The Heirs Episode 7 Recap~


Title: The Heirs


  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

Episode 7:

Screenshot (1204)

Young Do is kicking the table to try to wake Eun Sang. He gets a call from Tan who asks him if the ramyun he’s eating is delicious. Young Do turns his head and sees Tan across the road. Young Do kicks the table again, telling Eun Sang that Tan is here for her. Eun Sang wakes up and asks why Young Do and Tan is here. Tan denies being there for her and tells Young Do to not do bad things in another person’s neighborhood before walking away. Young Do tells Eun Sang to follow Tan. Eun Sang declares that she is not there to meet him. Young Do doesn’t think this is coincidence at all but Eun Sang points out that it is also a coincidence that she and Young Do met in the convenience store and she gets up to leave.

Screenshot (1207)

Eun Sang comes home and she screams in surprise when Tan jumps out of a bush. Tan asks her why she always sleep in convenience stores-is it not scary? Eun Sang replies that she doesn’t want to go home that early and she has no where else to go. Tan suggests going to a coffee shop but Eun Sang thinks it’s too expensive as you have to spend money to stay there. Tan then asks Eun Sang why she is meeting Young Do but Eun Sang says that it’s not her fault because he is just there when she woke up. Tan asks if Young Do has threatened her. Eun Sang says no and in fact, Young Do says that he wants to protect her. Tan tells her that that’s a threat and warns her again to not run into him. Eun Sang says in her defence that she can’t control that. Eun Sang now questions Tan and Young Do’s relationship. Tan tells her that he doesn’t remember when but now he and Young Do are in a hate relationship. Eun Sang goes in first and tells Tan to go in after 5 minutes.

Screenshot (1210)

Eun Sang walks into the kitchen and sees Madame Han pouring her own wine. Madame Han tells her to be home earlier next time because she had to get her own wine. Tan comes into the kitchen looking for water and Eun Sang turns to leave as soon as she sees him. However, she is stopped by Madame Han who orders her to get Tan’s water. Madame Han introduces Eun Sang as the daughter of the ajumma who can’t talk as she thinks that it is the first time they meet each other. Tan says that he has actually seen Eun Sang a lot of times in school. Madame Han asks Eun Sang if she has seen Tan a lot in school as well but Eun Sang says that she didn’t. Madame Han thinks it’s strange because Tan is someone that you would notice anywhere. Ha! Tan walks out and Eun Sang is about to too. She is stopped by Madame Han who tells her to report to her Tan’s activities in school.

Screenshot (1215)

Eun Sang goes back to her maid’s room to find Hee Nam dozing off to sleep while folding the laundry. She tells her to go to sleep and she notices the new uniform that is hanged up. She is surprised and asks Hee Nam where she got it. Hee Nam replies that of course she bought it.  Eun Sang notes how expensive it is but Hee Nam tells her that st times like that, Eun Sang can rely on her. She tells Eun Sang to try it on to see if it is pretty and Eun Sang replies that she looks pretty in everything. Eun Sang thanks Hee Nam and tells her that truthfully, she really likes it.

Screenshot (1216)

Esther (Rachel’s Mum) angers Rachel by telling her that they are going to have take a family photo to put on the wedding invitation. Rachel refuses and calls Esther crazy. Rachel tells Esther to enjoy doing the photos because she is not going to be there.

Rachel bursts into Young do’s changing room and tells him to stop the taking of the family photos no matter what. Young Do says that he can’t stop the engagement but he can stop the photoshoot under a condition- Rachel has to do anything he asks.

Screenshot (1219)

At dawn, Tan waits outside for Eun Sang as he never sees her when he leaves. He ushers her into a taxi and forces her to go to school with him. In the car, Tan tells Eun Sang the report that she has to give Madame Han which is of course full of compliments. Eun Sang refuses to lie and Tan asks her which part of it is a lie. HA! Tan points out that she only says “yes, madame” at home and Eun Sang says that because at home she can’t say anything but that. Tan wonders if that is why Eun Sang makes him listen to all her “no”s and “never mind”s.

Tan asks Eun Sang why she is going to school this early and what is she trying to avoid. Eun Sang replies that it’s vehicles and she tells the driver to stop her at the pedestrian walk as she doesn’t want anybody to see them going to school together. Tan stops her saying that no one is at school at that hour.  When Eun Sang still refuses, Tan pretends that there is something outside the window and when she turns to look, he leans his head on her shoulder. He tells her to let him sleep as he had to wake up early for Eun Sang. He also comments on how well the uniform suits Eun Sang.

Screenshot (1222)

Eun Sang is walking to the main school building with Tan tailing after her.  Near the main school building Tan notices Eun Sang’s tied-up hair and pulls it off while she is walking. Eun Sang turns around, her hair flying but it looks extremely good of course because she is in a drama. Tan tells Eun Sang that she needs to have her hair down for school. Then he walks up to her and further messes her hair saying that she needs the hair to cover most of her face so she can be pretty. Okay….Eun Sang tells him not to do it because somebody could see it and just when Tan is saying that no one is in school at that hour, Myung Soo appears and is spraying some kind of deodorant or perfume on himself.

Tan reckons that Myung Soo has come right after the night club because of the state of him. Myung Soo tells them to go in and walks on a marking of a dead body of a crime scene. Eun Sang is startled but learns that it’s fake.  Myung Soo notes how more familiar Eun Sang seems at dawn and Tan defends her saying that she doesn’t go to night club. When asked how Tan knows that Eun Sang doesn’t go to clubs , Tan replies that there must be quality control in clubs. (meaning that Eun Sang doesn’t meet the standard to go there, ouch!)

Screenshot (1224)

Madame Han’s friend has come to visit her house and she notes how Madame Han lives in such luxury. They both have a dialect which I can’t tell but it does sound different from your standard Seoul korean. Madame Han gives her friend a tour of the house. The friend gets a call for a parent-teacher meeting and she is annoyed but Madame Han is envied of her.

They now sit down for tea and the friend asks Madame Han the progress of “Second Madame’s project”. Madame Han tells her that it’s a fail as the only man near Second Madame is Secretary Yoon. The friend is startled when she notices Hee Nam who is cleaning the floor. Madame Han thinks it’s only because she is mute but the friend wonders if she is faking it. This prompts Madame Han to test Hee Nam.

Screenshot (1227)

She tiptops to the kitchen to scare Hee Nam so she’d scream but Hee Nam notices her coming from the oven reflection so it doesn’t work. Madame Han asks Hee Nam if she is really mute and since when she is mute and when Hee Nam has written it down, she doesn’t bother looking and turns to leave. But after a step of two she immediately turns back and scares Hee Nam but of course she doesn’t scream. When the screen cuts to the answer that Hee Nam wrote, we learn that she became mute at the age of 3 after suffering from a feverish disease.

Screenshot (1230)

Hyo Shin is reviewing Eun Sang’s application form and notes that her specialty is sign language. He fails her because she applied to get money for her school uniform and it seems like she has it now. He then tells her to say some final words. Eun Sang tells him  in sign language to pick her or else she’ll avenge herself on him. Haha! However, when asked what she said, Eun Sang only tells Hyo Shin the first bit of the sign saying that means please select me. Hyo Shin is smart enough to catch on that even though sign language is different, the translation is too short for all the signs she made.

Bo Na comes in and sees Eun Sang. She warns Hyo Shin to never pick Eun Sang because Eun Sang is her boyfriends best female friend. However, she immediately changes her mind and picks Eun Sang when a suitor of Hyo Shin comes to apply for the spot.

Screenshot (1231)

Eun Sang is walking around the school and she ties up her hair again. Tan takes off her bobble as he walks pass her. Eun Sang is pissed and then she notices that Young Do is staring at her at a distance.  Creepy!!!!

Bo Na is at the library with Chan Young and he asks her if Eun Sang is picked as the producer. Bo Na answers that she doesn’t know and that Hyo Shin is the one who picks it. Tan is brought up in their conversation and Bo Na learns that Rachel is the one who told Chan Young about her past relationship with Tan. Chan Young begs Bo Na to not tell the school that Eun Sang is on a welfare scholarship but Bo Na refuses and walks off.

Screenshot (1233)

Chan Young walks into Myung Soo’s hide-out and sees Tan. They asks about each others relationship – Chan Young has dated Bo Na for a year and a half and Tan is about to confess to Eun Sang. Tan asks Chan Young if he ever developed feelings for Eun Sang during the half of his life that they were friends. Chan Young says that when he was 9 Eun Sang was taller than him and it made his heart fluttered when she chased off the guys who were bullying him. Now it’s Chan Young’s turn to ask- why did Tan hold Bo Na’s hands. Tan replies that he was holding her hand only because it was cold.

Screenshot (1236)

Won comes back home and runs into Madame Han who is holding her wine. She hides it behind her back as soon as she sees him and she says that she thought he is gone for good. Won is at loss for words because she just blurts out her thoughts. Won walks away and Madame Han tells him that she is happy to see him back home which is obviously a lie.

Won tells Papa Kim that he’s going to move out and stay at somewhere else for a while. Papa Kim comments that he has been staying out all this time but Won says it’s different because he had a place to go back to but now he doesn’t. Papa Kim says that he thought he would deal with this in a more smart or sophisticated way. Won talks back and says that bringing Tan to the office is not smart or sophisticated at all. Papa Kim defends Tan saying that he is only 18. Won starts talking about what he has to endure when he was only 6- a stepmother and a half brother who was embraced in Papa Kim’s arms. I swear, what is wrong with Won? If he uses that excuse for his behavior one more time I will seriously beat the crap out of him.

Screenshot (1237)

Won is packing his stuff in his room when Tan comes in, asking if he’s moved back home. Won misinterpret it and asks him if that is the only thing he and his mother care about. He tells him to leave as Tan is interrupting him. Tan begs Won to stay even if he hates him but Won refuses saying that only real families does that. Ouch! Tan says that he doesn’t have to do that. Won tells Tan to stop following him around like a kid and grow up. He says that when he does, he will talk to him then.

Screenshot (1242)

Won is in the wine cellar packing wine and Tan comes in. Tan apologies for following him to the hotel and for going to the company. He admits his wrongdoings and tells his hyung to stay. Won keeps packing his wine and doesn’t react to him. Tan stops him by grabbing his arm. Won is furious but Tan keeps holding asking if he doesn’t even have the right to muster up his courage to do that. Won is still cold and says that Tan has the courage to return to Korea but not fight with him. Tan walks up to his hyung and hugs him telling him that he knows that he’s going to lose the fight because it’s not a fight that he wants to do in the first place. Won seems touched for a moment but tells Tan that he’s noisy when Tan pulls away from him.  Won takes him wine and leaves. Awww!!! the bromance there just kills me!

Screenshot (1244)

Eun Sang comes home and is startled when Tan calls out to her. Eun Sang greets him and walks away but Tan tells her to return his dream catcher-he is the type who prefers people to notice the good deeds he does and returns the favor. Tan tells Eun Sang to bring the dream catcher to the wine cellar. Tan turns on some music when Eun Sang comes down to the wine cellar. She plainly gives Tan back the dream catcher and thanks him. Tan asks Eun Sang to stay for one song and she agrees only because his choice of song is good. Tan asks Eun Sang if she really likes the song because he’s heard her play that before. Eun Sang replies that it’s because a person who she really likes enjoys the song. Tan freaks out and asks if she has dated before, along with a wave of questions about the “boyfriend”. Eun Sang says that it’s not a guy and tells him that it’s her unnie.

Screenshot (1247)

Tan asks if she still wants to go to America and Eun Sang answers that it’s doesn’t necessarily have to be America, she just wants to get out of Korea. Eun Sang says that she it’s the same in Korea- going to part-time jobs after part-time jobs. She thinks transferring school is impactful but she is more unfortunate because of that. Tan offers to help her whenever she needs him but Eun Sang only accepts the thought. Tan tells Eun Sang what he feels like to be Empire Group’s   second son when she asked- he can’t call his mother “mum” and he can’t call his brother “hyung” ; that kind of feeling. When Tan asks if he can ask Eun Sang more questions, she refuses saying that his questions are always dangerous and walks away.

In her room, Eun Sang is lying in bed, thing about Tan’s confessions- in the American cinema when he asks her if perhaps, he likes her and in the garden when Tan reveals himself as Empire Group’s second son asking her if perhaps, he misses her.

Screenshot (1252)

In school, Young Do’s minions blocks everyone from going into the classroom but Bo Na still bursts in to find Young Do and Eun Sang alone. Eun Sang gets up to leave but Young Do pulls her down to her seat. When asked what he is doing by Bo Na, Young Do replies that he is trying to find out more about Eun Sang. He takes Eun Sang’s bag and dumps out all of the contents and he does the same to Bo Na’s bag. He compares the contents and comments on how Eun Sang isn’t new money because she doesn’t know how to spend. He then asks Bo Na to confirm Eun Sang’s identity to which she refuses. Thank God Chan Young has come to the rescue and this interests Young Do. He wonders why there are so many knights looking after her and he says that it makes him want to compete with them.

Tan has heard about the incident from the other class and he is about to leave to help her but class has just started. He waits impatiently, looking at his watch several times during class and Rachel notes all of that.

Screenshot (1259)

In the hallway, a crowd has gathered and our main star is of course Young Do and the guy in glasses who I know now is called Jun Young. Young Do has filed a law suit against Jun Young so he is looking for mercy. However, Young Do messes with him and tells Juun Young that if he kneels before him , he might cancel the law suit and of course Junng does. Eun Sang sees all of this but she doesn’t do anything this time. Instead, Tan comes along and tells Jun Young to get up. Jun Young refuses and tells him to stop faking to be nice. Tan asks Jun Young if he has ever been bullied by him. Jun Young says that Young Do is better that Tan because at least he remembers bullying him.  Tan apologies and offers to make it up by punching Young Do. Every one gasps at that including Eun Sang and when a teacher comes, Tan is in trouble.

Screenshot (1260)

Both Young Do and Tan are in the Chairman’s office. Chairman offers to take Young Do to the hospital but he says he’s alright and promises to not file a law suit. Chairman tells Tan off and tells him that if he ever does that again, he better transfer schools. Tan apologies to Chairman and she threatens to tells Won about it if he ever causes trouble again. Outside the office, Young Do rubs in the fact that even Chairman tells him to transfer schools to Tan. They end up walking off the opposite direction after an intense conversation. Then we see a bit of what happened in the past.

Screenshot (1265)

We see the young Tan and Young Do and they are in the same hallway, walking past each other. Tan stops Young Do and asks if he is avoiding him because of what he saw the other day. Young Do grabs Tan’s collar asking “What about the other day? What did we see?”. Tan calmly tells Young Do that what they saw isn’t something to be embarrassed about but it’s something that’s painful. He then comforts his friend by telling his ultimate secret- he is a son of a mistress. Young Do doesn’t appreciate it and rubs it in his face that he will never be an illegitimate bastard like him. My guess is that Tan saw some kind of dark secret of Young Do’s and so he tries to comfort him with his dark secret but it backfires as Young Do betrays him by calling him an illegitimate bastard.

Screenshot (1267)

School’s over and Myung Soo, Bo Na and her sidekick are discussing about Tan/Young Do incident. Myung Soo and Bo Na’s sidekick is on Young Do’s side while only Bo Na is on Tan’s side. Rachel comes out as well and Bo Na leaves her group to talk to her. Bo Na is pissed that Rachel told Chan Young about her past relationship with Tan. Rachel doesn’t care and tells Bo Na to take care of Eun Sang and Chan Young’s relationship first. Bo Na tells Rachel that she has already discussed that with Chan Young so she tells Rachel to take care of Eun Sang and Tan. Rachel tells Bo Na that she is not the only one causing her to lose her mind right now and so she says that she will surely pay her back.

Rachel gets in her car and notices that Esther is the only driving. Esther sees Tan and honks at him. Tan walks over and greets them. Esther comments on how long Tan has been in Korea and yet they are meeting that why. Tan explains that his schedules have been hectic. Esther invites Tan to have lunch with her and Rachel. We Don’t have an answer for that.

Screenshot (1268)

We soon find out that Tan has rejected the invitation to dinner as Esther rants about it. Rachel tells Esther about the Tan/Young Do incident today and Esther asks why Tan hit Young Do. I just love Rachel’s answer- Young Do must’ve done something so that he deserves it. Rachel says that speaking of Young Do reminds her of his Dad who is Esther’s fiancee. She says that she knows one thing for sure- her fiancee is definitely better than Esther’s. Esther fumes at that and stops her car to tell Rachel to get out.

Screenshot (1270)Screenshot (1271)

Esther musters up her courage to get Secretary Yoon’s phone number. She calls him saying that she must be the one who is more desperate. Secretary Yoon coldly tells her to think about if getting his number is really worth the effort before hanging up . Turns out Secretary Yoon is in the hospital with Papa Kim and Papa Kim is just finished doing his blood pressure.Secretary Yoon thanks the doctors and leaves. He notes in the hallway that there is a man with the Empire Group envelop and wonders who he is.

Screenshot (1274)

In the library, Chan Young is helping Eun Sang with the material that she is supposed to study for an upcoming test. Eun Sang gets a call but she declines it, prompting Chan Young to ask her about it. Eun Sang doesn’t tell him saying that she has secrets as well. She then tells him to leave before Bo Na gets angry but Chan Young replies that Bo Na is cute whenever causing Eun Sang to cringe. After Chan Young leaves, she gets another call. It is from Young Do and he is asking her to eat jjajangmyun with him. She can’t refuse because he has sent  Joon Young telling him that he will drop the law suit if he can make Eun Sang go to him.

Screenshot (1279)

Eun Sang is with Young Do at his hotel’s suite room. She tells him to not joke with Jun Young if he isn’t really going to drop the law suit. Young Do however says that he is going to but Eun Sang and I highly doubt it.

Eun Sang: Why?

Young Do: Because you came.

Eun Sang: How does me coming here make things change?

Young Do: My feelings changed.

Eun Sang: Why do they change?

Young Do: You coming here made my feelings change into flowers……..something like that.

Eun Sang says that she doesn’t have time for jokes. Young Do says that it isn’t a joke and asks if everything he says seem like a joke to her. When she doesn’t answer, he asks her if she hates flowers or if she hates coming to him-he’s going to make her do the one she hates more. Eun Sang answers that she hates both of them.

Screenshot (1281)

A door bell rings and Young Do opens the door to reveal Rachel who has come to complain that the photo shoot isn’t cancel at all. When Young Do tells her to come back later because he has an important guest, Rachel bursts into the room and sees Eun Sang. She comments that Eun Sang is better than what she thinks before storming out. Eun Sang walks out after her and begs Young Do to drop the law suit.

Rachel calls Tan at the lobby and tells him about the meeting between Eun Sang and Young Do. Tan calls Eun Sang but she doesn’t answer his calls. Down stairs, Hee Nam gets a text that there will be a parent-teacher meeting. She text the teacher that she won’t be able to go and MAdame Han says that they have the same destiny- both of them can’t attend the parent-teacher meeting. Tan rushes out before Madame Han can ask him where he is going.

Screenshot (1283)

Tan arrives at the coffe shop where Eun Sang is doing her part-time job. He drags her out and asks her why she doesn’t answer his calls. Eun Sang replies that she is working so of course she can’t. Tan asks if Eun Sang went to Young Do’s hotel and he is angry when Eun Sang admits going to Young Do’s hotel. He calls her crazy but Eun Sang defends herself saying that in the US she followed him, a potential drug dealer to his house. Eun Sang explains that she only went because Young Do said that he’d drop the law suit if she goes. She can’t leave Jun Young who kept her secret identity. Tan doesn’t understand how they are friends when they’ve only seen each other a few times.

Eun Sang blames Tan for Young Do’s pursuit of her. Tan screams that that’s the reason why he’s like that- because he doesn’t want her to get hurt because of him. Tan begs Eun Sang to stop making him worry and to stay put. Eun Sang tells Tan to leave her alone because she just want to graduate school without any troubles. Tan tells her the solution to a peaceful school life- to move out. Or if she can’t and she still wants to attend school, she needs to start liking him and if possible, be sincere about it. So this is basically a confession if you want to break it down.

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