The Heirs Episode 8 Recap~


Title: The Heirs Cast:

  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

Episode 8:

Screenshot (1283)

Tan confesses to Eun Sang, telling her to start liking him and if possible, with sincerity too because he has fallen for her. They look intently at each other for a while before Tan breaks the silence, telling her that from then on he will be following her and invading her privacy. Eun Sang asks if he has nothing better to do and tells him that she will pretend no hearing any of it. Tan says that she can’t pretend not hearing him because she has heard it all.

Screenshot (1285)

Eun Sang turns to leave but Tan stops her, telling her to answer before she goes. He then gets a call from Papa Kim but he declines it. Eun Sang gets a call as well but it is from Madame Han. She is about to answer it but Tan stops her. She says that that is the difference between them- she has to answer the call but he can decline it. That is her answer. Tan answers the call and tells Madame Han that he is busy having a serious conversation with Eun Sang. He hangs up and tells Eun Sang that the difference can be reduced.

Screenshot (1286)

Tan tells Eun Sang to give him the answer but Eun Sang tries to avoid it saying that she doesn’t understand what he is saying. Tan is straight-forward and tells her to start liking him. Eun Sang doesn’t answer and orders him to give her back her phone- it is still under a contract and it’s expensive to her. It is the phone that is needed to text her mum and for making calls at her part-time job. She scream for her phone back with tears running down her cheeks. Tan asks if he is crazy if he wants to hug her. Eun Sang tells him that he’ll die but before she can finish the sentence, Tan embraces her. He tells her not to cry, not to say that she dislikes him and at least say that she will think about it. He asks her that as a favor. Screenshot (1290)

At home. Madame Han drags Tan to his room and interrogates him about Eun Sang’s call. Tan lies and tells her that it’s because he wants Eun Sang to cover up the fact that he hit a guy in school today. Woaw! He’s pretty good at lying and it makes sense! The first thing that Madame Han asks is who is the person that Tan hit and if he is wealthier than them. Tan wonders why Madame Han doesn’t care the reason he hit someone and Madame Han wonders if that is what she is suppose to ask first. Madame Han is about to ask more questions but Tan heads off to Papa Kim’s study. Screenshot (1291)

Madame Han calls Eun Sang and they meet up in the sitting room. Madame Han orders Eun Sang to tell her who Tan hit. Eun Sang refuses, telling Madame Han to ask Tan herself instead. Madame Han gives up but warns Eun Sang to never meet up with Tan outside of the house. Huh?! what about school? If she ever makes Tan meet her outside of school, Eun Sang and her mother would not be able to stay in the house. Screenshot (1293)

Tan is in the study with Papa Kim and he is asked by Papa Kim about the hitting incident. Tan replies that it’s too late for him to care about the things he does- he did worse before going to the US and Papa Kim never cared about it. Tan and Won used to always call Papa Kim but Papa Kim always told them that he is busy. Tan says something and I think this should be the quote for every rich person-” Thanks to you, we are receiving more inheritance than attention.” Papa Kim tells Tan to not cause trouble in school because the chairwoman of the school is his mother. Tan declares that his mother is the live-in person with Dad.

Screenshot (1295)

Tan walks outside the study and runs into Eun Sang who just comes out of Madame Han’s room. Tan asks Eun Sang what Madame Han said to her but Eun Sang keeps avoiding the question. She tells Tan to not talk to her at home because it’s getting tiring for her and walks away. Tan calls out for her but she doesn’t stop nor turns back so he follows her into the kitchen. He asks her what Madame Han said again and apologies to Eun Sang in her stead. Eun Sang just tells him to go because she is anxious of his mum seeing them together.

Screenshot (1296)

Tan jokes and asks her if she is sure that she is anxious of that and not the fact that she is alone with him. Eun Sang is not impressed and tells him to stop joking. Tan says he won’t because he wants to make Eun Sang feel better. Eun Sang tells Tan to go but he says that it is his house there’s no reason for him to go. So then Eun  Sang ends up going herself but Tan screams after her saying that whenever she goes, it’s still his house and that he is so glad that they are in the same house.

Screenshot (1299)

Tan returns to his room and jumps onto his bed. He feels something at his back and pulls it out to reveal a book called “As if we live together.” On the other hand, Eun Sang is lying in bed but she recollects all her encounters with Tan. She then changes her alarm from 5 to 4.30, checks her SNS and sees that Tan posted a picture of the book”As if we live together” using her account. Ha! so he didn’t log out her account after all! Screenshot (1301)

Eun Sang arrives at school at dawn and she is surprised to see Tan there. Tan is sitting on a bench and he pats the seat beside her ,gesturing her to sit there. Eun Sang says that she told him to find something better to do rather than invading her privacy. Tan says that he doesn’t remember it. He then sees the onigiri and the water that Eun Sang is having for breakfast and worries that it isn’t enough for her. Tan gets up to leave since he has seen her in school. Eun Sang wonders if he thinks that she isn’t going to school and Tan replies that he thinks all kinds of stuff at night. Tan ruffles her hair and tells her to listen to teachers and that he will be seeing her during breaks.

Screenshot (1306)

Secretary Yoon arrives in Won’s hotel room early which Won notes. He is there early because there has been an emergency and he hasn’t been able to reach Won last night. Won explains that he has left the hotel and he has forgotten his phone as well. The emergency that Secretary Yoon talks about is that the Chairman of Zeus Hotel wishes to have breakfast with Won and he has to give his answer in 10 minutes. Won tells Secretary Yoon to reject it with the excuse that he doesn’t eat anymore. Secretary Yoon tells him that it’s better to accept the offer because he might want to see him later anyways. Won catches on that there is something wrong with the Jeju Island project “JJ Convention”.

Screenshot (1307)

The scene cuts to Won having a meeting about “JJ Covention”. A man started telling the summaries of the project and its budget, etc. Won asks everyone if they have had breakfast. He hasn’t and he wants to have breakfast so he tells them to say only the main points. Secretary Yoon gets up and explains the problem. Won quickly tells them the solutions to the problems and the meeting ends. Won asks Secretary Yoon if he is going to Papa Kim’s health exam today. Secretary asks if he should not go. Won says that Secretary Yoon would even if he tells him not to and Won walks out, leaving Secretary Yoon to wonder what kind of relationship is between them exactly.

Screenshot (1308)

Madame Han is sick in bed (more like a nasty hangover) and Hee Nam gives her medicine. Madame Han keeps complaining about her headaches and Hee Nam writes on her note pad “that’s why you shouldn’t drink that f**king much last night” . She then realizes the swear she has written and tries to scribble it out, prompting Madame Han to see what she has written. Hee Nam fights with Madame Han, both determined to get the note pad. Hee Nam is a bit stronger and pushes Madame Han onto the bed. She then takes a pillow to defend herself.

Screenshot (1311)

Madame Han emerges into the fight again and holds on to the pillow that Hee Nam is holding for her dear life. When she gets pushed back again, this time it rips the pillow as she is holding still holding onto it. Feathers fly everywhere and it’s like they are shooting a commercial with slow-mo cameras and a bit of a dramatic music. They are both smiles since it looks pretty and Hee Nam catches a feathers as if it is snow but then Madame Han’s face stiffens. She says the the salesperson lied because she is told that it is goose feather but it is actually chicken feather and she can’t return the pillow now. Hee Nam writes something again and decides that it’s inappropriate so she runs out before Madame Han can get her. Screenshot (1313)

Eun Sang walks down the hallway of where the broadcasting club is to ask about the producer spot that she applied for and sees Tan leaning against the wall. Bo Na is reading a poem over the speaker. Tan knows about the audition and asks if Eun Sang wants him to lobby Hyo Shin because they are close. When Eun Sang asks him what he is lobbying with, Tan replies with his body while flipping his school jacket. Tan asks Eun Sang to give him an answer but Eun Sang avoids the question, telling him to log out of her SNS.

Screenshot (1314)

Bo Na finishes her reading and gets out of the broadcasting room. She turns away as soon as she sees Tan but Chan Young calls out to her from the other end. Chan Young gives her a can of drink, saying that he is her fan.  Bo Na jokes that he is not allowed to take photos or have autographs. Eun Sang walks to Chan Young and apologies to Bo Na. She winks and Chan Young and tells him to tell her about the exam materials. Screenshot (1315)

Bo Na asks Tan if he still likes her and Tan jokes that he still does. Bo Na tells Tan that she is very happy with Chan Young so don’t bother her. Tan says that Bo Na was very happy too when she was with him.-Bo Na really liked him. The conversation continues and basically Bo Na tells Tan to stop liking her and Tan pretends that he still can’t forget her.

Screenshot (1317)

Chan Young is sitting with Eun Sang outside and he wonders if there is something happening between Tan and Eun Sang. Eun Sang answers that there are many reasons to not see Tan including because he’s her master. Chan Young tells Eun Sang that his Dad is wondering if she is doing fine in school. Eun Sang remembers when she was young, her class used to think that Chan Young is rich because his Dad works in a big company. Chan Young then replies that when he moved schools he realized that his Dad works in a big company but his classmate’s parents own the big company. It is pretty sad:( Eun Sang tells Chan Young that she is going to confess that she is not new money when the time comes but Chan Young objects to the idea, telling her to never let anyone find out until she graduates. When Eun Sang asks if he is the Chan Young she knew, he explains that Jun Young is transferring today.

Screenshot (1319)

Eun Sang runs to see Jun Young going out of school from a distance. She mutters that she didn’t even get to say thank you. A group appears behind her and we learn that Bo Na’s sidekick’s name is Kang Ye Sol. They ask Eun Sang what she is looking at. She tells them nothing and they see Jun Young. They say that they’re glad he’s finally gone and wish that all welfare scholarship student can transfer.

Screenshot (1320)

Eun Sang gets her books from her locker for her next class when she gets a call from “Don’t Answer”, the name she saved on her phone as Young Do. She doesn’t answer and when she turns around, Young Do is up close to her face. She jumps back in shock. Young Do sees the name on her phone and he asks her “Don’t answer what? My heart?”. Eun Sang tells him to move and walks away herself. Young Do tells Eun Sang to change his name since he got her jjajangmyun. Young Do asks for her phone so he can see what she saves Tan as. Eun Sang gives up and renames Young Do as Choi Young Do on her phone. Young Do then tells Eun Sang that her name is on the bulletin board. Eun Sang runs off to see what it is. Screenshot (1322)

At the bulletin board, Eun Sang sees that she is accepted to be the PD of the broadcasting club. Bo Na comes along and mumbles that Hyo shin is old-fashion-it is not worth putting on the bulletin board. She takes the notice down and it reveals a note that Eun Sang wrote in America. Bo Na advises Eun Sang to stop pretending to be New Money but Eun Sang can’t hear any of it because she is busy staring at the note the she wrote in America. Screenshot (1324)

Eun Sang confronts Tan about the note and asks how he saw it. Flashback time! Earlier in episode 4 we see that Tan walked pass the bulletin board but actually went back after noticing a bit of the Korean writing. He then takes it down, making the connection with Eun Sang. Back in real life, Tan complains that she didn’t call him even though he begged her but she only left a message like that. Eun Sang asks why Tan wants her to call him back then and Tan mutters that it took her long enough to ask. Then Tan says the cutest things ever! “Where are you?Who are you with? When are you leaving? Do you have to go?Don’t go. Can you stay with me longer? and I miss you.” After he says all that, Eun Sang looks at him with watery eyes. I guess she is touched~

Screenshot (1327)

All of Tan and Eun Sang’s interaction is seen by Rachel because we are in a drama of course. Hyo Shin joins in and notes that Rachel is pissed. He comments that it’ll be fun to watch. Back to Tan and Eun Sang, Tan tells Eun Sang that although she is not all of the reason he came back to Korea, she is one of the reason. He then asks her for an answer again. Eun Sang avoids the question saying that she has to go to class but she goes the opposite way. Tan laughs at her and tells her the correct way to go. Kinda reminds me of the scene when they were in Tan’s school. Screenshot (1326)

Hyo Shin asks if Rachel wants him to beat Tan up but Rachel says that she should be the one to do it. She asks him if he’s not going to study because the college entrance exam is coming. Hyo Shin knows that he’s a bad student but Rachel sees the yogurt he’s eating and comments that he’s a healthy one at least. Hyo Shin is saying his joke again about the body being totally different when you’re 18. Rachel smiles at that and Hyo shin tells her that he won’t give her any yogurt even if she smiles. Rachel seems shocked to hear that she smiled and asks if she really smiled. Hyo Shin says that she did and prettily too and that Tan has seen it as well.

Screenshot (1328)

Tan pulls Rachel aside to confess to her that he likes Eun Sang . Rachel warns him that she is not the only obstacle that Tan has to overcome because even if she breaks the engagement, Papa Kim will still set him up with other heiress of other companies. Tan knows that there is a lot of obstacles ahead if he really dates Eun Sang but he’s not going to worry about it now but he will think as the problems approach. He begs Rachel to get around her (as an obstacle) at least- they were friends. Rachel tells him that he acts like eighteen (his age) but that is a mistake. She also bitterly comments that even though Tan might not think she’s hurt but she is and walks away.

Screenshot (1329)

Papa Kim does his health exam and Secretary Yoon comes in to tell him the report. He notes the Empire Group folder on the table that he saw in last episode coming out of Papa Kim’s hospital room in a man’s hand. Papa Kim asks Secretary Yoon about the meeting with Hyun Joo (Won and Hyo Shin’s love interest) and Yoon replies that he is still waiting for her to text him back. Papa Kim tells Secretary Yoon to meet Hyun Joo and wrap things up by the end of the month. He then mentions that Hee Nam was introduced to him by Yoon and asks how he knows her. Yoon replies that she is just a very nice next door neighbor and that he often went to the cart bar that she and her husband runs. He says that Hee Nam has hospital debts because before her husband died he stayed in the hospital for a while.

Papa Kim asks if Secretary Yoon knows that he has sent Eun Sang to Empire High. Secretary Yoon answers that he knows it from Chan Young and asks Papa Kim why he sent Eun Sang to school to which he replies that he needs to let Eun Sang know  what it would be like to get close to Tan- he doesn’t have to tell her since hundreds of people in the school will tell Eun Sang that she won’t work out with Tan. I guess Papa Kim is just beyond my level of evil thinking><

Screenshot (1332)

Secretary Yoon arrives at the school to see Esther there too. She wants to meet with the Chairman to talk about Young Do and Tan’s fight and Secretary Yoon sarcastically tells her that she is a good step-mother. Esther notes that Secretary Yoon is especially cold and he tells her that he finally understands why they broke up-the 100 people that constantly told them that they were not meant to be together. He thinks that people are cheap for not saying directly but instead used other people to which indicates that he isn’t happy with Papa Kim’s decision of sending Eun Sang to Empire High.

Esther isn’t interested and instead asks if he is interested in knowing how she got his phone number. Secretary Yoon gets a phone call and tells Esther to do their own business today. Esther doesn’t understand what phone call is so important and asks who rings him. Secretary Yoon replies that it’s a girl but Esther’s hardly going to believe it. So then he answers the phone and calls out to Hyun Joo who is the one calling him. Hyun Joo has called Secretary Yoon to set the time of their meeting which is after her tutoring section.

Screenshot (1337)

Hyun Joo is at the convenience store eating ramyun with Hyo Shin creeping on her just outside. Seeing that she is still eating her ramyun, Hyo Shin gives her some time by texting her that he will be 20 minutes late. Aww!!!

Screenshot (1340)

Hyun Joo arrives at Hyo Shin’s house exactly 20 minutes. Hyo Shin notices that Hyun Joo has been looking tired lately and jokes if she only eats ramyun for her dinner. Just when Hyun Joo is midway telling that he shouldn’t care what she eats, Hyo Shin inches in, his lips literally only 2 cm away from hers and for a second I thought he is going for kiss her! Got a mini heart-attack there! But no! He backs away saying that it’s ramyun alright because he can smell it. Hyun Joo tells him to stop messing but Hyo Shin seems to be really enjoying it and uses homework as a change of topic.

Screenshot (1343)

Young Do is at another  judo match with Mad Daddy and this time, he requests for the cancellation of the photo shoot if he wins. Young Do actually takes Mad Daddy’s advises from last time and doesn’t attack recklessly. At one point he even overthrows Mad Daddy but Mad Daddy immediately gets back up and overturns the situation, choking Young Do by the neck and if you can’t tell, this is cheating. Mad Daddy chokes Young Do until he’s red in the face and finally drops Young Do on the mat. Young Do tells him that’s cheating but Mad Daddy couldn’t care less and reminds him that on the mat with no referee, it means that there is no such a thing as rule.

Screenshot (1347)

Eun Sang is working part time in her when she gets a call from Young Do. She ignores the call and walks to clean the table. She sees Young Do there who states that she hasn’t answer his call. Eun Sang wonders how Young Do knows where she works.Young Do thinks that Eun Sang underestimated him and expresses his surprise of how Eun Sang becomes rich-by working multiple part time jobs. When Eun Sang asks Young Do what he wants, he tells her that he is there because he is lonely. Awww!!! Young Do informs Eun Sang that he has dropped the law suit and Eun Sang doesn’t hide her amazement. Just when I thought we are having some peaceful/non-fighting Young Do-Eun Sang moments, in comes Tan and Young Do’s face immediately stiffens.

Screenshot (1352)

Young Do is listing all the part time jobs that he knows Eun Sang is doing to Tan, indicating to him that he knows that Eun Sang is from the welfare group. Tan doesn’t budge and tells Young Do that he’s the one who washes dishes during holidays in his own hotel. The mood is tense and Tan is smart enough to shoo Eun Sang back to work before it gets any more serious. Left alone, Young Do wonders how Tan knows about the coffee shop before him. Tan replies that he is always a step ahead of him and Young Do warns him to be careful his back since he will always be behind him.

Tan: “Are you going to stab my back with Cha Eun Sang?”

Young Do: “Why? Are You two dating?”

Tan: “Do we look cute together?”

Young Do: “Don’t ask me something nasty like that.”

Tan: “We look cute together.” *Young Do and Tan’s face stiffens* “Don’t touch Cha Eun Sang”

Young Do tells Tan to watch out for his knees because in his mat, there are no rules. Oh God I knew Young Do got his bad traits from his Dad! I think the Dad is some kind of psychopath! They are having another stare down when the manager of the coffee shop tells them that their drinks are ready which gets them both to turn heads. Tan asks for Eun Sang and learns that she is already gone home.

Screenshot (1359)

Tan and Young Do walks outside but only to find Tan’s car. Young Do sees a notice for towing and turns to Tan who tells him that that’s what the law is for and that tuning is illegal. Tan is all satisfied and drives away in his car, leaving Young Do raging outside in the cold.

Screenshot (1362)

Won is waiting outside Hyun Joo’s house and flips when he sees Hyun Joo coming out of a man’s car. He walks up to confront her but only to find that the guy who has driven Hyun Joo home is Secretary Yoon. Won declares that he has nothing to explain while Hyun Joo tries to explain the situation but Secretary Yoon says that he doesn’t need to know anything and drives off.

Screenshot (1364)

Hyun Joo is still panicking over the fact that Secretary Yoon has seen them together at the dead of the night while Won only cares about why she is meeting Secretary Yoon. Hyun Joo tells him that Secretary Yoon is asking her about tutoring for his son and snaps at him  for coming to her so late at night. She is very anxious that Papa Kim might find out. Won announces that he has moved out and has no place to go when Hyun Joo orders him to go home.

Screenshot (1363)

Won asks if he can sleep over in Hyun Joo’s house but she just nags him for leaving the house and refuses. Even though Won tells her to stop nagging him because he feels like he’s been nagged at his whole life but she still does nevertheless. From a creepy dark corner, we can see that a man is taking photographs of them, presumably the private agent who works for Papa Kim.

Screenshot (1372)

Tan is drinking water in the kitchen while staring at the backdoor which leads to Eun Sang’s room. He makes a decision to go in and stops at her door. Just when he is about to knock on her door Eun Sang opens the door. Tan is trying to talk to her but Eun Sang pretends that Madame Han is behind him and calls out to her. Tan is alarmed but notes that Eun Sang’s laughing. But then the situation because serious when the Madame is actually coming, calling for Hee Nam and Eun Sang.

Screenshot (1373)

Tan drags Eun Sang into the dark storage room and pin the against a press. Madame Han heads back out when no one answers and she thinks that Eun Sang and Hee Nam are asleep. Even though Madame Han is gone, Tan doesn’t back away and instead he leans in for what seems like a kiss to me. Eun Sang doesn’t push him away and closes her eyes. Both looks like they are ready for the kiss but Tan stops just an inch away from her lips. He pulls away and Eun Sang steps on him before running out the door.

Screenshot (1374)

Tan follows Eun Sang to the wine cellar where she does her homework despite her protest. Eun Sang reveals that she does her homework there because she’d wake her mum with the lights on. Tan tells Eun Sang that she has a typo but she doesn’t appreciate it and reminds him to not talk to her at home. Tan then defends himself, saying that he is talking to himself and that Eun Sang doesn’t have to answer it. Haha~ good point:P Tan asks Eun Sang why she ran away at the coffee shop- because of Young Do? Eun Sang replies that it’s because of him. Tan cuts her telling her not to answer. Eun Sang tells him not to go to her workplace anymore.

Screenshot (1376)

Tan protests and asks about Eun Sang’s conversation with Young Do earlier in the coffee shop. Eun Sang replies that Young Do talked about weird stuff. And when Tan asks her what weird stuff it is, Eun Sang has flashback to when Young Do told her that he is there because he is lonely. Eun Sang finally answers when Tan snaps her out of her flashback. Eun Sang says that Young Do looked really lonely and Tan is obviously jealous telling her that doesn’t mean she should look at Young do in the eye and talk to him. Tan tells Eun Sang to explain how Young Do knows all the places in which she works at. Eun Sang also only heard it today. Tan freezes as the truth comes out. He knows that Young Do is not sticking around Eun Sang merely for revenge on him, Young Do is sincerely interested in Eun Sang. Dun Dun Duun!

Screenshot (1383)

Young Do is lazing around Myung Soo’s hideout while Myung Soo is listening to his own group (ZE:A)’s song ” aftermath “. Myung Soo wonders why Young Do is not getting ready for the photo shoot tomorrow. Young Do doesn’t answer and is thinking back to the times with Eun Sang.  Myung Soo finally walks up to Young Do and asks for what he is thinking. Young Do bluntly answers that he is thinking of Eun Sang and both him and Myung Soo wonders why. It’s hilarious when Young Do asks for a different song to be played- there are better songs out there. Myung Soo tells him that there is nothing wrong with the song and dances to it.

Screenshot (1388)

Just outside the location for the family photo shoot, Young Do is confronted by Rachel. Young Do compliments her make-up but Rachel doesn’t care less and calls herself a crazy bitch for believing in Young Do’s words.

In the photo shoot, everyone is all harmonious until an ex of Daddy Young Do’s comes. Esther is obviously not pleased and stormed off, demanding for a different date for the photo shoot as she is not in the mood today. Rachel runs after her but not before winking at Young Do ,which he returns with a 1000x sexier wink. Daddy Young Do is furious but Young Do is smug for his victory, reminding Daddy that cheating is part of the game.

Screenshot (1389)

In a corner, Rachel thanks Young Do for cancelling the photo shoot and tells him that she owes him one. Young Do says wants something off her so that’s why he did it. The thing he wants is Eun Sang’s arrival paper. Awww! Young Do just stop being mean to Eun Sang and you’ll be fine with your looks;D Rachel is suspicious and asks Young Do why he wants Eun Sang’s arrival paper, if they have something going on between them and why are they were in the hotel room together. Young Do tells her that it’s none of her business and tells her to bring it to him tomorrow before walking out.

He stops when Rachel announces that Tan confessed to her that he likes Eun Sang. Young Do turns back to her and Rachel requests him to take care of it again. Young Do warns her that he might want something that she can’t give him this time. Rachel tells him to just take care of it first and Young Do promises that he will take care of it.

Screenshot (1392)

Eun Sang is sitting out on a bench when Tan pops out of nowhere and startles her. When she asks where he came from, Tan replies “Out of a fairy tale.” I nearly choked on my dinner! Tan tells her that that’s why she shouldn’t be wearing the earphones – he’s been following her for a while.  Tan has been following because Eun Sang won’t talk to him at home. The next part I don’t really get but according to Dramabeans, Tan saying phrases as “press words to you” and Eun Sang snaps saying that “words aren’t the only thing you press”.

Embarrassed by her slip of tongue, Eun Sang orders Tan to stay there while she goes to the cafeteria first. Tan whines that Eun Sang still hasn’t gotten him any meal and Eun Sang promises to get him one when she gets the broadcasting grant and heads out for the cafeteria.

Screenshot (1394)

Eun Sang is picking her lunch when Young Do takes her plate and puts it on the seat where Joon Young last sat. His underling then ushers Eun Sang to the seat despite her protest. Eun Sang asks Young Do what he wants but he just tells her that he wants to eat with her. Eun Sang asks Young Do what does it mean to have her seat there. If he wants to use her against Tan, it won’t work because she has nothing to do with Tan. Young Do tells her that it means nothing to sit there and that he has nothing to do with Tan as well.

Screenshot (1396)

Thank God that’s when Tan comes to the rescue. He screams at Eun Sang to get up and she does. Young Do is mad and walks up to Tan to give him a piece of his mind. Tan ignores him and drags Eun Sang out of the room. Just as Eun Sang is passing Young Do, he trips her and Eun Sang falls to her knees, her uniform a mess. This triggers Tan’s inner fighting mode and he walks up to Young Do to grab his collar. Eun Sang persuades Tan to stop because she has just fallen but it doesn’t help when Young Do suggests that he has just made Eun Sang kneel at him instead of Tan. It is tough to stop Tan from beating the crap out of Young Do but somehow Eun Sang manages.

Rachel is in the cafeteria with Eun Sang’s arrival paper and she sees the whole thing. She comments that Young Do has gotten Eun Sang on her knees but her hand is now in Tan’s hand. Young Do tells her to believe him and that it’s worse when Tan loses what was once his.

Screenshot (1400)

Up in the rooftop Eun Sang is crying her heart out. And when Tan is trying to approach her, she backs away, telling him that she is dirty. Of course Tan doesn’t give a sh!t and goes to her to check her wounds. Eun Sang gets a call from Young Do and she panics. She decides to answer the phone even though Tan warns her not to. But then she doesn’t get to talk to Young Do as Tan grabs her in for a kiss. I’m not sure if Tan just doesn’t want Eun Sang to talk to Young Do or if he genuinely wants to kiss her. But I would definitely prefer if the kiss happened in the storage room when they were hiding from Madame Han. I feel like there’s more mood and chemistry back then.

The End.

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