Korean Movie Review: A Werewolf Boy


Title: A Werewolf Boy

My Rating: 8.5/10 Turtles

Main Cast:

  • Song Joong Ki as Chul Soo
  • Park Bo Young as Young Suni / Eun Joo
  • Lee Young Lan as Kim Suni
  • Jang Young Nam as Suni’s mother
  • Yoo Yeon Seok as Ji Tae
  • Kim Hyang Ki as Sun Ja
  • Yoo Sung-mok as Professor Kang Tae-shik
  • Seo Dong-soo army colonel
  • Woo Jeong-guk Mr. Jung
  • Gu Bon-imMrs. Jung
  • Nam Jung Hee as Dong Seok’s grandmother
  • Ahn Do Gyu as Dong Seok
  • Shin Bi as Dong Mi
  • Lee Jun- Hyeok as Policeman 
  • Oh Yeong Seok as Policeman
  • Lee Sung Ju as Suni’s Son
  • Jang Seo Yi as Suni’s daughter in law
  • Jo Jae Yun as Suni’s grandson 


Kim Suni returns to Korea from America when she gets a call that there is a buyer for the house that she used to live in when she was young. She meets up with her granddaughter who is studying in Korea and they go to her old house. Suni reminisces about the strange boy that once lived with her family when she was still living in the house. And as the title suggests, the strange boy is actually a werewolf.

My Thoughts:

At first I was reluctant to start this drama because of the tonnes of positive reviews I read. I had really high expectations and I didn’t want to ruin the movie for me so I waited until last week to watch it. There’s no doubt that this movie is one of the best Korean dramas I’ve ever seen. It combines all of the movie genre that I like: Romance, comedy, tragedy, violence, etc. The acting in the movie is absolutely amazing. I am not exaggerating at all and you will understand how good it is once you finish reading my review or once you watch the movie.

This movie is full of twists. It got me laughing at the start, smiling like an idiot in the middle and broken-hearted at the end. At the start, we know that Chul Soo is a werewolf so he doesn’t know how to behave like others that are around him. I was eating dinner when I was watching the movie and I swear I literally spit out my rice at the laptop because it was so funny. I think the cherry on top of the comedy is that that Suni actually tamed Chul Soo using a Dog Training Manual.

Then the middle is all sweet when the romance between Chul Soo and Suni is blooming. It seriously gets all the oohs and awwhs out of you. I would have lots of things to talk about but I want to keep it short so you guys will have to watch it.

Unlike dramas movies are shorter so I tend to prefer romance in dramas more than romance in movies because 1. Couples in dramas have gone through more than those in movies. 2. Drama is longer so I invest more feelings into the couples in dramas. So when I first saw this drama, I was very surprised and how strong the chemistry is between our main couple.

The climax of the story is definitely the bit where Suni chased Chul Soo away because she didn’t want him to be killed. I don’t think this is much of a spoiler because it’s kinda in the trailer. But that’s the thing, I saw a bit of the climax in the trailer but I didn’t expect it to have that much impact on me. It just didn’t seem that sad and depressing  but I guess I was more invested in the character as I already watch half of the movie. The climax is just so devastating that I started bawling in the middle of my dinner and it startled my mum so much that she decided to shut the movie down but I watched the ending the next day so it’s fine. Actually ,it’s not. The ending is worse because I cried more the next day.


The ending wasn’t what I expected so I guess that’s why it really traumatized me:P I felt so sorry for Chul Soo and so mad at Suni at the same time. I get that Chul Soo is a werewolf and Suni is human but I was really anticipating a happy ending for them both. I didn’t expect Chul Soo to be still waiting for Suni at the warehouse and that he can perfectly speak and read her a story. I was angry at Suni for running off after she wrote a note telling Chul Soo to wait for her while poor Chul Soo really did and for like forty something years.

The bad guy Ji Tae was portrayed really well. I was clapping so much when he died. I think he is somehow unrealistic though because who would actually be so desperate to kill Chul Soo just be cause of a girl. I mean the things he did in the movie was just too much. Well at least there’s only one villain in the movie or else I’d really have a mental breakdown. Just one Ji Tae is enough.

This movie is adult and teenager friendly and I would recommend this to people who are into supernatural movie and those who like romance. This is definitely romance-based. This would actually be perfect if only they don’t have many scenes at night. This is the reason why I give this a 8.5/10. It was super frustrating for me as the night scenes just ruin the whole thing for me. You can barely see anything and since you can’t see anything, the sudden screams really takes the heart out of me. Be prepared if you are an emotional person because you will definitely need tissues at least at the climax and the ending.

Watch the movie and tell me what you guys think of it! It is one of those touching movies and I’d be surprised if you didn’t cry. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you like my review^^


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