The Heirs Episode 4 Recap~


Title: The Heirs


  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

Episode 4:

Screenshot (900)

We’re back at the scene where Eun Sang sees Rachel hugging Tan and she turns around to leave but is called back by Tan who sees her as she was leaving. Tan bids Rachel farewell and tells her to call him before rushing to Eun Sang. Tan is angry that Eun Sang didn’t call him even though she heard from Chan Young that Tan wants to talk to her.

He knows that she is leaving for Korea so he gives her the phone so she can give him her phone number. Eun Sang takes a look at Rachel and decides that she shouldn’t do it. She tells Tan that she already thanked him and said goodbye to him so there’s no reason to meet anymore. She adds that he shouldn’t leave his fiancee for her before walking away.

Screenshot (907)

On the plane, Rachel is given the arrival paper and an idea crosses her mind. She goes to Eun Sang to wait for her to finish filling in her arrival paper. She tells Eun Sang that her intuition tells her that they will meet again and she wants to know more about her before they meet again. Eun Sang reassures her that they won’t but Rachel says that’s because Eun Sang doesn’t know Tan well and she snatches Eun Sang’s arrival paper.

Eun Sang tries to get it back but only First class passengers are allowed in the First class area. And when the stewardess goes to check with Rachel, she denies stealing Eun Sang’s arrival paper so Eun Sang can’t do anything about it.

Screenshot (910)

Rachel arrives at the airport in Korea with a smile on her face but it disappears when she sees that Young Do is waiting for her with a sign that says “Welcome home, my “STEP” sister”.  I feel sorry for the poor girl, everyone around Young Do is staring:/ Rachel and Young Do starts bickering with each other once they open their mouths.

In the car, Rachel and Young Do fight for the music that is playing. The atmosphere worsen when Rachel bring up Tan- she tells Young Do that Tan is doing well and that Tan asks about Young Do as well. Rachel tells Young Do that she told Tan that Young Do is doing well and eating well, like a fox who acts like a king when the tiger has left the cave. Young Do stops the car and asks Rachel if she ever wonders why the tiger left the cave- “Was he just pretending to be a tiger? Was he afraid that the truth is coming out?”. Young Do gets off the car in the middle of the road, obviously doesn’t want to talk about Tan with Rachel anymore.

Screenshot (913)

Eun Sang arrives home but finds it completely empty with no furniture what-so-ever. She learns from her neighbor ajumma that her mum has left to live in the Kim household and she asks the ajumma for her phone so she can call her mum. Hee Name (Eun Sang’s mother) tells Eun Sang to stay at the sauna for the night as the atmosphere in the Kim household isn’t good at the moment(when is it ever good?) and to go to her tomorrow morning.

Screenshot (915)

Back in the States Tan’s friends are having a party but Tan isn’t enjoying it that much and he looks at the post of Eun Sang and Chan Young’s date. Awww! you miss her, don’t you?

Screenshot (917)

Hyo Shin, the prosecutor’s son comes home and overhears his mum giving his tutor a lecture. Mum is annoyed with the tutor (Jeon Hyun Joo played by Im Joo Eun) because she wears clothes that are too revealing and warns her to cover practically every single bit of her skin when she is tutoring Hyo Shin. Hyun Joo obediently agrees.

Back in Hyo Shin’s room Hyo Shin asks Hyun Joo why she is so tolerant of his mum because they both know that she is annoying. Hyun Joo has to tolerate it because Hyo Shin’s mum pays high tutor fees and she needs the money. So I guess she is from a poor family. She gets a call from Won but she doesn’t answer it. Hyo Shin wonders if the call is from Hyun Joo’s boyfriend.

Screenshot (918)

On the other hand, Won is at a jewelry store when Hyun Joo rejects his call. He goes to the sales person and tells him to show him necklace and not rings. Omo! Is he getting the jewelry for Hyun Joo?! Now I have more people to add in my character relationship chart =3=. The “Wishbone” caught Won’s eyes and he is told that the necklace will make dreams come true, hence the name of the necklace.

Screenshot (921)

Eun Sang is furious to know that the money that was given to Eun Seok is actually the house deposit money. She scolds Hee Nam for not doing anything but in her defense, she couldn’t scream at her because all she can do is tap at the phone. Hee Nam tells Eun Sang to wait outside while she goes in. Alone, Eun Sang sees the second Madame going into the house with a sharp stare.

Inside the house, Hee Nam threatens Madame Han to let Eun Sang stay with the who adultery agency thing. Madame Han is told that second Madame has come and she asks Hee Nam if she has already told the second Madame. Of course Hee Nam didn’t but second Madame’s arrival puts pressure on Madame Han and she agrees to let Eun Sang stay.

Screenshot (923)

Hee Nam tells Eun Sang to change into clean clothes before going into the house. Inside, Hee Nam shows Eun Sang around the house and Eun Sang gapes at how enormous and luxurious it is. However, this is not their day as they runs into Madame Han and the second Madame who are fighting. Second Madame is annoyed that she is not inform of the President’s sickness. Madame in return tells her that the President is sick everyday so is she suppose to inform her everyday. They then go on about the family tree thing again-second Madame is in the family tree but she has no son while Madame Han has a son but she isn’t in the family tree so either why neither of them have a son.

Screenshot (925)

Madame Han keeps provoking second Madame and she finally gets slapped. Eun Sang and Hee Nam gasps Second Madame is going to slap Madame Han again when a maid announces Won’s arrival. Second Madame asks Won about his trip to the States while Madame Han doesn’t even know that he was gone. Won tells them to continue their conversation before heading for his own room. On his way, he notices Eun Sang. Second Madame says that she anticipates how Tan is going to protect Madame Han from Won and walks out, shoving Madame Han aside when she passes her.

Madame Han orders Hee Nam to bring ice to her. Hee Nam’s alarm set off which tells her that it’s time for feeding the President medicine. Since Hee Nam has to bring ice to Madame Han, she orders Eun Sang to bring medicine to the President in her stead.

Screenshot (928)

Eun Sang wanders in front of the President’s room because she doesn’t know where she is going. Won sees her and he can tell that she is lost. He points to the door with his head without saying anything, hinting that’s where Eun Sang should go. Eun Sang doesn’t give her thanks but bows to him. Inside the room, Eun Sang introduces herself as the daughter of the maid who is attending Madame Han before walking out.

Screenshot (931)

Alone Daddy Kim wants to talk to Won but Won uses the excuse that he needs to go back to the company but since he’s up against Daddy Kim, there’s no luck. Daddy demands to have Tan back from exile because Won has gone too far. He says that he has let Won hurt Tan because he knows that Won is hurt. He has never hug Tan because he thinks that Won can get hurt. That is just wrong! Daddy Kim is by far the stupidest character I’ve ever seen considering his age. Won is hysterical saying that Daddy Kim is indicating that he raised Won out of love. I am with you on this one bro! In any way, Tan is coming back. Won isn’t happy at all when he walks out the door.

Screenshot (934)

Madame Han is chatting with Hee Nam. She envies Hee Nam because she is poor so therefore doesn’t have to deal with all the ridiculous things in the house. She suddenly realizes that since Won has gone to the States, he must have seen Tan so she darts to Won’s room.

Won is having a hard time already dealing with the fact that Tan is coming back. He tells Madame Han to asks Dad if she wants to know about Tan. Or she can call Tan but of course Tan isn’t answering any of her calls at all. Madame Han doesn’t understand why Won is so harsh to Tan, saying that he’s only 18. Won says that when he was 18, he had 8% shares and had a say in the company.

Back in the States, Tan is thinking back on what Won said to him in the ranch.

Screenshot (937)

In the kitchen, Hee Nam explains to Eun Sang the complicated family’s relationships. Madame Han walks in and formally greets Eun Sang. She warns Eun Sang to not let any of the family’s complicated relationship slip outside. She says that she trusts Hee Nam because she can’t talk and Eun Sang looks like she is going to beat the living hell out of Madame Han but Hee Nam shakes her head, telling Eun Sang to suck it up. Eun Sang tells Madame Han that she won’t and that while she lives here, she will try and not to make her feel uncomfortable. Madame Han orders Hee Nam to get a bottle of wine and Hee Nam tells Eun Sang in sign language to respect the Madame before she leaves. Madame Han asks Eun Sang what Hee Nam said and Eun Sang replies that Hee Nam sais that Madame Han is a nice woman. Madame laughs at the answer saying that Eun Sang is smart but she doesn’t treat Hee Nam well.

Screenshot (938)

Eun Sang washes the dishes and returns to her room. She finds Hee Nam falling asleep while still ironing clothes. Eun Sang puts her mum to sleep, telling her that she will do the ironing.

The next morning Eun Sang gives Hee Nam the almonds she got her in the States. She apologies to her for abandoning her for the States in tears. Hee Nam forgives her and they hug each other in tears. Awww….. that is the sweetest scene so far!

Screenshot (939)

Eun Sang is back to her own life, doing various part-time jobs. On the other hand, Tan goes to the Hollywood place where he went with Eun Sang and his school’s bulletin board, missing on Eun Sang’s note. Eun Sang finishes folding her laundry and sees the “I ❤ California” tee in her drawer, she looks at it for a while before putting her folded laundry over it. Over the next week or even months, we see that Eun Sang’s balance in her bank account is slowing increasing. She calls Chan Young for his bank account number so she can pay him back for the plane ticket.

Screenshot (941)

In the Kim couple’s room, Madame Han is just waking up and she tells Daddy Kim that she has had a hard time trying to sleep because she is worried about Tan. Daddy Kim tells her that he’s heard her snore last night which is hilarious. Haha….. They then discusses Tan’s return.  Madame Han calls Tan to ask if he’s coming back home or not but he isn’t answering.

Screenshot (943)


Tan is sitting on a bench outside the university and he is thinking to himself again. He hopes that his absence would make his family feel lonely at least once. He imagines himself with his Dad, telling him that he wants to go home. For his mum, he says to her that he misses her and for his hyung he tells him that despite he sent him away cruelly, he wants to believe that Won feels hurt the he sent him away at least once. He gives his professor his essay book, indicating that he has the courage to go back to Korea now.

The professor reads the last page of the essay which says ” The one who wants to wear the crown, bears the crown.” Then as Tan walks away from the university, he says in his head that the one who wishes to wear the crown must bear its weight.

Screenshot (950)


Tan gets off the plane and Secretary Yoon greets him. Secretary Yoon welcomes him and notes how he’s gotten taller. He tells Tan to call Madame Han because she has called him 4 times. Tan says that before he meets Madame Han, he wants to greet his brother first.

Screenshot (957)


Tan meets his bro and Won is not impressed. Tan reassure Won that whatever he thinks will happen to him when he returns will not happen. And that he comes back because he misses his family. Won tells him that by coming back, Tan has lost the opportunity to be on friendly terms with Won. Err….I don’t see the difference…..I see that you treat Tan harshly in the US. Won tells him to stay since everyone is on Tan’s side.

Screenshot (960)


In the company, Won tells Secretary Yoon to book a hotel near to the company. Secretary doesn’t want to because there’s gonna be lots of explaining to do. Won just tells him to let Daddy Kim assume what id going on.

Screenshot (962)


Back home, Tan is welcomed warmly with a hug by his mum while Daddy Kim just coldly tells him to sit down. Daddy Kim asks Tan about his house and he answers that it’s too bright in the morning and too dark at night. Daddy Kim says that it’s good if it’s dark because you can see the stars clearly in the dark. Madame gives him a small scolding for not answering her calls to which he asks “Why are you calling so much? Did Dad not treat you well?” Madame’s answer is obviously exaggerated saying that Daddy Kim yelled at her for snoring. Daddy Kim is like a robot, seriously! there’s only one tone to his voice.

Screenshot (965)


Up in his room, Tan unpacks his bag and Madame asks him all sorts of question about girls, the things he did and drugs. On the mention of Rachel, Tan stops answering and avoids the question by telling Madame Han that he wants to take a shower. Madame Han tells the maid to go out and we see that she drops a pair of familiar socks, the one the hanged on the doors of Tan’s house in US, aka the socks that Eun Sang left behind.

Screenshot (966)


Alone, Tan takes out the dream catcher Eun Sang gave him and hangs it on his window.

Screenshot (970)


Just outside the window is Eun Sang. She looks at the boarding pass in the purse, takes a photo of it and writs on SNS “Just like there’s no way for me to prove that I was in my dream…………To me, that place is like that as well. Was I really even there?

Screenshot (972)


The next morning, Tan walks pass by the laundry out in the garden and sees a pair of familiar shoes. He stops by and stare at it for a while before he walks away.

In the dining room, he eats his breakfast and hears a ring tone that sounds like it came out of a horror film. He goes to find the sourse of the sound and sees a woman’s back as she goes into another room.  The same thing happens to Eun Sang except she could have actually see Tan but she decides to avoid him so she only sees  Tan’s back.

Screenshot (975)


At dawn Eun Sang is still asleep but Hee Nam wakes her up and tells her to go because the household’s atmosphere is bad and she doesn’t want Eun Sang in trouble. Eun Sang walks outside and runs into Myung Soo. Myung Soo wonders if Tan moved.

Screenshot (976)

Young Do is waiting for Myung Soo at the convenience store and he sees Eun Sang coming into the convenience store to buy a drink.(drink as in some kind of green coloured drink that I can’t identify, not alcohol) Eun Sang drinks it in one shot and goes outside to sleep at one of the tables. Young Do takes his ramyun and sits across the same table as Eun Sang. He stares at her for a while. Suddenly, these two kids comes along and they are fighting for a video game.

Screenshot (978)


The two kids are so loud so Young Do gives out to them for yelling in public. He tells them that Eun Sang is asleep. Awww…….Young Do doesn’t want to wake Eun Sang. The two kids starts crying and screaming “Mum!”. Young Do is not losing as well and says “Ya! are you bragging that you have a mum?” and that when he was their age, he had a mum as well. Double Awww!!The children’s crying wakes Eun Sang. Eun Sang walks away without noticing Young Do. Myung Soo comes in his car and Young Do tells him that he is having a fight with the kids because they are mocking the fact that he doesn’t have a mum. Haha!!!

Screenshot (983)


Bo Na is at the back stage of a music show and she is looking for her Dad. She tells various artists that their songs/rehersals are good but either of them sung the song nor performed yet. Haha……good effort though:P Bo Na chats with Super Junior’s Heechul and they are friendly enough with each other. Bo Na is talking about Chan Young with him when she gets a text from Chan Young and completely ignores Heechul.

Bo Na sees that Chan Young is behind her and she sprint up to him. She is delighted to see but asks him why he didn’t call her first.Chan Young wants to surprise her and she obviously is. They tells each other that they miss each other and Bo Na suggests going for Korean food and they leave.

Screenshot (984)


The place they are eating at is Chan Young’s house and the chefs are Chan Young and Secretary Yoon. Bo Na just stares at them in wonder as they skillfully prepare the dinner. It is namyun they are eating for dinner. They casually chat and joke at each other until Secretary Yoon mentions that Chan Young met Tan in the States. Bo Na lies and swears that she doesn’t know who Tan is. Chan Young and Secretary Yoon obviously can see through her lie.

Screenshot (987)


In the comfort house, Bo Na is whining to Myung Soo that she might get dump by Chan Young because she thinks that he might have found out her past relationship with Tan. She even thinks that Tan and Chan Young might have had a fight with each other for her. Myung Soo comments that Chan Young is definitely the one who loses and Bo Na defends Chan Young, saying that he is good at fighting too. She then screams at Myung Soo to not take Tan and Rachel’s side. Now what?! there’s a complicated relationship with Bo Na and Rachel too?!

Screenshot (992)


Tan is in his room and he sees Eun Sang’s heartfelt post when he checks his phone. He comments that he can confirm that she was in the US. Eung Sang gets the message and soon realizes that it’s Tan. She tells him to log out of her SNS. Tan says he won’t and they are both approaching the door as they text. They continue to joke around and they are both at the door. They both opens except Tan’s door leads to the main entrance while Eun Sang’s door leads to the back door. So basically they misses each other again.

Screenshot (995)


Tan walks pass Hee Nam who is wearing the “I ❤ California” tee. I think he is getting the hints that Eun Sang is in fact in the same house as him.

Madame Han is wearing the socks that Eun Sang left Tan and she is learning English by repeating a story on her ipad. Eun Sang brings her the cheese while Hee Nam brings her the wine. Hee Nam is scolded by Madame Han because she has brought the wrong wine and Eun Sang volunteers to bring they wine, saying that she has to earn her place in the house.

Screenshot (999)


Eun Sang goes to the wine cellar and comments that even wine gets to live in luxury.

Tan is waiting for Eun Sang’s reply and sees her back again. He thinks he is seeing hallucination and goes to his mum to confirm the woman’s back that he sees.  She tells him that it is actually Cha Eun Sang, the housekeeper’s daughter. He learns that she is kicked out of the house because they gave the house deposit to the sister. Now Tan really knows that Eun Sang is in his house but that’s not enough, he wants to confirm it.

Screenshot (1006)


Up in his room, Tan connects the hints and the SNS posts and confirms that Eun Sang is really living in his house. He still wants more confirmation so he text Eun Sang, asking her what she is doing. After a while, he gets a reply, saying that Eun Sang is drinking water. He runs downstairs and in front of the kitchen. He hesitantly opens the door and there she is, drinking water while looking at her phone.

The End.

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