The Heirs Episode 6 Recap~


Title: The Heirs


  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

Episode 5:

Screenshot (1116)

Eun Sang walks into the cold war between Tan and Young Do and she is clueless. She just looks back and forth at the boys and it is Chan Young who actually drags her out that she can get out of that sticky situation.

Rachel tries to end this by telling Young Do that he’s finished his greetings but she is grabbed by Young Do when she wants to leave with Tan. Young Do says that his greetings can’t be finished easily by a hug or some tears. Tan tells him that if Young Do want tears, he can find him and pulls Rachel back to his side. Young Do thinks that it is already interesting and looks forward to everyday in school from now. Tan tells him to transfer if he is worried because Tan can’t transfer since his “omoni”(mother) is the chairman of the school. Young Do goes far by asking him is that how he differentiate between “omoni”(mother) and “umma”(mum). Young Do thinks he has gone too far himself and leaves.

Screenshot (1117)

Rachel talks to Tan about his return. She isn’t happy that she knows his return through Myung Soo. She asks Tan if he is involved with Eun Sang’s transfer. Tan says he doesn’t have anything to do with it and that he can’t since he has no say in the family whatsoever. Rachel wants to talk more but Tan thinks they’ve talked enough and goes away.

Screenshot (1120)

Chan Young and Eun Sang sits outside the school. Eun Sang doesn’t understand why Chan Young doesn’t tell her earlier that Tan is the second son of the Empire Group. Chan Young answers that even if he tells her, she still can’t move out so it’s not that important. The more important thing now is to learn about the social class system-it is split into four categories: Business-heir Group, Stock-heir Group, Honorable-heir Group and the Social Welfare Group.

Business-Heir Group: They are the ones that will inherit the company.

e.g. Kim Won, Rachel and Young Do.

Stock-Heir Group: This group are the ones who will inherit stock, even though they won’t own the company, they can make decisions in the company.

e.g.Kim Tan and Bo Na

Honorable-Heir Group: Their parents are high rank lawyers/prosecutors. They will inherit the honorable title of their parents.

e.g. Myung Soo and Hyo Shin

Social Welfare Group: They are the ones who depend on a scholarship to get in the school. They are the lowest class.

e.g. Chan Young and Eun Sang.

Eun Sang now worries about how she will do but Chan Young comforts her saying that she at least has one friend coming in while the others, including him were alone.

Screenshot (1121)

Eun Sang is filling in forms at the office where her class teacher tells her how the lessons work. In one blank of the form is the occupation of her mum. She fills in “housewife” instead of “housekeeper”. The teacher knows about her identity but Eun Sang defends herself saying that her mum is also a housewife. Hmm…I wonder if she is ashamed? The guy in glasses who was bullied by Young Do and his gang in the first episode overhears her social class.

Screenshot (1122)

Eun Sang introduces herself in the first class.  Lucky her! she is in the same class as both Tan and Young Do!! A student asks for her class and the class falls to silence as they eagerly wait for her answer. She doesn’t quite want to reveal that she is of the lower class but she doesn’t want to lie either so there is a long silence in the room. Eventually Tan comes to the rescue by telling the teacher that he wants to introduce himself too even though the students already know him. Tan tells Eun Sang to go back to her seat and he introduces himself.

Screenshot (1125)

Hee Nam is cleaning while wearing a maid outfit as she wants a change of mood around the house but Madame Han is startled upon seeing it. She wants to know where her one-of-a-kind blouse is as she needs to head off somewhere.

It turns out she’s gone to the Second Madame’s school and she is there to see Tan’s progress. Second Madame think she has gone too far and threatens to hit her again. Madame Han is smart enough to bring a doctor’s note which apparently states that she needs two-weeks recovery. Second Madame snatches away the note and reads it. She lets out a laugh at her diagnosis and mocks her. Madame Han threatens to hit her as well but it seems like she loses this time as the Second Madame throws back the doctor’s paper at her and walks away.

Screenshot (1129)

Tan bursts into the radio recording room and greets Hyo Shin. Okay~ now I’m kinda confused, so many people hate Tan at first but now more characters seem to be on friendly terms with him. So what the heck happened? Hyo Shin invites Tan to be the producer but Tan thinks he’s too good-looking to be behind the scenes. At that moment, Bo Na bursts in the door and turns for the door when she sees Tan. Tan asks if she is doing well and where Chan Young is. Bo Na runs out the door saying that Chan Young did nothing wrong. Ha!

At the locker, Bo Na tells her sidekick that she is worried that Tan still has feelings for her and wants to beat up Chan Young. Haha! I knew it! Bo Na then talks in English, saying that he hates Tan so much but he is so hot. Hahaha! this is cracking me up! Myung Soo walks in and asks their opinions on the new transfer student, aka. Eun Sang. He thinks that she looks familiar.  Eun Sang walks in and Myung Soo asks her for her “side”. She doesn’t answer and just stares at Bo Na who tells her to reply it herself. Rachel is surprised that Bo Na knows Eun Sang too.

Screenshot (1132)

Another moment of silence and  this time, it is broken by Tan too who answered for Eun Sang saying that she is “New Money”. Myung Soo agrees that Eun Sang looks like she is “New Money” but Bo Na knows the lie and “huul” at it. Tan tries to further help the situation by telling “New Money” to follow him. He walks off first but Eun Sang doesn’t follow him and in fact, she goes the opposite way.

Screenshot (1135)

Eun Sang walks around the school yard and when she passes by Young Do, he takes out his foot and trips her. He grabs her as she falls and asks if she is alright. Eun Sang says that it is Young Do who causes her to fall. When Young Do asks if Eun Sang is afraid of him, Eun Sang replies that she doesn’t and why would she. Young Do tells her that because he will be tripping her a lot in the future. He then asks her questions and warns her to answer properly this time.

But of course she doesn’t- she is asks about her relationship with Kim Tan and she tells him to ask Tan himself if he is curious. Young Do announces that from then on, she is his- meaning that she will be his shuttle (someone who is bullied and goes back and forth doing errands. He then tells her to answer properly this time-What is her relationship with Tan? This time Tan comes to the rescue and tells Young Do to ask him if he wants to know something. He tells Eun Sang to go first and to stop avoiding him because there is something he needs to talk about.

Screenshot (1137)

Young Do doesn’t know understand why Tan keeps on interfering when he is trying to “make friends” with Eun Sang. Tan says that Young Do is more suited to have no friends since he likes to get rid of his friends quickly, indicating that Young Do betrayed him. (I bet it’s something like helping Won to send Tan away.)

Outside, Tan can finally talk with Eun Sang. He tells her to stop avoiding him but she tells him that she can’t even when she wants to since even when she goes home, he is there. Eun Sang doesn’t like the way Tan has seen her in her lowest point in life. Tan doesn’t care and tells Eun Sang to stay away from Young Do since he is dangerous. He also tells her to stick around him so the secret of her social class doesn’t come out. This provokes Eun Sang and she snaps. Tan is the one who told others her “class” and now she has to lie. She also thinks that the one she should stay away from is Tan since the reason people who approached her e.g. Young Do is because of Tan. Eun Sang leaves and Tan calls someone to meet after school.

Screenshot (1140)

The person Tan is meeting is Chan Young and they are at Myung Soo’s hideout. Chan Young is fixing Myung Soo’s computer and Tan is surprised that he is good at fixing them. Tan requests Chan Young to not tell anyone about Eun Sang’s true social class and her relationship with him.  Chan Young stiffens and asks if Tan is threatening him. Tan thinks that Chan Young and Eun Sang know too much about each other and it can be dangerous as Tan learns from experience that sometimes friends are potential enemies. Bo Na comes in and immediately pretends to be on the phone and leaves when she sees Tan. Tan thinks that she still has feelings for him .

Screenshot (1141)

In the maid’s room, Eun Sang comes in from school and Hee Nam asks her about her first day in her new school. Instead of answering, Eun Sang suggests to get a loan and move house. Hee Nam tells her to just attend school but Eun Sang doesn’t want to hide in the maid’s room as if they are criminals. Eun Sang offers to take up more jobs but Hee Nam tells her not to even think about it-She can never last more than three months because of her disability. Eun Sang : “Is that my fault that you can’t hear?” Hee Nam: “then is it my fault?” Eun Sang starts crying, asking why they have to live like that.

Screenshot (1146)Screenshot (1144)

Tan is in the wine cellar when he hears Eun Sang coming. He hides behind the wine rack and hears that Eun Sang has been crying. Eun Sang makes herself comfortable and turns on music on her super-mini laptop before leaning against the wine rack to enjoy the music. Both of the sit back-to-back again with the wine rack in between them. Eventually Eun Sang gets a text from Tan who asks her if he can meet her. When Eun Sang replies asking where he is, Tan appears from behind and startles her.

Eun Sang asks if he has hide in the wine cellar before and Tan answers that he has ,of course. Tan then takes her hand and leans in as if he’s going to kiss her hand but then says that it’s not smoking, asking her if she did anything that she isn’t supposed to do there. Tan tells her to eat lunch with him tomorrow even if she doesn’t want to or else to transfer school. Aww…..I know you are trying to protect her!

Screenshot (1151)

In the cafeteria, Eun Sang sits alone but the guy with glass (who was bullied in episode 1) tells her to move since it is his seat. When Eun Sang tries to protest, he declares that he knows about her social class and even her mother’s job because he has heard it in the staff room. He warns he to never reveal her true social class unless she wants to volunteer to get hit and tells her to hurry and go.

Young Do and his gang arrive and the glasses guy hurries to push Eun Sang away. Two guys put their hands around him and push him to sit down. Eun Sang just stay staring so the two guys ask if Eun Sang wants to join them. Young Do agrees. Eun Sang turns around and is about to go but hears the two guys bullying glasses guy. They are both throwing food at his face. When Eun Sang finally has enough and tries to stop them, Tan drags her out of the way.

Screenshot (1154)

They sit at another table and Eun Sang tries to go back to help the guy but Tan warns her to sit down unless she wants to be the one bullied. Eun Sang now understands why Tan wants her to sit with him. What she doesn’t understand is why he knows since he’s a transfer student as well but Tan answers that because in middle school, he was the one sitting there bullying someone else with Young Do. Young Do comes and sits beside Eun Sang. Tan tells him to leave since both of them need to eat their meal peacefully but Young Do argues that the reason he has an appetite now is because he is sitting next to Eun Sang.

Screenshot (1156)

Eun Sang gets up to leave but Young Do grabs her and pulls her down to her seat. Tan then offers another solution- let Eun Sang go and both of them eat together. But Young Do insists on eating with Eun Sang since people are looking and they might misunderstand that they are fighting. Tan then throws a spoon at the table and leans back on his chair with his arms crossed.  Young Do smirks and tells Eun Sang to eat a lot. Eun Sang agrees and tells him to eat a lot too with an attitude. Young Do then tells Tan that he can’t helping being interested in Eun Sang because of her personality.

Screenshot (1159)

Myung Soo is telling Tan about his workshop in the music room. He tells him that there are still photos of him with Bo Na and Young Do. Speaking of the devil, Young Do arrives with his gang to the music room. He shoos everybody outside including Myung Soo so he can talk alone with Tan. Young Do tells him to transfer before the words “son of a mistress” comes out of his mouth. Hmm……didn’t he just do it? Tan is really pissed and gets of his seat, approaching Young Do. He says that it seems like that he really can’t be friendly with him and they have a stare showdown with each other.

Screenshot (1163)

Young Do is at the bike store again and he sees Eun Sang who has come to the store to deliver chicken. Eun Sang leaves without noticing him and he has an idea. Eun Sang goes to the store again for the second delivery but no one is there to receive the order. Eun Sang calls the customer to confirm and that’s how Young Do gets her phone number. Young Do walks in and Eun Sang is annoyed. He pays her and comments that he could have gotten her phone number for free if he gets it off Rachel.He then tells her to save his number but Eun Sang refuses and leaves. Young Do threatens to tell the school about her identity if she doesn’t save his number. This gets Eun Sang to stop  for a moment but she walks on.

Screenshot (1165)

Tan is back home from school and he greets his Dad who is wandering around the garden. Dad says that one of his sons comes back but now the other one is gone so he tells Tan to go to bring Won home with him tomorrow.

Screenshot (1169)

Won is lying in bed, sick. Hyun Joo has come and she has made him porridge to eat. She urges him to go home since he’s sick but he replies that he will be more sick if he is in his house and besides, Hyun Joo has come for him so he’s more than happy to be there. Hyun Joo says that it feels like he’s lying about being sick and Won hilariously replies that she could have make something more delicious than porridge if she knows that he is pretending to be sick.

Hyun Joo has cooled the porridge and she hands it to Won to eat it. Just then, Won gets a call from someone that tells him that Papa Kim has called for a meeting in the company. Won tells Hyun Joo to go home and he immediately gets dressed. Hyun Joo seems a bit upset but she leaves.

Screenshot (1171)

A car arrives at the Jeguk Group building and Tan, Papa Kim and Secretary Yoon comes out of it. Tan finally understands his Dad’s plan so he requests to go home but of course he can’t win Papa Kim. They are in a meeting room and it takes a while before all of the board of directors has arrived except Won. Won is stuck in traffic and he is cranky. They proceed with the meeting and Won finally arrives near the end. Papa Kim introduces Tan to everyone as his second son and the look on Won’s face is more than the devil itself. The meeting ended and everyone leaves except Tan and Won. Tan is trying to explain the situation to his hyung but of course he doesn’t listen and gives out to him for not thinking. Tan doesn’t know what to do because to Won, Tan’s existence is a nuisance. Tan walks out of the meeting room.

Screenshot (1173)

Madame Han asks Tan about the meeting at dinner- Did he participate in the meeting? Where did he sit? She notices that Tan is putting a lot of water to his rice so she asks him why. Tan replies that he doesn’t want to hear her questions so he wants to finish eating quickly and leave. Madame Han is frustrated but it’s alright because she decides to ask him questions faster instead- What did he do? Did he give his opinions? Did Won come? Where did he sit? Tan snaps at the mention of his brother and storms out.

Screenshot (1174)Screenshot (1179)

Eun Sang is hanging the laundry with her mum but she is left to do it alone when her mum needs to check on something she is cooking. She finishes alone and falls asleep on a chair. Tan is just coming out to the garden and he sees Eun Sang who is fast asleep. Then the scene cuts to Tan sitting on a chair only inches from her and he quietly watches her.  He then notices that the band aid on her hand is peeling off so he gets up to fix it for her. Eun Sang, without opening her eyes, tells him to let him sleep for five more minutes thinking that he is Hee Nam. Eun Sang finally wakes up and she sees a dream catcher hanging on the laundry rack. She looks towards Tan’s window. Tan is lying in bed with his eyes wide open.

Screenshot (1181)

Rachel’s mum is reminiscing her kiss with Secretary Yoon and gets a call. Thinking that it’s Secretary Yoon, she answers but then she sees him right in front of her so she hang up. She asks him why didn’t he call her after the incident but gets asked back. She says that she doesn’t have his phone number but Yoon argues that being the Chairman of RS International, it isn’t hard to get his phone number. She says that it will stir up rumors if she takes so much effort to get a mere secretary’s phone number. Yoon says that the more desperate one makes more excuses and walks off.

Screenshot (1186)

In school, Eun Sang wants to ask the teacher about scholarships but the teacher discourages her saying that the kids here gets tutors and rich. Not only that, she also tells her that she needs to pay fees for school activities that are compulsory as well as telling her to get the school uniform. She walks around the school, discouraged. Then she stumbles upon Hyo Shin’s ad for hiring a producer which offers a scholarship. She immediately writes down his phone number.

Screenshot (1188)

Eun Sang meets up with Hyo Shin and tells him that even though she knows the students here get tutors she wants to know if the scholarship is prepaid or deferred because she needs money for her school uniform. Hyo Shin accuses her of only wanting the scholarship and that she doesn’t truly like broadcasting. He also wonders why she wants the scholarship when she is a “New Money”. Eun Sang explains that she spent her money too carelessly and is left with none. She says that she doesn’t have any flaws apart from that- she is hardworking and sincere. Hyo Shin asks her how is he suppose to know if she is hardworking and Eun Sang replies that because she sincerely found out what kind of person Hyo Shin is-a very nice person who is kind and gentle. She asks him to give her a chance to take the test.

Screenshot (1189)

Eun Sang walks down the school hallway with a sheet on her hand, presumably meaning that she has a chance. She sees a large crowd gather and pushes in to look. The glasses guy is pushed against the locker by Young Do and he does this many times. The glasses guy snaps and uses his school to hit Young Do across the face which leaves a scratch on his cheek.  He tells Young Do that he is not afraid anymore since he’s transferring schools. He hit Young Do again but this time, Young Do grabs his arm and flips him to the floor. Young Do then steps on his shoulder and while looking at Eun Sang who gasps in horror, says that he’s anticipating the things that are going to happen to her. Eun Sang is petrified.

Screenshot (1193)

When everyone has left, Eun Sang goes to help the glasses guy who is lying on the ground. She hands him her water but Tan throws it away and drags her against a lock. He tells her to stop meddling with other’s business. Eun Sang doesn’t understand because she is just helping him up. Tan tells her that if the weak stays with the weak, they will just be weak. The cruel reality of the school finally soaks in Eun Sang. Rachel is seeing the interaction between the two.

Screenshot (1196)

Rachel finds Eun Sang’s arrival form at home and calls her. She tells her to bring her her name tag but Eun Sang tells her to go to her herself. Eun Sang gives in when Rachel threatens to tell the school about her identity. Eun Sang meets up with Rachel and both are asking for their own things that are taken. Eun Sang hands her the name tags first but Rachel doesn’t give Eun Sang her arrival paper and lies that she has thrown it in the airport’s bin. Rachel warns her to make sure that she will never get Rachel or Tan mention with her as a set. She then literally throws cash at her saying that it’s commission. Eun Sang grits her teeth.

Screenshot (1199)

Young Do is at the convenience store and he sees Eun Sang sleeping out at the table again. He moves to sit across from her and deliberately makes loud noises to wake her. (Does this remind you of Tan?) When she doesn’t wake up, he starts kicking the table. Eun Sang still doesn’t wake up and Young Do tells her that he knows she’s pretending to be asleep. He asks her why she always sleep at place like that because that makes him want to protect her. He then gets a phone call from Tan who asks him if the ramyun is delicious. Young Do looks around and sees Tan across the street. They have another massive stare down.

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