Am I the only one? ~ The Heirs Edition


Title: The Heirs Cast:

  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

Am I the only one who noticed that nearly every single one of The Heirs episodes that aired so far ends with a staring scenario? Here’s the ending staring scenario that I compiled.

Episode 1:


Eun Sang is alone outside her sister’s house when she is intimidated by a gang that pass by. She decides to go instead of staying in front of her sister’s house and that’s when she hears a car pulling up beside her. She turns around to see who it is and BAM! it’s Tan! The episode ends with them staring at each other.

Episode 2:


After being chased by gangsters, Eun Sang and Tan escape to the cinema. Eun Sang is surprised at Tan’s sudden confession (kinda) when Tan asks  “By any chance, do I like you?”. They stare at each other and the episode finishes.

Episode 3:

Screenshot (1702)Screenshot (1701)

Eun Sang is at the airport ready to leave when she sees that Tan and Rachel are embracing each other. She turns to leave and Tan sees her. Tan calls out to her and both Tan and Rachel are staring at her as the episode ends.

Episode 4:

Screenshot (1002)


Tan finally realizes that Eun Sang lives in his house after seeing countless of clues. He still wants to confirm and when Eun Sang texts him saying that she is drinking water, Tan dashes to the kitchen and stares at Eun Sang who is there drinking water.

Episode 5:

Screenshot (1116)


It is Tan and Eun Sang’s first day of school. Tan is welcomed by a crowd and the atmosphere is pretty normal until Young Do joins in. They stare daggers at each other. Eun Sang on the other hand has her head down to her phone trying to text Chan Young for direction to class. However, she doesn’t realize that she just walked into the middle of the staring battle and when she does, she stares at Tan and Young Do back and forth.

Episode 6:

Screenshot (1706)


Eun Sang is sleeping outside the convenience store when Young Do joins her. After a while he starts kicking the table to wake Eun Sang. Eun Sang pretends to be asleep and when Young Do is about to expose her lie, he gets a call from Tan asking if the ramyun he is eating is delicious. Young Do knows that Tan is near and he turns to see Tan across the road. They glare at each other and the episode ends.

Episode 7:

Screenshot (1711)


This episode, Tan finally confesses to Eun Sang properly outside her part-time job cafe. He tells her to start liking him because he started liking her. They stare at each other and the episode ends.

Episode 9:

Screenshot (1557)


Young Do visits Tan’s house without notice and Tan drags him out to give him a piece of his mind. Eun Sang has just arrived home and Young Do sees her. Eun Sang looks up and stares at Young Do. Tan turns around and stares at Eun Sang.

Episode 10:

Screenshot (1692)


Eun Sang is dragged aside by Young Do after getting slapped by Rachel. Eun Sang misunderstands Young Do thinking that he is going to pick on her again. Young Do tells Eun Sang to not jump into conclusion saying that she has only seen half of him. He sees Tan coming from behind and tells Eun Sang that he is going to show her his other side. The episode ends with Young Do pulling Eun Sang in for a hug while him and Tan stares at each other.

Episode 11:

Screenshot (1713)


After getting kicked out of Tan’s house, Eun Sang has met up with Young Do by coincidence. They are on one end of the road while Tan is at the other. The light turns green and both of them walk towards each other. Tan stops Eun Sang half way and tells her to stay by his side even though he can’t guarantee that there will be no trouble. Tan offers her his hand and Eun Sang stares at it. Both Tan and Young Do are staring at Eun Sang to see her decision.

Episode 12:

Screenshot (1717)Screenshot (1716)


Tan is in front of Eun Sang’s part-time job cafe after having a hard day revealing his biological mother’s identity to Rachel and Esther. Eun Sang too is having a hard day as she is emotional hurt and has made lots of mistake at work. They meet each other outside the cafe. They stare at each other and start to tear up.

What do you guys think? I guarantee that one of the next two episodes is going to have a staring ending. If you have something that you notice that we haven’t you are welcome to comment below^^ Thank you for reading the post and I hope you enjoy it:D


3 thoughts on “Am I the only one? ~ The Heirs Edition

  1. Yes! You are so right. An ending without extended staring wouldn’t be an ending for Heirs. Sorry it took me so long to read this! When you posted it I wasn’t quite caught up. I’m glad that excessive staring seems to be declining in the newest episodes (or at least I don’t notice it as much)!

    • Sorry for the late reply!><" I'm busy these days with school stuff~ Thank you so much for commenting:D I do agree with you that the ending has gotten a lot better but I seriously can't help but notice it. So…..I read that it is your third time blogging~ where is your first two? This is my first blog and I'm quite obsess with it:P My family checks their facebook every day while I check my blog^^ It is so nice to find a kpop and kdrama fan here!(in Ireland) that's why the internet is always my best pal:) If you don't mind me asking, I'm just wondering where you are from because I know that you've been to Taiwan to study and you've seen a lot of concerts/events from there. You are just so lucky! Sorry that this is so long and just one last thing~ I love your blog and keep it up! I'll definitely look forward to more of your posts! Okay~ maybe that's three but anyways thanks for commenting again^^

  2. My first two blogs never got too developed. I started one while I was in Taiwan and posted some of my pictures. You can check it out here, but for some reason many of the pictures aren’t even loading. The main thing I did with that account was my friend and I wrote some concert recaps for the website Soompi. We officially covered G-Dragon, Lee Jong Suk, and M!Countdown Nihao Taiwan. It was great fun! At some point I’ll add some of that information to my current blog. There is just so much I want to write about!

    I’m from the USA. I studied Chinese in college and studied abroad in Shanghai and then went to Taiwan last year to teach English. I really like traveling/living in Asia. I hope I can go back to Asia to work in the future. Fingers crossed!

    I’m so glad that you like my blog! I will do my best to post often! I have some good posts planned for this week/weekend 🙂 Thanks for reading and I’ll be sure to keep following your blog too. It’s always nice to read blogs with similar topics!


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