The Heirs Episode 5 Recap~


Title: The Heirs


  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

Episode 5:


We’re back at the scene where Tan opens the door and finds Eun Sang in the kitchen, drinking water. He doesn’t go in to greet her (too shocked perhaps?). Eun Sang prepares the meat for tomorrow before going back into her maid room.


Tan recollects all the pieces and puts the puzzle together up in his room. He lets out a heavy sigh, probably at how stupid he is for not realizing that earlier.

Next morning, Eun Sang runs out in the rain to school and we see that Tan is by his window, processing the fact that Eun Sang is really living in his house. Seriously, dude how many confirmations do you need?


Tan creeps into Eun Sang’s room when she is out and he sees the state of the room she is living in-a bit messy and crowded. He walks out and sees the note Hee Nam wrote-She’s gone out to the supermarket. Madame Han walks into the kitchen, looking for ajumma (Hee Nam) and is delighted to see Tan there. Tan wonders where Won is since he hasn’t seen him the few days he’s been here. Madame Han doesn’t like the way Tan still likes his hyung even after what he did to him. She wants Tan to go shopping with her but Tan refuses, saying that he has something to do.


Tan goes to greet the Second Madame as she has just finished preparing the transfer-of-school paper work for him. She warns him to not cause trouble like he did in middle school. Tan learns from the Second Madame that Won has left the house when she comment how sly he is to kick his hyung out of the house as soon as he comes back.


Hyun Joo (Hyo Shin’s tutor) dines with Won and she seems to be Won’s weak point as we see Won’s cold facade melting down for her. However, Hyun Joo seems to be cold towards him, giving him only 20 minutes to talk because she is busy. Won presents her a gift he bought her from the US- the wishbone. He tells her the story behind it- the one who holds the longer side gets a wish. She tells him to hold it with her later as she doesn’t have a wish now-she got into a university and has her own room, now she is saving money too!

Won shows Hyun Joo his real gift-a wishbone necklace which looks pretty expensive. Hyun Joo rejects to receive it. She’s been growing up with the support of Won’s family, now that she can support herself she doesn’t want to owe him anything more. Won argues and Hyun Joo finally accepts it when Won threatens to throw it away. However, Won knows her personality- she will accept it but not wear it so he decides to put it on her personally. Do I see Eun Sang’s shadow in her? I hope she and Eun Sang can be friends.


Won walks back to his hotel and a manager greets him at the lobby, telling him that he has a guest. Won immediately assumes that it’s Papa Kim and calls Secretary Yoon to asks for Papa Kim but of course he only finds out that it’s Tan who has come. He gets mad at the hotel manager for letting “strangers” in but the manager says that it’s the Chairman (Papa Kim) who allowed Tan in. Of course Won isn’t a happy camper.


On the other hand, Tan is waiting patiently for his hyung. This have always got me wondering, why is Tan so tolerant of his hyung? Is there so unknown happy moments of them that we don’t know? Why Is Tan trying so hard? I guess we’ll just have to keep watching to find out.


Tan finally stops waiting and arrives back at his house to eat. HE loves the food and mum is proud to say that it is her that ordered the food to be made and she will order more in the future if he wants. Tan sees Hee Nam and he starts asking mum about Eun Sang. Just as Mum compliments how Eun Sang listens well, she realizes that her glass of wine is nearly empty and calls for Eun Sang to bring more. Tan panics and avoids Eun Sang. Hmm….why do I feel like he is plotting something?


Eun Sang is bringing the wine to the house from the wine cellar but it is dark so she uses her phone’s flashlight to guide her. Suddenly, all the lights in the garden lights up and even the fountain runs. Eun Sang takes notice of it but walks on. Then Tan comes from behind the trees, looking at Eun Sang. Aww… he’s her guardian angel!


Alone in a bar, Secretary Yoon remembers his encounter with Rachel’s mother in the elevator and the way she said that her heart still flutters whenever she sees him. He orders another cup of beer and Won joins him, making that two cups. Won has gone to the bar to avoid Tan and he talks about Tan with Secretary Yoon.

Young Do’s Dad and Rachel’s Mum walks into the bar and they greet Won and Secretary Yoon. Young Do’s Dad is upset that Won didn’t go to his hotel when he was doing business in America but Won ‘s excuse is that his business is too far from the hotel as it is in the countryside. Young Do’s Dad invites the two to dine with him.


At the dinner, Secretary Yoon and Rachel’s Mum looks intimately at each other while the other two are discussing your typical business stock market. Secretary Yoon is distracted when Won tells Young Do’s Dad that S. Yoon has warn him to not invest in the African market as it is too risky. Young Do’s Dad insults S.Yoon by saying that only cowards wouldn’t take a chance saying it’s too risky. S.Yoon owned Young Do’s Dad when he says that only employees like him have the wits to go against the boss and tell them the risk. S.Yoon then walks off saying that he has to make a call to his son.Awww!! Rachel’s Mum follows him out next.


Chan Young nags his Dad to not be too late going home on the phone. S.Yoon finishes the call and sees the approaching Rachel’s Mum (I seriously need to learn names:P). She apologies for her soon-to-be-husband’s rudeness and S.Yoon apologies too. When Rachel’s mum is in the middle of asking what he is apologizing for, he already grabs her in for a kiss.


Eun Sang zones out in school when she hears “Hollywood” in class so the teacher asks her a question but she answers correctly. Her friends wonders if Eun Sang is sick but Eun Sang explains that she moves so it takes two hours for her to get to school. She tells her friend to wake her up when the teacher comes.


Eun Sang is coming out of school and there is a huge commotion in front of the school. She goes to check what it is and sees Tan leaning against his car. Tan points to Eun Sang and tells the students to “push the girl that looks like she has good kidneys to me”. Haha….again with the joke. Eun Sang is shocked to see Tan here and asks him all sorts of questions-when did he come back to Korea? Why is he here? Is he here for her? Tan is here to ask for Chan Young’s phone number because he is “interested in him”. Eun Sang tells him to stop his interest because he already has a girlfriend.Ha! She walks away. Tan just cutely says “stop when I ask you politely. I told you to stop! You better…..stop” Double Ha!


Eun Sang works at the cafe and gets a call from Chan Young asking her if her SNS has been hacked. Eun Sang looks at her SNS and sees that Tan has posted his own selca with the title ” Kim Tan is very handsome” under her account. Ha!! She then recognizes the background as the cafe she is working in now and finds Tan sitting alone. Eun Sang orders him to log out of her account but he refuses so Eun Sang threatens to delete her account instead and walks away.


Tan stops her telling her that he wants to place an order. Eun Sang is about to snap but she can’t because her manager is watching. Tan wants Chan Young’s phone number. To get rid of him, Eun Sang gives him Chan Young’s number but Tan has a motive. He calls Chan Young to ask for Eun Sang’s number then because he knows that Eun Sang will never give it to him. Eun Sang snatches the phone and ends the call.


Tan says that he wants Eun Sang’s number because he feels like he is going to need to contact her later. Eun Sang doesn’t understand why and Tan says: “Who knows? Look at the second floor, turn around and look.” Tan takes away Eun Sang’s phone when she is distracted. He takes her phone number and calls it even when he logs out of he SNS. He walks away and Eun Sang echoes his words “stop when I ask you politely. I told you to stop! You better…..stop” Haha!

Tan calls her and tells her that he will call her later since he has someone he needs to meet. Eun Sang asks him for how long he is staying in Korea because she wants to buy him a meal before he goes.


At the supermarket, Tan is helping Secretary Yoon to shop for groceries. He discuss how he doesn’t want things to turn out the way they turn out to be. Secretary Yoon consoles him saying that it’s not his fault and Tan says it’s not his hyung’s faults either. Woah… really love you hyung!  Secretary Yoon then puts the blame on Papa Kim which Tan comments that Papa Kim needs to hear that. This hilariously makes Secretary Yoon to beg Tan to not tell Papa Kim as Chan Young is still young. Haha!! I love the comedic side of this drama!


Papa Kim is in the study with his secretary but is interrupted by Tan who is back home and greets him. After he is gone, the secretary presents Papa Kim with photos of the two sons and the girls they interacted with, aka. Eun Sang and Hyun Joo. The secretary provides Papa Kim with the information on the girls. It seems that Papa Kim is afraid that the girls approached his sons with motives. However, for Eun Sang the secretary explained that it was pure accident that her and Tan met.


Hee Nam finishes her work and goes back to her room to see Eun Sang asleep while doing her homework. She tidies the books for her and stumbles upon Eun Sang’s College Aspiration form she has to fill in. She starts tearing up when she sees that Eun Sang has no interested major or college and that her dream is to get a job. Okay, that is rather sad especially when Hee Nam is crying as well.


Tan is jogging outside in the morning and he meet Myung Soo. They have a warm greeting and that indicates that they are somewhat friends. Their meeting isn’t long as Myung Soo is running late for his frist day of school.


Just as Tan is about to walk back in the house, Eun Sang comes out. She thinks that he has stalked her to the neighborhood but he denies saying that it is a coincidence. Eun Sang drags him away from the house by his wrist saying that there are CCTV’s around and that the second son of the house usually comes back at that hour. They are far enough already and Tan says “Ahhh…..the handsome one.”. This makes Eun Sang wonder if he lives in the neighborhood.

Screenshot (1070)

Tan starts getting flirty and asks if she really want to know where he lives. He tells her that she will be surprised if she finds out. She tells him that she doesn’t want to know but she is just wondering if there are rumors going around the neighborhood. She doesn’t want people to misunderstand her situation and tries to explain it to Tan but he is not interested.

All he wants to know is when she is going to buy him a meal and Eun Sang is about to say when the time comes when he tells her to not say it. Eun Sang thought Tan was going to call her but he didn’t. Tan is hyped up when he realizes that Eun Sang was waiting for his call. Eun Sang walks away telling him that she is going to be late for school but I’m convinced that she is just embarrassed.

Screenshot (1074)

In school, Myung Soo tells Bo Na and Chan Young that Tan is back. Bo Na covers her gaping mouth from shock and Myung Soo captures this “crucial moment” with his camera. When Chan Young asks her what’s wrong, she pretends to not hear what Myung Soo say and avoids Chan Young.

Bo Na runs up to Rachel who is at the golf club and criticizes her for not telling Bo Na that Tan is back. Of course Rachel doesn’t know either but she pretends that she does and warns her that she will get revenge if she breaks up with Chan Young because of that.

Screenshot (1075)

Rachel walks to her locker where Young Do is waiting for her. He asks her about Tan and knows that she is annoyed because she doesn’t know the news either. Rachel gets a call from Tan who immediately hangs up after confirming his stay in Korea but she continues talking to the phone and pretends that Tan is inviting her to dinner to dinner. Young Do isn’t convinced and Rachel is pissed.

Screenshot (1079)

In his study, Papa Kim asks to talk to Hee Nam. Oh noes! I have such a bad feeling! He asks her how long she has been working for the household and just when she is about to write out her reply. Madame Han comes in and mistaken it as Hee Nam trying to tell Papa Kim about Madame Han hiring an agent to tail the Second Madame. She immediately rushes by his side saying that it’s a misunderstanding and sees that Hee Nam has hold out a note which reassures her that she is not letting out any of her secrets. Madame Han replies for Hee Nam and tells Papa Kim that Hee Nam has been working for her for 3 years and how wonderful she is.

Papa Kim also asks Hee Nam several questions on Eun Sang. Dang! I knew he is going for Eun Sang!! He offers to let Eun Sang attend one of his schools ( Empire Academy) which is one of the top schools so Hee Nam accepts his offer remembering Eun Sang’s college aspiration form.

Screenshot (1083)

Eun Sang only finds out about her transfer of schools in school when her teacher tells her that Hee Nam has gone to the school for transfer school document. Eun Sang isn’t happy at all and scolds her mother for not discussing with her. She knows that it is extremely expensive for her school fees including lunch fees, activities fees and other sort of ones. She knows well that they can’t afford it. Hee Nam offers to take up more jobs but she knows that she will always get fired within the first few months because of her disability. She wants her daughter to at least graduate at a prestigious school if she can’t attend college. Before the argument gets anymore heated. Eun Sang has been called by Papa Kim to talk to him.

Eun Sang politely declines his offer but Papa Kim asks her to think about more of the future. He then gives her more reasons to attend the school so she decides to transfer school after thinking about it. I have to say Papa Kim has a good point here but this is very suspicious! I seriously think he is planning something.

Screenshot (1085)

It seems that Young Do is not that cold blooded after all! He is really close with his dog and he is all smiles until a maid inform him of an appointment that he is unheard of. It is with the family dinner again. He arrives with only Rachel and her mum there. It seems that his Dad is late. Rachel’s mum gives a present to Young Do for his dog- a collar. She knows that he is very close with his dog and so she bought it for him. But Young Do doesn’t appreciate it and tells her the origin of the dog- the dog is bought with the money that women his Dad had relationship with and he has trained that dog to bite and scare away any woman that tries to get close to his Dad. This story startles both Rachel and her mum.

At that moment, Young Do’s Dad arrives and Rachel’s mum tells Dad that Young Do has an appointment to attend so he needs to go in hope of getting rid of him. (I would too! He freaking scares me!!) Rachel’s joins in saying that it is an appointment that she has to attend as well and they both left. Outside, Rachel tells Young Do to give her a ride on the motorcycle to the uniform shop as she needs to re-size her uniform.

Screenshot (1089)

Eun Sang goes to the uniform store to inquire the price of the uniform and it’s way too expensive for her ($1000 American Dollars). She walks outside disappointedly and sees Rachel who just arrives with Young Do on his motorcycle. She is mad because her sad intuition comes true-Tan is back in Korea and she is more upset the fact that Eun Sang seems to know. Eun Sang doesn’t back down at her harsh comments and even snatches away her name tag for taking her arrival form. Young Do watches the whole scene and is impressed with Eun Sang. When Eun Sang walks away, Young Do is in her way and we see a little interaction between them. Eun Sang looks at Young Do and says that he is on Rachel’s side too but then he opens the path and blocks Rachel for her.

Screenshot (1090)

Rachel is angry at Young Do for letting Eun Sang go but Young Do says there is nothing that she can do because she already lost. He then ditches her saying that he has something to do. And that is finding Eung Sang. He blocks her way with his motorbike and talks with Eun Sang. He asks her her relationship with Rachel and why she has her arrival card taken off her. He asks her more questions but she doesn’t answer them saying that there is no reason for her to answer. Young Do then does this scary stare and asks her if he looks like he is requesting her to answer. He thinks that they should work together as they are the only two that can make Rachel so mad. Eun Sang doesn’t want to get involved with them and walks away. Young Do asks if he can get her phone number off Rachel before heading off in his motorbike.

Screenshot (1094)

Eun Sang and Chan Young are sitting at a bench in the park. Eun Sang requests for Chan Young’s account number so she can transfer the plane ticket money to him. Chan Young wonders if someone has hacked Eun Sang’s phone and offers to fix it for her but Eun Sang wants to know more about Empire Academy instead. This is when Chan Young learns that Eun Sang is transferring to Empire Academy. For some reason he isn’t pleased but he encourages her and tells her that she deserves it when she is doubting if she deserves it. He also tells her about the school.

Screenshot (1095)Screenshot (1096)

Tan is in the wine cellar looking at things that Bo Na gave him when they were still dating. He hears Eun Sang coming and so he hides behind a rack of wines. Eun Sang is talking to Chan Young on the phone and she says that this time, her ties with America has really ended. She then remembers the note that she wrote at the university bulletin board. Chan Young suggests going to America again but Eun Sang replies that America is too far from her maid room. She hangs up and Tan and Eun Sang sit back-to-back with a wine rack separating them, thinking to themselves.

Screenshot (1100)

Eun Sang is walking back to the main house from the wine cellar and she gets a call from Tan who tells her to “look up to the second floor”. She looks up and sees the dream catcher that she gave him hanging at his window. Tan then tells her to turn around and when she does, she is alarmed to see Tan standing in front of her. She wonders why he is doing there at first but later puts the puzzle together and understands that Tan is the second son. She questions him-does he know that she lives in his house and does he know that she lives in the maid’s room. She seems very upset by it and turns around to walk away while tears stream down her cheeks. Tan calls after her, asking her if he misses her perhaps. This gets Eun Sang to stop her step but she walks on after a moment.

Screenshot (1101)

Madame Han is in Tan’s room and she tells him to own everyone in the school tomorrow when he goes to school. She is aware that Eun Sang is always the top 5 of her class so she doesn’t want her son to lose to a maid’s daughter. Tan learns that Eun Sang is attending her first day of school in Empire Academy as well tomorrow. He looks surprised and concerned.

Screenshot (1105)

Eun Sang arrives at the Empire Academy and gazes in awe at how sophisticated it is-people have butlers, they all talk about their family stock and students have conversations in English. She wanders around the hallway and is greeted by Bo Na who thinks she is here for a tour and Rachel who thinks she is here to return her name tag. Eun Sang explains that she is a transfer student but the girls don’t believe her. They are later joined by Myung Soo who warmly welcomes Eun Sang but is distracted by a commotion. Everyone leaves to see what is happening. Eun Sang is left alone.

Screenshot (1107)

A huge crowd gathers in front of the school. Tan is back and that is one heck of a comeback. What is the first thing he does when he is back? He speaks out the rumors that everyone is wondering about- his fiancee is Rachael, Bo Na is his ex girlfriend and Chan Young is now his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend.

Hyo Shin is up on the roof he says: “The appearance of Lucifer at a satans’ school……it’s going to be fun.”

Screenshot (1114)

The atmosphere intensifies when Young Do move into the circle. They have a massive stare down and eventually Tan speaks:

Tan: “I missed you………friend.”

Young Do: “Welcome back.”

Tan: “Relax, I’m not immediately going to do anything to you.”

Young Do: “Let’s at least greet each other. The kids are going to be shocked.”

Then Eun Sang, unaware of the commotion, walks inside the circle while texting Chan Young, trying to ask him where he is. When she finally cops on, she is already in between Tan and Young Do who are both staring at her.

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