The Heirs Episode 3 Recap~


Title: The Heirs


  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae


We’re back at the cinema again with Tan asking Eun Sang if he likes her. Eun Sang answers “probably not” and her reason is because he is engaged. Tan doesn’t agree with her and asks her for another reason. I agree with Tan on this one~ people fall in love even when they are married, that’s why there are divorces, honey!

Anyways, her other reason is that it’s too much like a movie and Tan tells her that they are in Hollywood after all. He continues saying that it can happen in real life too. She is surprised “REALLY?” but she is actually surprised at the fact that she is in Hollywood. Ha! I just love her!


Cut to Tan and Eun Sang just outside where they can see the HOLLYWOOD sign. Eun Sang gazes in awe and Tan is shocked that she thinks the fact that she is in Hollywood is more surprising Tan’s confession. Eun Sang comments how amazing it (the Hollywood sign) is and that she has seen it in movies all the time. This gets Tan to wonder if Eun Sang ever listens. Seriously, me too! That girl never answers properly!

Eun Sang adds that even though it’s near, it’s still far so Tan tells her to go home and get change so he can drive her there. Eun Sang doesn’t want to go as she thinks that she has trouble him enough already. Tan’s says nothing and walks away.

Screenshot (795)

Tan and Eun Sang arrives at the door and Eun Sang’s suitcase is there. Eun Sang takes her suitcase while Tan stood still. Just when Eun Sang passes Tan, he snatch her suitcase from her and heads into the house. Eun Sang watches Tan as he brings her suitcase back into his house.

In the house, Tan is looking at the message Chan Young sent Eun Sang. Eun Sang comes in and asks for her suitcase. Tan wants to know why her suitcase is broken. Eun Sang asks where her suitcase is again and Tan tells her that it’s in his room. He tells her to stay put until her friend messages her and that he is going to shower.

Screenshot (803)

Rachel left a note to Tan in his room, telling him to eat lunch with her tomorrow. Tan gets a call from Secretary Yoon who relays Daddy Kim’s wish for him to attend a family meeting in a ranch. Tan wonders if Won knows but Secretary tells him to go and find out for himself.

Screenshot (807)

Over to the other side in Seoul, Bo Na sees Secretary Yoon and calls him “father” as in father-in-law. Secretary Yoon tells her to call him “ajussi” not “father” and asks Bo Na what she is doing for the summer. Bo Na tells Secretary Yoon that she is preparing for a music festival and complains that Chan Young doesn’t call her. Secretary Yoon takes her side and calls Chan Young a jerk but Bo Na is offended. She goes and bids “father” goodbye. Secretary tells her to address him as “ajussi” again but Bo Na gets cheeky and tells him that the only ajussi she knows is Won Bin. Ha!

Screenshot (809)

In the journalism club, two girls are trying to impress Hyo Shin with the food the prepared. Bo Na isn’t pleased because of the small quantity of the food. One girl comments that she should’ve bought a radio station for Hyo Shin instead and announces that Bo Na shouldn’t treat her like that because she is the daughter of the president of SBC. But Bo Na says that her father is the president of Mega Head and threatens to take out all the celebrities from SBC. The two girls left.

Alone, Hyo Shin explains that it’s a present for his 100th day- until the college exams. Ha! He finally sits at the table and discusses with Bo Na the resignation of the club director. They reckon that his family must have found out about him being in the journalism club. Hyo Shin takes some tablets and Bo Na asks him what medication it is. He explains that it’s vitamins and that she will need it next year too as “your body won’t become the same than when you are 18.

Screenshot (813)

Back in the States, Tan apologies to Eun Sang since he can’t take her to Hollywood because he needs to go somewhere. Eun Sang offers to go now but Tan insists that she should stay she has no where to go. In comes Jay, our hilariously exaggerating American friend who is excited once he sees Eun Sang in the house. Tan tries to reason with Jay but decides that he is not to be trusted and takes Eun Sang with him.

We’re in Seoul again and Tan’s mother, Madame Han is consulting with her sister about the second Madame’s divorce. Her sister gives her the number of an agency which follows and takes photos of people committing adultery. This is the only way to seek divorce. Well, I see that she is very determined to be added into the family tree. But I doubt the second Madame is committing adultery.

Screenshot (817)

Madame Han goes into the wine cellar to make the call to the agency but she doesn’t realize that Hee-Nam, Eun Sang’s mum is in there. She demands to know why she didn’t make herself know and if she is eavesdropping. Hee-Nam writes that she did by holding up the card and she advises that if Madame Han wants to make secretive calls, she should get a pre-paid card.

Tan and Eun Sang arrive at the ranch, Tan gives Eun Sang the car keys and tells her to wait there.

At the party, Won is all smiles until Tan comes along to the party. Won approaches Tan to order him aside. Meanwhile, Eun Sang is having fun picking the nuts off the trees when she sees Won and Tan. Tan asks Won of his well-beings but Won just wants to know who told Tan about the meeting,  completely ignoring Tan’s greetings. He calls Tan immature for coming just because Tan misses him.

Screenshot (821)

Tan says that it’s been three years and that he has gotten taller. But Won doesn’t care and splashes cold water over Tan by saying “Is that all you did for three years? well, keep at it and go”. Eun Sang sees the whole conversation between the two. Aww…..what kind of hyung are you, Won?! poor Tan……

Tan just stands there with his head down, obviously upset by his hyung’s hurtful comments. Eun Sang just stares at him. Suddenly, a blistery shower comes and Eun Sang decides that she can’t leave Tan alone. She walks up to him and their conversation is like:

Eun Sang: Are you okay?

Tan: I’m not okay.

Eun Sang: You’re going to get wet.

Tan: Why were you eavesdropping?

Eun Sang: I was going to run with you on the count of three if you were in danger.

Tan: Then why didn’t you do that? I was in danger the whole time you were watching.

Eun Sang: ……………………………

Tan just quietly walks away. Double awww!

Screenshot (823)

During the ride back, the atmosphere is really awkward. Eun Sang doesn’t know what else to do other than stare at him. Tan is aware of it and finally asks Eun Sang what she wants. Her reason for staring at him is because it’s too quiet. Tan wants Eun Sang to forget what she saw and Eun Sang tells him that she is going to anyway since this is all a dream to her.

Screenshot (826)

Tan is too focused on staring at Eun Sang to actually notice the rocks that blocks the road in front of him and when he finally does, it’s too late. He turns his steering wheel and crashes up the side of the road. There is no reception so they have to move the car themselves, manually. But since Eun Sang can’t drive the car, that means that she is going to be the one who pushes the car. They tried a few times but it still doesn’t work.

Tan tells her to bring all her important stuff with her since they are abandoning the car to find a place to stay before the sun sets. Eun Sang hilariously tells him not to because she’s seen people  who can’t go back when they go to the wrong places in the movies.  She even give examples such as  “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” , “Friday the Thirteenth”, “Scream” and “Hello Sydney”. haha…. is that where her SNS name comes from? Tan tells her to stay there alone then but Eun Sang says no because the person who is alone always dies! Triple Ha!!!

Screenshot (828)

Tan and Eun Sang are walking what seems like an endless road and Eun Sang complains that she is hungry. She then remembers that she has bought food earlier and offers Tan some. Tan, however, is more interested in what she plans to do and when she is going back to Korea when she finds Chan Young. Eun Sang replies that she is going to borrow money off Chan Young and that she is going home as soon as possible.

It seems that our puppy is having his worse day. Tan offers to lend Eun Sang money and Eun Sang questions him- Is he going to use her kidney as guarantee? Does he trust her? Haha…..I love that they are still continuing the kidney joke. Tan finally tells her that Chan Young left her a comment. Then Eun Sang starts pestering him with a bunch of questions- When? What did he say? Do you think there is internet right now so I can see?

Screenshot (832)

After the long walk, the finally find a motel. Tan is told that the business is close and that it is same everywhere but if Tan stays in the motel, the owner will be able to call the tow for him tomorrow morning. So alas! their fist night together in the same room! Tan goes into the room with two “I ❤ California” tee and gives one to Eun Sang. Then he practically stripes in front of her but Eun Sang turns around. But when Tan leaves her alone to change, Eun Sang regrets not peeking. Haha!!!

Screenshot (835)

Eun Sang and Tan eats at a bar and Tan starts staring at Eun Sang since he finds her cute. Eun Sang is glad that he knows but doesn’t appreciate his stares so she warns him to stop or else she is going to ask him awkward questions. Tan states an example “Who is the man he was meeting?” and he answers his own question- He’s the man that he likes most in this world. This leads to Eun Sang trying to asks if he is gay but she stops half way. Tan knows that she misunderstands so he tells her to not insult his hyung.

Screenshot (838)

Eun Sang then is clear of the misunderstanding. But when she says ” …so you like your brother….” , Tan screams “ya!” and this scares her, causing her to back away, nearly falling but thank God Tan catches her. Things becomes awkward when they stare intently into each others eyes. Tan teases her, telling her that she is blushing. Eun Sang tries to clarify, saying that because she can’t eat pancakes. Odd reason, right?

She thinks that it’s a very American food and she wants to try it at least once. Tan knows a place where there is good pancakes and promises to bring her to the place when they get back. Comedy is brought back in and Eun Sang shouts at Tan ” Don’t make promises! The person who makes promises always dies!” Ha! I’ll never be sick of these movie references! She decides to stop thinking about it and instead to focus on the sausages because it will only make it scarier. Tan thinks that she is scarier.

Screenshot (840)

In the motel room, Tan is taking the bed and Eun Sang doesn’t mind at all. Tan is curious as to why she is so positive because he thinks he’s the one who caused this trouble in the first place. Eun Sang answers no, that it’s actually because of the fallen rocks. She tells him goodnight and goes to sleep.

Tan asks Eun Sang if she is asleep but there is no answer. He then starts doing all sorts of stuff to wake her such as making noises with the telephone, table and chair. Eun Sang finally gives in when he tells her that her acting is bad and kicks her bed constantly.

Screenshot (843)

Tan wakes Eun Sang up because he wants to asks her a question- why does she want the Empire group to go bankrupt? As always, Eun Sang doesn’t answer the question immediately and start asking questions back- Did he read her SNS messages? Why does he care? and when she suggests that it’s because he has shares of the Empire group, this shuts Tan up straight away. Instead, he wants her to watch him until he falls asleep because he can’t fall asleep with all the scary scenarios she came up with. Eun Sang protests but she does it anyway.

However, she starts nodding off and Tan walks up to watch her instead. When Eun Sang falls out of her baby-cradle position, Tan runs to catch her. Then she gently places her head on a pillow and creepily stares at her. Let’s be honest~ if a stranger you barely knows stares at you when you’re asleep, that’s creepy!

Screenshot (846)

Rachel gets a text from Chan Young at the hotel she is staying. He thanks her for telling him the address. Ohh… it makes sense how Chan Young knows where Eun Sang is now!

Screenshot (849)

Tan and Eun Sang finally arrive home with the car. Eun Sang wants to see the message but Tan tells her to get inside first. When they get off the car, a loud scream is hear. “Cha Eun Sang”! IT is Chan Young and he is super worried about Eun Sang. He wants to know why Eun Sang isn’t answering but she tells him that she will explain later.

Screenshot (851)

In the house, Eun Sang bids Tan farewell but Tan wants her to stay. He tells her to borrow her friend’s money but stay in his house. Eun Sang can’t find a reason why she should stay and Tan suggests that it’s because of his friend that she ha gotten her passport confiscated. Even though Tan tries hard to keep her, he can’t win her this time.

Chan Young comes in and asks if there is a problem. He then recognizes him as Kim Tan but Tan has no memory of knowing him. Then Tan asks “Perhaps, did I bully you in middle school?” Ha! this drama is getting more and more fun! Eun Sang and Chan Young leaves.

Screenshot (853)

Outside Eun Sang asks Chan Young his relationship with Tan. Chan Young replies that it’s just someone he knows and he warns Eun Sang to stay away from him since he’s dangerous.

In Chan Young’s apartment, Eun Sang discusses Eun Seok and the plane ticket with Chan Young. He tells her to take it easy with both but hurry with the dinner menu. Eun Sang tells him that there is something she really wants to eat.

Screenshot (861)

Chan Young and Eun Sang go out and have a cute lollipop date.They decide to take a selca and unload it to SNS. And after Eun Sang count to three, Bo Na calls Chan Young, looking for explanation. Ha! talk about overly-attached girlfriend! Tan is at home and he sees the selca post. Awww…..don’t worry because Eun Sang is actually missing you too!

Screenshot (862)

The next morning Rachel is checking out of the hotel when she gets a call from Tan. She lies to him that she has already left and is in Korea. Then Tan comes out from behind her and tells her to go back to the States again. Rachel tells the bell boy to change her plane ticket. Rachel’s mum calls and Rachel brags that Tan dressed up to meet her.

Screenshot (866)

Second Madame from the Kim household goes to meet with Rachel’s mother to talk about Rachel and Tan’s engagement. When they settle down on to their chair, they start flattering each other. Rachel’s mum tells S.Madame that she is getting married to Zeus Hotel’s president. She wants to know the relationship between Tan and Young Do since Rachel told her that they are not friends anymore. S.Madame just tells her that they stopped being friends when Tan went to the States.

Screenshot (870)

In Young Do’s relax house/ play room Myung Soo is complaining because Young Do went into his room at the last minute so therefore his films are all ruined. He thinks that he is going to be the next Henry Cartier Bresson. Young Do starts quoting Henry Cartier Bressons words while looking at a photo of him and Tan when they were still friends. Myung Soo doesn’t know what he is on about and this shows clearly that he doesn’t even know who Henry Cartier Bresson is.

Screenshot (874)

Young Do is called by his father to judo duel with him. Young Do loses and Dad rubs it in his face saying that he loses because he attacks rashly both on and off the mat. Dad then orders him to pick up Rachel at the airport tomorrow.

Screenshot (878)

Tan goes shopping with Rachel so she is grateful. Tan tells her not to thank him because he likes it- if he does anything more, then it would really be like they are dating. Her expression stiffens and asks about Eun Sang. Rachel gets a call from Young Do who is in a awfully bad mood and he orders her to make sure that he doesn’t have to pick her up at the air port. Rachel is furious because her anniversary day is ruined because of Young Do

Rachel tells Tan to take her out to the pancake place because she knows that Tan likes it. Tan refuses saying that if they go there, they will meet Eun Sang. Rachel wants to go more because she wants to know if it is fate or coincidence.

Screenshot (889)

When they arrive there of course Eun Sang is there…….with Chan Young. Tan wants to leave but Rachel insists on eating there and barges in. Rachel greets Chan Young and Eun Sang asks him if he knows her. Rachel answers that for him and says that they are in the same class but it is the first time they talk because he is of the lower class. Excuse me!!! what a b!tch!!! someone help me slap her!!!

Rachel further intimidates and humiliates Eun Sang by mentioning that it is her anniversary with Tan today and that Eun Sang is wrong for meeting both the ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend of Lee Bo Na at the same time. Tan has had enough and drags her out. He tells her what he thinks of her now compare to when he was little- he thought she was smart but now he thinks she’s rotten. He then walks away, leaving her alone on the street.

Screenshot (890)

Rachel goes back to her hotel and sees Won. She tells him to take her away because she can’t bear to be in her room, looking at her phone screen.(waiting for Tan’s call) Won tells her the disadvantage of going with him but Rachel doesn’t care, she just wants to get away from the hotel.

It turns out the place Won is going to is his mother’s grave. He tells Rachel of his mother’s story- a American girl from the countryside that got married to a rich man but couldn’t stand the suffocating in-laws so she came back to America where she died. Rachel learns that she is the first one here besides Won and comments that Tan will be jealous.

Screenshot (892)

In the elevator in Seoul, Secretary Yoon and Rachael’s mother has a massive eyeing thing going on. Can the relationship in this drama get any more complicated? I seriously need to draw a character connection chart so I can get my head straight:/

Secretary Yoon calls Tan and Tan finds out that Chan Young is Secretary Yoon’s son. He call Chan Young to look for Eun Sang but she is not with Chan Young at the moment. Tan tells Chan Young to tell Eun Sang to call him.

Screenshot (893)

Eun Sang has gone to the cafe her sister worked at one last time to find her but there is no news. When she gets back to Chan Young, he tells her to call Tan but Eun Sang doesn’t want to since she won’t be meeting him again. Chan Young asks for the time of Eun Sang flight but she refuses to tell him because she doesn’t want him to skip class just to send her off.

In his house, Tan walks around impatiently, waiting for Eun Sang’s call but he smiles when he sees the cute bunny socks that Eun Sang left behind.

Meanwhile, Eun Sang is at Tan’s university and she leaves a note at the bulletin board. ” It was like a summer night dream. It’s time for me to disappear now. Like the dream last night. Farewell.”

Screenshot (895)

Tan sends Rachel off at the airport. Rachel asks him of his plan of returning to Korea. Tan tells her that he has plan but he just needs a boost of courage to do it. Rachel doesn’t understand why he needs courage to go back to Korea. Rachel hugs Tan, telling him that she still hasn’t forgiven him yet. At that moment, Eun Sang walks in and sees the all cuddling together. She turns away to go when Tan notices her and screams her name “Cha Eun Sang! Stop right there!”

The End

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