The Heirs Episode 9 Recap~


Title: The Heirs Cast:

  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

Episode 9:

Screenshot (1399)

We’re back at the reenactment of the kissing scene, starting from when Tan and Eun Sang are in the rooftop. Tan kisses Eun Sang for what seems like forever. At first Eun Sang is surprised but she eventually sinks in to Tan’s lips. She relaxes and the phone in her hand drops. WTF! Her hand is over the edge but somehow her phone gets dropped to the other side of the roof….hmm…..Tan eventually breaks away from the kiss and tells Eun Sang that the person who called will be dead. He warns her to never do it again or else he’ll be mad but Eun Sang just runs off. Eun Sang hasn’t answer his call so Young Do is recalling Eun Sang on his phone. Tan picks up the call and he warns Young Do to stay where he is at because Tan is going to give him a beating for what he did.

Screenshot (1402)

Eun Sang is just after coming down the stairs and she passes Young Do. Young Do grabs her wrist but she turns round and flings away his grip while giving him deadly stares. Young Do is just dumbfounded and doesn’t chase after her when she walks away. Myung Soo learns that the mess of Eun Sang’s uniform is caused by Young Do who tripped her. He is surprised since Young Do has never bothered girls before. Young Do says that he has tripped Eun Sang on purpose because he is curious about his interest in Eun Sang. He seems hurt by Eun Sang’s extreme reaction. Myung Soo advises him to confess rather than bother Eun Sang if he really likes her. I seriously wonder how he is going to make up for that now =~=”

Screenshot (1408)Screenshot (1419)

Eun Sang is cleaning her uniform in the bathroom when Bo Na comes in with a change of clothes for her. Eun Sang is grateful but Bo Na tells her that she is doing it because she knows that Chan Young will do the same. Aww this is actually really cute! I knew Bo Na is soft-hearted!~ there should seriously  be a word for sisterly romance. Tan finds Young Do downstairs and sends him a greeting kick as soon as he sees him. Young Do doesn’t hold back either and judo-flips him. I seriously can’t describe fights but you get the hang of it~ they’re just going at each other like mad.

Screenshot (1423)

Eun Sang and Bo Na hear about the fight from Rachel and not quite pleasantly as Rachel pulls at Eun Sang’s hair before actually telling her. They immediately rush to the scene but it’s too late, both Tan and Young Do are stopped by other students but they are injured. It doesn’t help when the Chairwoman arrives and orders Young Do and Tan to her office.

Screenshot (1425)

Chairwoman is furious and she gives out to both Tan and Young Do. She doesn’t care less about the fight or the injuries but she is just worried that it will affect her school’s reputation. She decides to take action and look at the CCTV and meet with the disciplinary committee.

Screenshot (1427)

Young Do mocks Tan about the mother thing again outside the door: ” As expected, since you’re not her real son, she worries about her work more than you” Tan makes a come-back telling him how good and reassuring it feels to at least have a mother like that. Young Do threatens to tell everyone about the fact that he is an illegitimate son but Tan isn’t worried at all since he knows that Young Do won’t: if he lets out the secret, he won’t have any “card” left. Tan dares him to do it and warns him that he will regret it: He’s ready to get messed up.

Screenshot (1429)

Myung Soo looks at an old photo of Tan and Young Do and signs that his feelings are messed up because they are fighting. Bo Na and Ye Sol comes in with their golf outfit on. They tell Myung Soo that Tan and Young Do didn’t go to the golf class because they are dragged into the Chairwoman’s office. All three friends don’t know how Tan and Young Do’s relationship has gotten so bad and wonder what happened between the two. Ye Sol thinks that Tan likes Eun Sang because of how he protected Eun Sang in the cafeteria. Bo Na defends Tan and argues that he did that because of what Young Do did. Bo Na starts arguing with Ye Sol and Myung Soo stops them, saying that he doesn’t want to see the fight twice a day. Bo Na complains that Chan Young is still not here.

Screenshot (1431)

Chan Young is in the library with Eun Sang. Eun Sang is gloomy as she concludes that Young Do knows her social status. Chan Young tells her to worry about tomorrow’s things tomorrow and not now. He is more worried that if the fact that Tan likes Eun Sang comes out, more people like Young Do will be out to get her as they want to see Empire Group’s second son fall and collapse.

Screenshot (1434)

Eun Sang arrives home to find Tan waiting for her at the gate. Tan hands her back her phone and tells her not to be careless next time. Eun Sang takes the phone and is about to go in when Tan blocks her way, showing her his bandaged hand: “Did you not see this?” Tan then tells her casually that he is scolded by Chairman and that there will be disciplinary action. Eun Sang ignores him and tries to walk away again.

Screenshot (1435)

This time Tan grabs for her wrist,telling her that she can’t go after he waited for so long. Eun Sang tells him to not talk to her or block her or wait for her in the future. She asks of this as a favour since she doesn’t want to argue with him there and consciously looks at the CCTV. Tan sees it and swears under his breath.Eun Sang reminds him that he is the one who told her about it. Tan snaps and complains that she didn’t pay attention to the things he told her not to do and the things he warn her to avoid.

Screenshot (1438)

A car comes and Won comes out. Eun Sang immediately breaks away from Tan’s grip and goes back into the house. Won walks up to Tan and gestures him to move aside but Tan doesn’t get it so Won has to say it to him. Tan asks him if he is staying home but Won asks him back “Then are you going to live in  a hotel?”Tan assures Won that he won’t take anything away from him. Won reminds him again that he doesn’t decide that and that he has to do whatever Empire Group wants him to do, this is why to Won, Tan’s existence is a misunderstanding, a dangerous opportunity and trouble. Won tells him to not tell anyone that he’s here because he is only here to take something before he heads inside.

Screenshot (1441)

Up in his room Tan texts Eun Sang to tell her not to go to the wine cellar today because she might bump into Won. But it’s too late. Eun Sang is just about to get out of the wine cellar when Won comes in and sees her with a wine bottle. Eun Sang is explaining to him that Madame Han orders for the wine. Won tells her that she can take any other wine except the one she is holding because that’s his. He then takes the wine out of her hand and get her the correct one. When asked if she attends Empire High and if she lives in the house, Eun Sang answers “yes” for both questions. Eun Sang is surprised when Won just abruptly tells her that it is nice to meet her and she tells him that she too before leaving the room.

Screenshot (1443)

Hyun Joo is waiting for Won in the hotel lobby but when he finally arrives, he goes off with Rachel for a coffee. Hyun Joo looks disappointed as they leave and it’s just really sad. Rachel learns that Won has ran away from home and laughs that he’s going through adolescent turbulence at his age. Won says something that is really intelligent and I love it!~”Those turbulent times come because of circumstances, not age.”

Screenshot (1445)


Rachel comments that Tan is definitely going through adolescence because of the fight with Young Do and she asks Won if he has seen Tan’s injuries. Rachel tells Won that Tan fought over some girl: a girl who he wants to date and Won remembers when Tan was with Eun Sang outside his house. When Won asks if the girl is prettier that her, Rachel accuses him of being like any other men but then Rachel asks about Tan’s injures and Won also accuses her of being like any other women.

Screenshot (1449)

Madame Han is nagging Tan up in his room. Tan lies to her saying that he has gotten his injuries because some kicked a ball at him but Madame Han is not falling for those lies and insists on getting the truth. But Tan pushes her out of the room saying that he is sleepy.

Screenshot (1450)Screenshot (1451)

Eun Sang is reminiscing the kiss in her room and Young Do is sitting out at a convenience store, thinking back to his first encounter with Eun Sang in the convenience store.Tan is outside his gate at dawn and this time with a driver ready. He tells the driver that he is dropping Eun Sang to school today and that she is coming out soon. Tan waited for ages but Eun Sang is no where to be seen so he goes to school first.

Screenshot (1458)

In school Tan,Cahn Young, Young Do and Rachel notice that Eun Sang is missing. Meanwhile, Eun Sang is sitting in the streets in her uniform. Tan is very impatient in class and he shoots out as soon as the bell rings.

Screenshot (1462)

At home, Hee Nam gets a call from the teacher who wants to confirm Eun Sang absence. She answers the call but is only able to tap when the teacher asks her questions. Hee Nam learns from the teacher’s one-sided conversation that Eun Sang is absent in school today.

Screenshot (1468)

Tan calls Eun Sang but she is not answering so he calls Chan Young. Chan Young doesn’t know where exactly Eun Sang is but tells Tan a place where Eun Sang goes whenever she is free. Tan runs off to the cinema and sees Eun Sang there. He sits a few rows behind her and follows her after the movie finishes. Eun Sang wanders off to the dream-catcher shop and she stops by to see the dream-catchers on display. She remembers when she gave Tan the dream-catcher in America when Tan suddenly surprises her from behind. Eun Sang discovers that Tan has been following her when he asks her if the movie she was watching is fun.

Screenshot (1472)Screenshot (1474)

Tan is angry that Eun Sang isn’t going to school and asks her if it is a place that she goes when she wants to go and not go when she doesn’t want to. Eun Sang completely ignores the question and asks if he not needs to go to the meeting with the disciplinary committee but Tan doesn’t care and tells her to worry about herself because she is going to dies in his hands today. He drags her away. Eun Sang blames herself for ruining Tan but Tan tells her that it isn’t and that even if she is, he won’t let go of her hand. He says that he is just going to be walking straight and asks Eun Sang if she will be at the end of the road, waiting for him. Eun Sang answers that she won’t be and lets go of Tan’s hand.

Screenshot (1476)

Eun Sang says that she would’ve be gone by then but Tan insists that it’s alright because he is going to find her. Eun Sang orders him to not to find her and Tan snaps: he likes her so what should he do? Eun Sang replies that she likes him too but she doesn’t care because her simple plans of graduating high school without trouble is messed up, it has no meaning to her. Eun Sang crosses over the line and goes into the topic of his complicated family. She tells him that he can’t protect her and tells him to protect himself instead. Tan has nothing to say and just walks away. Eun Sang starts crying when she is left alone on the street.

Screenshot (1481)

Young Do goes to Eun Sang’s house according to her arrival paper but the house is vacant. He then asks a neighbour  ahjumma where Eun Sang is and learns that she has moved. Young Do address himself as Eun Sang’s friend but ahjumma doubts it and asks him again for confirmation. Young Do then starts to think over what his relationship with Eun Sang is exactly.

Screenshot (1483)

Hyo Shin comes home and greets his mother. She tells him that starting today, he is to have a new tutor since Hyun Joo has quit. Aww….so no more Hyo Shin/Hyun Joo moments? Hyo Shin is studying with the new tutor up in his room and he is cold towards her. When the tutor is trying to explain maths to him, he takes a photo of the problem and sends it to Hyun Joo. He tells her that he is not aiming to be the top of the class but more than the national standard. He then teachers her back how she could’ve used a faster method. Ha! Hyo Shin sends a text to Hyun Joo asking how could she leave with biding farewell. Hyun Joo is in a cafe and she tells him that she has emailed him study materials and that he can ask her questions that he doesn’t understand by texting her from now on. Is it just me or poor people in this drama has a serious difficulty answering questions?

Screenshot (1485)

Secretary Yoon meets up with Hyun Joo to ask her about her decision regarding the job offer in Empire Group. Hyun Joo knows that the mass media will have something to write about if she accepts the offer but she can’t decline either, knowing Papa Kim’s personality.Won apparently doesn’t know any of this and Hyun Joo is going to tell him about it herself. Oh God I see the similarities in this case with the method of sending-Eun-Sang-to-Empire-High-so-a-hundred-people-can-tell-her-off plan that Papa Kim uses. I hope that it’s not.

Screenshot (1486)

At home Secretary Yoon is pondering over Hyun Joo’s words and wonders if he has made the right decision to send Chan Young to Empire High. At first he thought that Chan Young would see a better world and establish good connections but he’s worried now.

Screenshot (1492)Screenshot (1493)

Eun Sang is just finishing up work when two customers complains of a hair in their coffee. Eun Sang checks but she doesn’t see any and she soon realizes that the guys are only saying that to get her phone number. She gets all badass and tells them that she would call the police when one of the guys grabs her hand. Then Young Do comes along and kicks the guy who held Eun Sang’s hand saying that “the police is here.” Seriously I’m growing fond of Young Do and it is just my ill-fate that I have to fall for the guy who never gets the girl. The other guy recognizes Young Do as someone who bullied him in the past and quickly backs off while dragging his friend out.

Screenshot (1494)

Young Do cutely tells Eun Sang that if she is going to be taken advantage of, it should be him and not those guys. Eun Sang doesn’t appreciated his help and tells him to leave as it is closing time. Young Do says that she should thank him since he saved her but Eun Sang flares up saying that Young Do is the bad guy, the reason that she can’t go to school. She is frustrated because Young do keeps on bothering her.

Screenshot (1495)Screenshot (1497)


Young Do tells her that he is not bothering her and tells her about his findings of the investigation on her.1.She live in a ragged house. 2.She now lives in a rich district.3. This is why he saw her in the convenience store.4. No matter how he looks at it, she isn’t a New Money. Eun Sang finally spill out the truth~she is not a NewMoney. She asks what he wants to do and if he is going to kick her out of Empire High. He tells her no, that he started to like her. Eun Sang is dumbfounded. Then Young Do sadly says : “But you don’t like me, right?”

Screenshot (1505)

Tan is up in his room waiting for Eun Sang by the window. He decides to turn on the TV and it happens to show the CCTV screens of what’s outside the house which happens to be Eun Sang sitting at the stairs. He wants to go to her but then he sees Hee Nam going to Eun Sang in the screen so he sits down and watches them. Creepy! Hee Nam sits down beside Eun Sang and starts talking to her. Eun Sang is wondering why Hee Nam doesn’t ask her about her absence in school today.

Screenshot (1501)Screenshot (1502)

Hee Nam replies that she knows that Eun Sang didn’t go to school because it is hard for her and she know that it’ll be harder if she asks her about it so she didn’t. What a understanding mum! They then both look at each other lovingly and Hee Nam takes Eun Sang’s hand to comfort her. Eun Sang tells her not to worry because it was only hard for a little while today and that she will go to school tomorrow. Hee Nam then comments on how nice the sky is today and they both look up.

In school Rachel sees that Eun Sang is back in school and she isn’t happy. Eun Sang bumps into Tan but they both ignore each other.

Screenshot (1509)

Madame Han is eating her almonds when Hee Nam bursts into the room, asking her to answer her phone which is a call from the school. Madame Han answers the call and tells the teacher that she can’t go to the Parent’s meeting because of some circumstances but the teacher doesn’t care and warns her to go since Eun Sang just transfer before hanging up.

Screenshot (1512)

Madame Han wonders if she should go to settle things once and for all and asks for Hee Nam’s advice. Hee Nam writes that she can’t because she will be caught as a mistress but then realizes what she wrote but it’s too late because Madame Han has seen the word mistress. Hee Nam then changes her words to “reveal everything” instead. Madame Han actually plans on going as Eun Sang’s mother , not Tan’s so this way she won’t be caught.

Screenshot (1515)

Rachel goes up to Eun Sang at break time, she tells her that she thought she is leaving the school for good. Eun Sang says that she doesn’t have a reason to and Rachel offers to make a reason. She then starts bringing up the social status thing. Eun Sang calls her childish and Rachel calls Eun Sang annoying. She reminds Eun Sang that she is engaged to Tan, which means that it is a deal between the two cooperation that creates millions and even billions in profit. Rachel then asks Eun Sang who she is exactly. Eun Sang doesn’t reply and tells her that she will know it soon since Young Do knows. Ye Sol notes that from a distance.

Screenshot (1522)

Madame Han arrives in Empire High in a luxurious car and designers’ clothes. She walks into the meeting room all smug and proud. Other mothers are confused as to who she is and she introduces herself as Eun Sang’s mother. Teacher is clearly confused since Eun Sang’s mum is supposed to be poor. Madame Han is given a booklet on the school and she is fascinated by it. When the topic of this year’s camp sponsor arises, Madame Han volunteers to pay for all the fundings of this year’s camp. Teacher is in doubt and asks Madame Han three more times to confirm.

Screenshot (1526)

Just then the Chairwoman comes in and Madame Han quickly turns her head aside, trying to hide but to no avail. She again introduces herself as Eun Sang’s mother and starts talking about Tan-he’s good looking, nice, awesome. The Chairwoman is helping her by asking if she knows Tan personally. Madame Han smartly covers that by saying that Eun Sang is close to Tan and talks about him all the time but this comment earns a questioning look on Esther’s face. MAdame Han then goes on to say how she would love to have Tan as son-in-law if she has a daughter but Chairwoman bashes her again saying that she DOES have a daughter. Madame Han quickly excuses herself to the bathroom knowing that if she talk more i’d be worse.

Screenshot (1527)

Chairwoman goes into the bathroom after her and calls her crazy for her actions. She tells Madame Han that Tan is ruining the school’d reputation as he used his fists and asks if she knows whose household is the person Tan fighting with. Madame Han defends Tan saying that every child fights at least once growing up and she asks if the mother of the person Tan fight with is the b!tch who is foxy-looking(Esther).

Screenshot (1530)

Then  Chairwoman slaps her in the face with the answer “That foxy b!tch is your son’s in laws. Ha! I’m loving this fight! It’s super ironic:P Madame Han is astonished and calls herself crazy. Chairwoman just orders her to go home. Madame Han gets out of the bathroom and meets with the eyes of Myung Soo’s mum who is calling to find out more about Eun Sang’s family.

Screenshot (1535)

In class Ye Sol and another girl is bugging Eun Sang for her identity and her parents’ occupation. When Eun Sang doesn’t answer, Ye Sol pokes her and tells her off for talking back. Tan takes off his earphones and is about to do something when Young Do takes the lead first. He calls out Ye Sol’s full name and tells her not to touch Eun Sang. At this moment, Myung Soo comes in to the room to bring the news that Eun Sang’s “mum” is daebak. That from top to bottom, she is the price of a foreign car. Rachel, Young Do, Eun Sang and Tan are confused. Myung Soo also tells them that Eun Sang’s “mum” is financing all of the camping capital.

Screenshot (1540)

Esther is working in a shoot when she gets a call from Young Do’s Dad which she declines. Rachel storms in and complains that Esther doesn’t answer her calls, causing her to come all the way there. Esther continues with her work and tells her that Rachel’s call isn’t the only call she doesn’t accept. Rachel asks Esther about the parent’s meeting and Esther is impressed that Madame Han has a limited edition bag that even she can’t get hold of.

Screenshot (1544)

In Myung Soo’s hideout, Bo Na is shocked to hear about Eun Sang mum and asks for confirmation from Myung Soo. Bo Na is muttering to herself that it’s impossible while Ye Sol is worried because she got humiliated in front of Young Do. The topic of Young Do and Tan is brought up and Myung Soo suggests locking them two in the basement so they can make up. Bo Na bluntly tells him that it won’t work seeing how Young Do and Tan are now because  probably only one will make it out alive.

Screenshot (1545)

Tan and Young Do are doing their community service which is cleaning and Tan attempts to go first, telling Young Do to do his share. But Young Do drops his mop and blocks Tan’s ways, saying that he is sick of cleaning-he cleans hotel rooms everyday and he tells Tan to take care of the cleaning. Tan kicks the bucket of water at him and water splashed up to Young Do’s face. Tan walks away and Young Do brings out the real mother card-is he going home because he miss her. Tan then does the same and asks if Young Do’s mum attend the parent’s meeting but then he says “oops, I forget that your mother ran away.” Both of them are cruel to each other and I don’t understand why. Tan says that Young Do is the one who started this, both three years ago and now. I’m seriously wondering what happened between them.

Eun Sang is walking home and she texts her mum asking if she has gone to the parent’s meeting today.

Screenshot (1548)

At home Tan learns that it is Madame Han who has gone to school and he starts raising his voice asking what was she thinking. Madame Han immediately apologies and she explained that she just wants to know more about his school life. Tan feels guilty and tells Madame Han to drink less wine.  Madame Han says she will and that’s when a maid comes in, informing them of a guest who is a friend of Tan’s. The friend is obviously Young Do.

Screenshot (1551)


As he walks in and greets Tan, Madame Han tries to escape the scene but is stopped by Young Do who calls her ahjumma and asks her to bring him water. Madame Han reluctantly obeys and walks to the kitchen but in stopped by Tan’s firm grip on her hand. Tan also address her as “umma” and Madame Han is shocked, asking what he is doing. Young Do sarcastically acts really surprise and apologies saying that he doesn’t know since it is a different mum than what he is used to. Tan tells Madame Han to wait inside and walks outside, ordering Young Do on the way to follow him out before he kills him.

Screenshot (1552)

Outside, Tan tells Young Do that he is sorry for not seeing the potential of the jerk he can be. Young Do says that now that Tan knows, all that is left to do is for Tan to get on his knees. Tan is sorry to disappoint Young Do but things is not going to be what he plans out. But then Young Do sees Eun Sang who is walking towards the house from school and a spark of idea stroke him. He tells Tan that he actually plans it just right.

Screenshot (1557)

Eun Sang looks up and her eyes meet with Young Do’s. Then Tan turns and see her as well. Dun Dun Dun. Young Do comments that Eun Sang and Tan are close enough to go to his house and that he didn’t come for that but he’s hit the jackpot now.

The End.

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