The Heirs Episode 10 Recap~


Title: The Heirs Cast:

  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

Episode 10:

Screenshot (1557)

Tan and Young Do is in the middle of a conversation when Eun Sang comes home, catching Young Do’s interest. Young Do doesn’t think that Eun Sang lives in Tan’s house but he has mistaken it as Eun Sang being in a relationship that allows her to go to his house. Tan tries to cover the situation by telling Eun Sang to go and that he can’t hang out with her because Young Do is here.

Screenshot (1566)

Eun Sang hesitantly leaves. Young Do then suggests the relationship that Eun Sang and Tan has is a broth/sister relationship. His face stiffens when Tan tells him that he is dating Eun San. Tan confirms it by telling him that Rachel also knows. He then warns Young Do that he is going to take revenge.

Screenshot (1568)

Tan visits Young Do’s dad and apologies for hitting Young Do. Young Do arrives to see Tan’s revenge. Young Do’s dad started to beat up Young Do as soon as Tan leaves and I swear I got a heart-attack when Young Do’s dad pulls out a belt to hit Young Do. Thank God at that moment a phone call interrupts but it reveals the woman that Young Do’s dad is hiding in his office. Young Do asks if his dad do this as well when his mum was here but then he corrected his question to if his mother is some woman like his mistress.

Screenshot (1571)

Young Do waits for the lift and remembers the time when he has discovered the affair that his father had. Flashback to when he was still friends with Tan. They were playing video games when they heard that Young Do’s dad is coming and hide in a cupboard. Then in came Young Do’s dad but he was not alone, he was kissing with a woman passionately which I reckon is the embarrassing thing Tan saw.

Screenshot (1572)

Back to present, Young Do goes into the same lift as Tan and they both come to the conclusion that it is best to not get their families involved, meaning that poor Eun Sang is going to be the one entangled in this fight. Tan doesn’t want Eun Sang to be involved but this only encourages Young Do to do his best.

Screenshot (1576)

Young Do is washing dishes in his hotel when Esther comes up to him to ask him about the fight with Tan. Esther is concerned and worried but Young Do is cold towards her. He tells her that only authorized people are allowed in. This gets Esther to exit immediately.As she gets out, she sees the woman who was at the photo shoot (the woman who Young Do’s dad was hiding in his office.

Screenshot (1580)

Esther is calling Secretary Yoon while fixing her lips in the mirror. Secretary Yoon answers the call and appears behind her, having to stand there since Esther pulled out her lipstick. Esther says that it reminds her of them together 20 years ago and Secretary Yoon finishes the sentence “in front of the Hak Lim cafe, on University Street. So obviously this hints that they were dating in college. Esther wonders if she can still be someone’s first love but Secretary Yoon jokingly says that she’s not even that pretty.

Screenshot (1581)

Just then Young Do’s dad comes out of the elevator and catches the two of them laughing. He notes how close they are and Esther explained that they are college friends. He asks Secretary Yoon to tell him about their college life some day and how Jeju Convention Center is going. Secretary Yoon replies that Won is still thinking carefully and leaves the two alone.

Screenshot (1586)

Daddy Young Do is displeased with Secretary Yoon, thinking that he is rude and has no manners. He warns Esther and tells her to consider what others will say. Esther doesn’t budge and asks him if she should meet Secretary Yoon in her office like he did. The two is clearly aware of each other’s affairs but I guess their marriage is just business.

Screenshot (1588)

At home, Hee Nam asks Madame Han what she would like for dinner but Madame Han is too worried about Tan who still hasn’t come back. Hee Nam sits beside Madame Han and massages her hand because she doesn’t look too good. Surprisingly, Madame Han understands Hee Nam’s sign language and thanks her.

Screenshot (1590)

Tan arrives home to be interrogated by Madame Han. She is worried that Rachel’s family will find out about her since Young Do’s family is getting close to theirs. Tan wants the truth to be revealed but Madame Han is not having it. She tells him that he did nothing wrong and that she is to blame. At that, Tan apologies and Madame Han tells him to eat his dinner with teary eyes.

Tan asks Hee Nam about Eun Sang and learns that she hasn’t gone home yet. He calls her in his room but there is no answer. Tan then texts her to come home since Young Do is gone but only gets a short text of thanking him for the information.

Screenshot (1594)

Tan drags Eun Sang to the wine cellar and tells her that he has told Young Do that they are dating. Eun Sang of course doesn’t like the lie but Tan says that he is not lying and tells Eun Sang to date him. Eun Sang calls him stupid and throws other hurtful comments at him. At last she agrees to dating him but then she tells him the scenario of him breaking off the engagement with Rachel and getting kicked out of the house-would he still be able to like her then?

Screenshot (1596)

Eun Sang knows that they are going to break up eventually and she thinks that she is going to be the one to get hurt. She also knows that if Madame Han finds out that they are dating, she and her mother will be kicked out of the house as well. So she tells Tan to quit saying stuff like that. Tan however, is hurt because he is willing to sacrifice all he has for Eun Sang but Eun Sang is not willing to risk just a little. Tan then agrees to stop caring for her if that is Eun Sang’s wish-” I thought this is a nice summer dream but it’s a nightmare, Cha Eun Sang.”

Screenshot (1597)

The next day, Tan refuses to offer Eun Sang a ride when his driver asks and drives right pass her. The girls who were asking Eun Sang about her parents are sticking up to her in school, inviting her to their house but Eun Sang refuses politely.

Screenshot (1601)

Young Do chats with Rachel in class, telling her about the crazy thing he saw in Tan’s house yesterday. Tan stops him from telling what crazy thing it is but Rachel is curious. Then Tan and Young Do are called out by a teacher to do their punishment, cleaning. The atmosphere is tense when they are cleaning the window and there is one point where a fight nearly breaks out.

Screenshot (1604)

Eun Sang sees it through a window in class but she is interrupted when Chan Young asks her about the Parents meeting.Eun Sang doesn’t tell him who it is so Chan Young notes that she has been keeping secrets from him lately. Chan Young also asks Eun Sang if she is fighting with Tan, after noticing her unusual behavior.

Screenshot (1605)

Eun Sang is on the roof top and she is reminiscing her kiss with Tan. She then notices that Tan is on the opposite rooftop and they stare at each other intently for a while before Eun Sang decides to run away.

Screenshot (1607)

Young Do goes to Eun Sang who is in the library. He tests if she is really dating Tan by asking about the performance that she is supposed to see with Tan but Eun Sang is smart enough to remind him that she couldn’t because Young do was with Tan. Young Do then asks Eun Sang about her mother but she gives vague answers and tells Young Do to leave as it is nearly mid-term.

Screenshot (1611)

Mid-term tests has started and all the students are doing their best at the exam except Young Do who just ticks all the boxes in a straight line and Myung Soo who is trying to copy off Tan. The results are out and of course the first is our Chan Young. Surprisingly even though Tan tried his best to actually do it and Young Do just answers questions in a straight line, Tan is last (100th) and Young Do is 98th.Eun Sang tries to look for her rank but she is blocked by Tan who tells her her rank (52nd) because he doesn’t want her to see his rank.

Screenshot (1615)

In class, the teacher calls out the people who are not going to the camp which includes Tan and Young Do. Tan’s excuse for not going is because it’s cold and when Myung Soo asks Young Do why he isn’t going, he replies that he didn’t have the reason before. He says that he has a reason now while looking at Eun Sang and signs up for the camp.

Rachel calls Tan out to talk. Esther wants to have a mean with Tan and Rachel suggests a brunch instead of a dinner because they don’t have that much to talk about for a meal as long as dinner. Tan simply agrees and Rachel brings out the our-engagement-is-business card, telling him to go to the camp because she doesn’t care about his personal dating life.

Screenshot (1617)

Rachel wonders if they broke up because they are avoiding each other. Tan explains that he is thinkng of a way to protect himself and Eun Sang from Rachel and everyone. Rachel sarcastically tells him to think hard and that she will cheer him on. Tan is about to leave but Rachel stops him to ask him what Young Do is saying earlier (about the crazy thing he saw in Tan’s house). Tan quotes her back and reminds her that it is his personal life so there is no reason for her to know.

Screenshot (1621)

Hyo Shin is behind Rachel and he is surprised when Rachel says that she can tell because of the ginseng smell.He thinks that someone like her shouldn’t be clinging on to Tan and this gets Rachel to turn around facing him, asking if she was really clingy. Hyo Shin answers that she is whenever he sees her. This causes Rachel to snap ” Who do you think you are to say this?”. Hyo Shin tells her that he is jealous because he doesn’t even have the chance to hang on.

Screenshot (1622)

Secretary Yoon gets into the same lift as Papa Kim’s spy and notice that he is going to the same floor as Papa Kim’s room. The spy somehow catches that and presses the button for the 20th floor. He gets out when it arrives on 20th floor and waits for a while before getting back into the lift. However Secretary Yoon is in there and asks if they have met before.

Screenshot (1624)

Secretary Yoon is in Won’s hotel room and he informs him of Daddy Young Do’s wish of playing golf with him. Won needs to go out now so he tells him to ask him again tomorrow. Secretary Yoon suggests Won to not meet Hyun Joo for a while if he is really meeting Hyun Joo because Papa Kim knows about their relationship and has someone to follow them.

Screenshot (1626)

Hyun Joo is waiting outside in the dead of the night. Won doesn’t understand why Secretary Yoon is telling him that since Secretary Yoon is Papa Kim’s man. Secretary Yoon declares himself as neutral, someone who just gets paid. They both know that Papa Kim is going to make Won choose between a woman or Jeguk Group soon.When Secretary Yoon asks Won who he is going to choose, he doesn’t have an answer.

Screenshot (1629)

Hyun Joo is still waiting and she is holding on to her wishbone necklace. She gets a text from Won who tells her not to wait as he can’t come today. Hyun Joo wonders if today is the day of their breakup and starts tearing up. A car pulls up to her and Hyo Shin comes out of the car.

Screenshot (1631)

Hyo Shin has found Hyun Joo’s address while secretly looking through his mother’s drawers for her resume. This prompts Hyun Joo to ask if the car he is driving is illegal. Ha! Hyo Shin tells her that he turned 18 this summer even though Hyun Joo wouldn’t have known. Hyo Shin says that since Hyun Joo has quit, he is not a student anymore and kisses her on her forehead. He then bids her farewell and drives off.

Screenshot (1634)

Tan, his “mum”, Rachel and Esther have gathered for brunch. It is pretty normal until Esther brings up Eun Sang. She wants to know about her since Eun Sang’s “mother” said that Eun Sang talks about Tan all the time. Esther is surprised when Rachel tells her that Eun Sang and Tan are close. Then everyone is more surprised when Rachel asks how she could break off the engagement with Tan. Rachel and Tan’s “mum” sends Rachel and Tan away to talk for a solution themselves.

Screenshot (1636)

Tan pulls Rachel aside to ask her about the cancellation of the engagement. Rachel tells him that she did it so that Tan can quickly realize the reality. Tan reminds her that he won’t date her but Rachel says that Tan can’t date Eun Sang either. Rachel is not is not doing it to actually break off the engagement but to see Tan clean up the mess.

Tan gets a call from his dad, meaning all of this is starting. Rachel is anticipating to see if Tan is willing to give up everything for Eun Sang.

Screenshot (1640)

Tan is in Papa Kim’s study and Papa Kim demands explanation. Madame Han hears it from outside and looks for Eun Sang for details. Tan manages to say that he doesn’t like Rachel but Papa Kim doesn’t accept it as a reason. Papa Kim is thinking that Won is right- Tan is better off in America. He says that he is doing this because Tan is different from Won and that Tan needs insurance (Rachel) in order to survive. Tan tells Papa Kim that he doesn’t need the insurance and comments that the house becomes sadder whenever he is around before leaving the room.

Screenshot (1643)

Madame Han is digging for information on Young Do and Rachel. Eun Sang learns that Rachel is breaking off the engagement in this conversation. Tan comes in and Madame Han orders him to treat Rachel well in front of everyone in the camp. Tan tells Madame Han that he isn’t going to the camp and she is furious.

Screenshot (1649)

Eun Sang tells Tan to go to the camp but he doesn’t want to go because he doesn’t want to see her. Eun Sang wants to talk to him but he is walking up to his room (Eun Sang is forbidden to go to Tan’s room).She tells him to stop so she can talk to him for a minute but he refuses and goes up to his room.

Screenshot (1650)

Eun Sang muster up the courage to walk upstairs to his room but hesitate knocking on his door. Tan refuses to talk to her unless she goes into his room and this urges Eun Sang to take another step and she enters his room. Eun Sang starts telling him the reasons he needs to go to the camp but Tan changes the subject to Eun Sang and Young Do.

Screenshot (1654)

Just then Madame Han is at Tan’s door so Tan hides Eun Sang behind him and opens the door, only with his head visible. He explains that he is shirtless as he is getting ready for shower. Madame Han asks Tan what Papa Kim told him and Tan replies that he has to marry Rachel as an insurance since he is an illegitimate son. Madame Han finally leaves and Tan and Eun Sang is relieved.

Screenshot (1655)

Eun Sang tells Tan to reconsider going to the camp but Tan says that if he goes, between Young Do and him, only one will come back. Eun Sang wants to leave but Tan warns her that she might bump into Madame Han. Eun Sang still wants to go, saying that she is good at avoiding people so Tan has to back-hug her to stop her from going. Eun Sang tries to resist but Tan pleads her to stay still for a moment.

Screenshot (1658)

Bo Na is texting Chan Young and preparing for the camp. Ye Sol is sick of their sweetness and Myung Soo sees that the matching camping shoes with Bo Na fits him. Bo Na sarcastically says that it fits perfectly for smacking him. Ye Sol and Bo na both do their own things while Myung Soo compliments himself for growing up well and not being scared.

Screenshot (1660)

Bo Na suggests wearing couple shoes for the camp and Chan Young offers to get it for her tomorrow but since Bo Na has it already, she wants skinship instead. Chan Young replies saying that he has been waiting for that which earns him the title “byeon tae” (pervert).

Screenshot (1661)

Going to the camp, everyone seems to be with someone except Rachel and Eun Sang. Myung Soo is going around taking photos when he comes to the Rachel and Bo Na pairing who both refuses to set up the tent. Chan Young offers to do it and Myung Soo decides to leave the sticky situation.

Screenshot (1664)

Eun Sang is putting up the tent alone because Ye Sol refuses to help. Young Do goes to help Eun Sang and Myung Soo takes a photo of them together. He then finally remembers where he has seen Eun Sang before-he saw her coming out of Tan’s house at dawn. Eun Sang denies and tells Myung Soo that he has mistaken her for someone else but Young Do isn’t convinced. Aww….I thought there would be some sweet Young Do/Eun Sang moments but Myung Soo ruined it:(

Screenshot (1670)

Tan is talking with Hyo Shin and reveals the real reason for not going to the camp-so that Eun Sang can miss him. Tan then notice that Hyo Shin is calling Eun Sang by her first name and is jealous. We then learn that Hyo Shin actually attempted suicide one year ago in America.  Tan is genuinely worried about Hyo Shin and asks him of his well-being. Hyo Shin is taking medicine every day and he promise that he won’t do it again because he doesn’t like the hospital food. He is also planning a big event because nothing is changed in his house.

Screenshot (1672)

The campers are split into two teams and they are playing paint-ball. From the very start, Bo Na shoots at Rachel and everyone on her team claps. Myung Soo counter-attacked a guy but as he turns away to walk, he slips and shoots himself. I swear I nearly died laughing in this scene especially with the dramatic Cantonese music.

Screenshot (1677)

Then we have Bo Na and Chan Young who are going against each other, both screaming at each other to shoot. In comes Ye Sol who is shoots Bo Na and Chan Young jumps in front of her to take the shot instead. Seriously, the whole slow-mo camera thing is cracking me up! But then in the end, Bo Na is still shot.

Screenshot (1678)

Eun Sang is just sitting on the forest floor when Young Do, who is in another team finds her. He wonders if he should shoot her or not and decides to ask her questions first. He wants to know her relationship with Tan because he knows that what Myung Soo said is true. When Young Do asks ifEun Sang is adopted, Eun Sang immediately shoots him.

Screenshot (1680)

Dinner Time! When Eun Sang is alone with Young Do at a table, he starts kicking the table like he did outside the convenience store. Eun Sang ignores him and gets up to leave. Young Do tells everyone that Eun Sang is going to wash the dishes tonight and he tells Eun Sang that he will be helping her. Chan Young walks Bo Na into the forest, saying that there is no one around. Myung Soo sees all of this and starts taking pictures like mad.

Screenshot (1682)

Eun Sang is washing the dishes while Young Do is just siiting beside her. Eun Sang complains that Young Do is not helping her but he argues that his strength alone is help. Chan Young comes in and see that Eun Sang is washing all the dishes so he offers to help. He then turns to Young Do when he learns that Young Do is the one giving Eun Sang the job.

Screenshot (1685)

Chan Young and Young Do are both asking each other question while they don’t answer each other. Bo Na comes in as well and Young Do is dumbfounded when he realized that Chan Young and Bo Na knows about Eun Sang’s social status as well. Myung Soo arrives and is aware of the tense atmosphere. Young DO is about to ask Myung Soo if he knows about Eun Sang when she tells him to talk to her.

Screenshot (1687)

Young Do is hurt that he has to do something bad to gain Eun Sang’s attention. When he asks her about her relationship with Tan again, she tells him to keep bullying her instead because she is not afraid of him anymore. She then walks away leaving Young Do alone.

Screenshot (1691)

Eun Sang calls Tan and sees Rachel calling someone as well. She immediately cuts the call but Rachel goes up to her and snatches her phone. Rachel slaps Eun Sang when she sees that she is calling Tan. Eun Sang attempts to call Tan again saying that since she gets slapped, she might as well do what she deserves. Rachel raises her hand to slap Eun Sang again but this time, Young Do stops her.

Screenshot (1692)

Young Do tells Rachel that Eun Sang can only be picked on by him and drags Eun Sang away. Eun Sang thinks that Young Do is picking on her again and tells him that that’s more like him. Young Do tells her not to jump into conclusions because she has only seen half of him. He sees Tan and tells Eun Sang that he is going to show her his other side today. He then pulls her into a hug while staring straight at Tan.

The End.


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