The Master’s Sun O.S.T-Touch Love (Eng Ver.)


 I made english lyrics as similar as the Korean translation for you guys to sing along. I am not a good singer at all so I can’t do a cover of it but I still want to share it to you guys^^ It is my first time doing this so it might not be perfect and I hope you don’t mind:P 

Disclaimer* The video link below is just a video of the original song. I do not own it. It belongs to the Youtuber Sweetlovedc 

*note that one korean syllable= one english syllable*

So here’s the lyrics:

Whenever you brush pass my trembling hands

Warmth spreads throughout my cold heart and fills it up with soul.

I want to get closer so I tried to lean on you.

But it’s hard to clear away the distance that’s between us.

*It’s alright if I can’t touch you.

It’s alright if I can’t hold you*

#Lonely love, yes I love you like my destiny, I can feel you are in my heart#




My heart will reach you in the end$

Now I reach out my hands to hold on to you tightly but

we grow further apart so I linger around you.

It’s alright if I can’t love you

It’s alright if I can’t reach you





Lonely love~yeah~


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