eun Sang apologies to her mother while crying “I’m for letting you hear those words. I’m very sorry for liking him”. Hee Nam also apologies for not being able to side with her because of her disability. She then suggests moving houses and Eun Sang agrees. They are moving at the end of the month when Hee Nam hands off her work to someone else. Aww…..this mother/daughter relationship breaks my heart.

Screenshot (1930)

Tan texts Eun Sang to tell her to meet him in the wine cellar as he waits anxiously. Eventually he gets impatient and goes to find her in her room but she is missing. He then goes into the kitchen and learns that Eun Sang will be staying out for the night. But Hee Nam also tells him where Eun Sang would likely to be at. Eun Sang walks past a food stall and Tan follows sometime later but they never met.

Screenshot (1934)

Eun Sang is outside on the street and she sees Tan’s miss calls on her phone. It is pretty sad to know that she lies to Hee Nam saying that she will be staying in her friends house when she doesn’t have any friends except Chan Young. Eun Sang decides to call Bo Na who first declines to let her stay the night but then ends up ordering Eun Sang to go to her house in a taxi once Eun Sang mentions Chan Young. Haha! BO Na is officially my favorite character!

Screenshot (1936)

In her house Bo Na asks Eun Sang if she got kicked out. Eun Sang gives a vague answer and Bo Na refuses to let her stay until she tells her the details because it is something that Chan Young knows as well. Eun Sang tells Bo Na about Hee Nam being a housemaid which Bo Na isn’t surprised about. But when Eun Sang tells her about Hee Nam’s disability, Bo Na gasps in surprise but immediately apologies afterwards. Eun Sang thinks that Bo Na is better than she thought, telling her that she used to curse at her a lot. Bo Na doesn’t mind because she curse at Eun Sang all the time too.

Screenshot (1937)

Bo Na then asks Eun Sang about the mum who paid for her camp but then she waves it off saying that if she learns more then she is really going to be friends with Eun Sang. Aww….I want you guise to be friends!:P Bo Na wants payment for Eun Sang’s stay: a picture of Chan Young when he is little. Eun Sang tells her that she is going to regret it and Bo Na comically defends Chan Young, saying that there is no way that there would be a time that Chan Young is ugly. Ha! It’d be hilarious is she sees Chan Young’s photo in the next episode and gags at it:P At night, Eun Sang can’t sleep and Tan too is awake in the wine cellar.

Screenshot (1943)

The next morning Eun Sang arrives school but it’s too early so it isn’t even opened. She then heads off to buy breakfast and sees Young Do who is eating ramyun at the convenience. She walks to the breakfast section and can’t help to peek at where Young Do is sitting but he is not there. But he appears from behind and asks her a string of questions. As usual, Eun Sang doesn’t answer properly and picks out a onigiri. Young Do takes the onigiri off her and hands her another one, saying that it is more delicious.

Screenshot (1948)

Eun Sang asks him why he is always at the convenience store and he replies that it’s because it doesn’t look weird even if he is sitting alone. Eun Sang is shaken and stares at Young Do. Young Do tells her not to look at him like that because it makes him nervous.

Screenshot (1954)Screenshot (1959)

Young Do and Eun Sang are going to school together and they stand awkwardly apart at the traffic light. Young Do sees Tan getting off his car around the corner and asks if Eun Sang needs to avoid Tan and if she needs his help. Young Do pulls her under his arms despite having to be refused his help. The traffic lights turn greens and Young Do, Eun Sang and Tan walk towards each other. Halfway, Eun Sang is stopped by Tan who grabs hold of her wrists. Eun Sang flings her hand off but Tan doesn’t give up. He tells her that he can’t guarantee that she will not be in trouble in the future but they can at least take the road together and he offers her his hand.

The End.





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