The Heirs Episode 13 Preview~

This video does not belong to me. All credits goes to QTDPRO and soompi translators!~

R: What are you planning to do?
Y: I’m going to close your mouth.
Y: This isn’t a request, it’s a warning.
Tan: Who were you with at night? You were caught by me again.
ES: You’re quite a dreamer.
Y: Is [she] friends with you?
Tan: We’re lovers.
Tan’s dad: Was it Cha Eun Sang? Prepare her to send her abroad.
ES: What are you going to do now?
Tan: I’ll study hard and succeed.
ES: Go on KPOP star instead!
Tan: No no, I can’t sing.
KA: Where is Tan? Did he come to see you? He came, right?
Tan: I came, why!
KA: Let’s go home.
Tan: I’m not going.
KA: Are you planning to live with her or what!
ES: Dream a good dream.
Tan: I already am. You’re there.

Okay, I actually can’t wait to see this episode! From this preview it is obvious that Tan left the house or he is kicked out. He is currently staying in Myung Soo’s hideout with Eun Sang. So does that mean that Young Do is going to see them because he visits the hideout quite often!
There is definitely going to be a huge clash between Young Do and Tan since Tan told Young Do that he is dating Eun Sang. I wonder how Young Do is going to handle it:(
I love the Young Do/Eun Sang couple but it seems like there is nothing special between them in this episode. Thank god Young Do is starting to really stick with Eun Sang ( meaning that he is helping her by warning Rachel to not say anything.
What do you guys think? This preview isn’t as exciting as the other ones in my opinion but I am still looking forward to the newest episode.


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