Book Review: A Need So Beautiful~


Title: A Need So Beautiful

My Rating: 8/10


Charlotte’s fate is to be forgotten. She is an angel sent to Earth to help the ones in need. She can sense it when someone is in need and she has the urge to help them. It is actually more then an urge. It is a Need, when she doesn’t help them, she is in pain. She doesn’t know her identity but when she finds out, how will she face being forgotten by all her loved ones? Will she really accept her fate or will she fight against it?

My Thoughts:

This book turns out different than what I expected it to be. When I read the blurb, I thought that Charlotte knew about what she is and that she is going to be dealing with a massive dilemma or something. But no, this is actually about how Charlotte deals with finding out about her identity and slowly accepting it.

I think the characters  in this book is really well structured and there are lots of things you can relate to. Charlotte is an angel in this book but she is bound to be forgotten. This is something that nobody wants and since Charlotte was raised to be a human, it hurts even more to know about how she is going to end up. She even has a boyfriend that she has been dating for the last 3 years so when I was reading the book, it tears my heart little by little.

The books I have read are mostly centered on different events like the main two characters meeting one another, finding out about their true selves and/or solving a problem at the end. But this I found it’s only about how Charlotte finds out about her identity and how she deals with it. I am okay with it personally because the whole business is big enough for the story but for others, like my friend might find the book a bit dragged out.

I think this book is very well-written and the language in it is readable even for 8/9 year-olds (well……maybe not the kissing bits). So I would recommend this to all teenagers out there and even girls as small as 8. The plot of this book is suitable for most girls and it is a great read for the winter. It is not too long and you should probably be able to finish the book in three days(just in case you don’t like long books).


I am pleased with this book and its contents but I find it a bit misleading. I know it’s not all true but when something like this ” Or is she willing to fight against her destiny–no matter how dark the consequences. ” appears in the blurb, you would think that the character will definitely fight against her destiny. Since I have experience with this style of introduction in lots of books for example in “Matched”, “The Selection”, “Angel”, etc. Seriously. Or am I the only one?

And because of that, I was really expecting Charlotte to rebel and join the dark side, even until the last page. But I guess this ending is really good as well as it leaves an opening for the next book “A Want so Wicked”. However, Suzanne Young owns me a box of tissue since I didn’t expect Charlotte to burst into light. I was pretty upset and again, I’ve been watching too many depressing dramas and reading to many tragic books. I badly need something light to read.

Okay~ I know that sounds fake but I swear it’s true! I was reading the book and I realized how sad it would be for Charlotte if she is not remembered so I promised myself to never forget Charlotte so at least one person remembers her. Then the next day, I went to school and told my friend, Simona about the book but I totally forgot Charlotte’s name! I am now seriously convinced that this book is somehow true! I got the chills when I notice that I forgot about Charlotte!

What do you think, guys? Isn’t that creepy?:O Tell me what you think of the book in the comments and I would much appreciate any recommendation for light reads since I’ve been reading too many depressing books:D Thank you for reading my post and I hope you enjoy it^^


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