The Heirs Episode 2 Recap~


Title: The Heirs


  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

Episode 2:


Eun Sang decides that staying outside her sister’s house is dangerous and she walks away. She feels the car light from behind and freezes. But finds out that it’s actually Tan who came back for her and they stare at each other attentively. He then offers to bring Eun Sang to his house.


When they finally arrive at Tan’s house, Eun Sang gapes in awe at how spacious and luxurious it is while Tan settles himself with an energy drink on the couch. Eun Sang doesn’t see Tan’s family and he tells her that he lives alone. She then questions his identity- What do you do for a living? Are you a drug dealer? Maybe a gangster?


Tan then frightens the poor girl asking ” Why do you think I only sell drugs?” “The person who took your passport, do you think he’s a real cop” while moving towards her. Eun Sang backs away and tells him to back off. By then Tan presses her on a door but he opens the door and tells her that it will be her room and to tell him if she needs anything.


In her room, Eun Sang recalls the crazy day she had and realizes that she is hungry when her stomach starts growling. She sneaks out of her room and tiptops across the living room. I love the way she’s being very careful looking around and all but Tan is just above her watching everything .


Eun Sang looks for food in the fridge but it’s all foreign food. She takes a few out and tries them out one by one when the lights turn on. Tan asks what she is doing and she immediately apologizes. She tells him that she is only eating the food that are expired so she asks him to accept the dollar instead. Tan looks at the cans and they are indeed expired.


Tan wonders the life she’s been leading to eat that kind of food and asks for her name. She thanks him for helping her earlier and Tan replies that her name is long. Tan tells her that it is compensation for the bean powder earlier so Eun Sang doesn’t have to thank him.


Won prepare for a business trip to the US and Secretary Yoon ( Chan Young’s Dad) tells him that President Choi (Young Do’s Dad) recommend his hotels for Won’s stay. Secretary Yoon tells Won the things he has prepared and Won is being an ass to him.


Now we are in the Kim’s house and we see Daddy Kim for the first time as he is chatting to his ex-wife. He tells her to mind her health but she doesn’t appreciate it as she thinks that Daddy Kim is trying to talk her into removing her name from the family tree. Daddy Kim assures her that he doesn’t mind since she’s the one who brought Kim Tan’s Mum in. Well Ex-wife thinks it better than trying to conceal the affair from outside.


Just outside the door Madame Han has her ears pressed against the door, trying to catch Daddy Kim and ex-wife’s conversation. She is caught by Won and she knocks the door before Won can, announcing that Won has arrived.

In the room, Ex-wife greets him first and notes Won’s cold reply. She admits that she didn’t raise him out of love but she did raise him for 10 years with her best effort. However Won’s reply is still cold ” I’m sorry I matured this way, despite your best effort to raise me for 10 years.” Ex-wife is about to talk back when Daddy Kim demands them to stop.  Ex-wife leaves. Daddy Kim knows that Won is going to the States and tells Won to bring Tan with him because Americans thinks highly of family businesses. Won tries his best to resist but nothing can convince Daddy Kim.


Madame Han drags Ex-wife aside and inquires her about the meeting with Rachael’s mum since they are going to be in-laws. Ex-wife backfires ” Who? In-laws? Don’t forget that Tan is MY son!” Wait……what? so who is whose mum? Why are rich family’s relationships so complicated? Madame Han shoots back, saying that Tan must be happy to know that his mother is treated this way. Ex-wife then reminds Madame Han that she will never be a wife as long as Ex-wife is alive. Ooohh~ burn!


Eun Sang is talking to her mum on the phone. She assures her mum that she is alright and she lies about how her sister has gotten taller and tanner(like Rachael did outside the airport).She even tells her mum about the “luxurious” house her sister lives in- the kind with no fence and has a lawn mower so she tells her mum not to worry. Meanwhile, Tan is just outside the door with a plate of food ready for Eun Sang and you guessed it- he heard everything.


Tan barges in the room and Eun Sang complains that he isn’t knocking. He knocks but she says the order is wrong. Tan gives her the sandwich and Eung Sang thanks him. Tan replies that she doesn’t have to because it’s good for her kidneys. Eun Sang screams “Don’t!” Haha…’s cute that he is continuing with the joke.

Screenshot (683)

He then sees the dollar beside the telephone and wonders what that is for. Eun Sang says that it’s for the telephone fee and she gives Tan the dream catcher she has as the boarding fee. Tan doesn’t know that it is and Eun Sang explains that it clears away bad dreams and only pretty dreams go through the hole. Then Tan jokes that he hope it can bring in pretty girls instead. Eun Sang tries to snatch it back but Tan dodges and tells her to get some rest and eat the sandwich because it’s good for her kidneys. Ha! Eun Sang wonders if Tan put something in the sandwich.

Screenshot (684)


Tan grabs his half of the sandwich and goes outside to eat. On his way, he hangs the dream catcher at his door. From outside, he sees that Eun Sang is moving the furniture to block the door and he complains that he was just being nice to her. Then Eun Sang starts changing and Tan chokes on his sandwich. He runs back in the house and on his way, his head touches the dream catcher.

Screenshot (698)


Eun Sang wakes up to the sun shining brightly into her room. She goes outside and is astonished by the beautiful view. Tan is awake as well and he prepares to go school when he sees Eun Sang outside. He goes out to his balcony to get a better look and he gazes at the smiling Eun Sang. When Eun Sang turns to go back she sees Tan and their eyes meet. She immediately gives him a bow and stares intently at him. The wind blows and Eun Sang fixes her hair to the side. This is it , Tan is in love!!

Screenshot (705)


Inside, Tan takes his key and Eun Sang asks if he’s going anywhere. He tells her that he’s going to school and Eun Sang wonders if it is the ones you see in movies. Tan jokes “Is it Hogwarts the school of witch craft and wizardry?” Eun Sang laughs and Tan comments that she is laughing again which means that she usually laughs a lot. Eun Sang tells him that she just wants to know about international exchange students. She tells him to wait for her to wash up and pack her bags and Tan asks in panic “Where are you going!?” Eun Sang says that since he’s leaving the house, she should go as well. Eun Sang gives a list of reason that she has to go and Tan is trying hard to cancel each one. He finally convinces her to not go when he offers to bring her to his school.

Screenshot (706)


In the car, Eun Sang looks around in wonder but the sun is too bright for her eyes.Tan offers her sunglasses and tells her to think of it as uniform when she refuses to wear it.  Eun Sang obediently takes it and tells Tan that she is going to stick her hand out the car so tell her when it’s too embarrassing. Tan says that she only has a minute. Eun Sang takes her hand out and smiles like an idiot. Tan can’t help but smile at that.

Screenshot (711)


Tan is at a lecture but he is distracted, looking at Eun Sang who is sitting outside. Then when the professor tells the class about a survey of what is the most beautiful word in the class, this catches Tan’s attention. The most beautiful word voted is “mother”…….Tan’s expression stiffens and he writes mother on his notebook. When the professor asks the class what is the saddest word in English, we have a few answers of death, funeral , Lamar Odam? but we cut to the scene of Eun Sang reading the notebook full of pages of “Dry Cleaning Only”. Aww…..I get it, it is the saddest English word for Eun Sang!

Screenshot (713)


Just when he is going out of the class, the Professor asks  Tan if he is going to turn it in. Tan says that it’s not for turning in but Professor advices that if he turns it in, he might find a new purpose. Outside, Tan finds Eun Sang missing and he looks around for her.  He finds her at the stairs staring at some korean exchange student and she knows that they are having a party tonight. Tan says that it won’t be good anyways. Aww…are you trying to comfort her?

Screenshot (720)


Eun Sang is envious of the students because they have good parents. Eun sang bids Tan farewell as she has to go to find her sister and reclaim her mum’s hard-earn money. Tan offers to go with her because she doesn’t know where to go but she refuses and points to where she thinks is the right place to go. Tan knows he doesn’t and leads her to the opposite way. Eun Sang knows that Tan has classes but he says that he doesn’t like it anyways so he can use her as an excuse. Eun Sang asks him what class it is and he replies “Maths”. Eun Sang answers that she likes maths though and Tan calls her crazy (for liking maths).

Screenshot (723)


Eun Sang and Tan arrive at Eun Seo’s work place to find that she quit and left a message to tell Eun Sang to go back to Korea and not look for her. Eun Sang walks out with her head down, defeated. Eun Seo’s roommate sees Eun Sang and recognizes her as “that bitch’s sister”. Eun Sang demands to know where her sister is but the roommate is too since she took all his money and ran off. When Roommate dude tries to grab Eun Sang but Tan pins him down. Eun Sang is shock and asks if he hit her sister like that too. She tells Tan to hit him for her and he kicks him.

Screenshot (727)



But then two overweighted guys who are the Roommate’s friends came and Tan says on the count of three, 1, 2, – Eun Sang already grabs Tan’s hand and runs for it. They are only jogging but the two friends are already out of breath. Tan asks why they are running and Eun Sang says that he said on the count of three- Tan takes over and tells her that he said on the count of three he will release his hand so go behind him. Tan reassures Eun Sang that the two friends will never be able to catch them.

From afar, the two guys shouts “I’m going to kill you!” but Tan says in Korean ” Say that after you catch up with me!” Ha! kinda lousy though:P He then says that him growing old is quicker than them catching him. Double ha! Eun Sang wonders if they will understand since he is saying it in korean but Tan tells her that he is saying it in korean so she won’t be scared anymore. Awww……someone get this boy here right now! Why is he so freaking adorable?

Screenshot (729)


Tan gets a call and it’s from Rachael. Eun Sang grabs him hand and tells him that it’s not the time to take a call when she sees that the friends have caught up with them. Tan flicks her hand away and tells her that it hasn’t been the right time for anything since yesterday. When he realizes what he did, Tan apologizes and explains to Eun sang that the call is from a customer asking for organic drugs. He knows it’s the time anyways and grabs Eun Sang’s hand to run, leaving one of the friends to take inhaler and the other to drink. Okay~ I’m not sure if the American fans will like it. It is hilarious but it’s harsh…….

Screenshot (733)


At the other end of the phone, Rachael is fuming as her call is yet again, ignored. It doesn’t help when she gets a call from her mum, pestering her to tell Tan about her remarriage.We then find out that Young Do and Tan used to be best friends…….hmm……….

Screenshot (736)


At his Dad’s hotel, Young Do is washing dishes. The manager comes in and tells Young Do to warm the plates before serving them. Young Do drops the plate he is washing and asks the manager “Manager, do I look like I’m in a good mood?” Dude no offense but you are never in a good mood. Then Young Do finds out that the VIP guests are politician so he drops what he is doing despite the manager’s protest and goes to serve the VIPs himself.

Screenshot (739)


A new character is introduced and he is Lee Hyo Shin (Kang Haneul) who is dining with his dad, the chief Prosecutor and his family who are all very successful in laws and justice department. They are discussing Hyo Shin’s college exams and we can all tell that failure is not expected in him. Young Do comes in and it’s scary how quickly he changes. He’s all nice and polite and he serves them water. When he gets to Hyo Shin, he fills it up to its rim and from this we know that there is tension between the two.

Screenshot (742)


Young Do goes back to his room in the hotel and Hyo Shin calls to the door to borrow the bathroom. He seems okay outside but when he enters the bathroom he starts throwing up uncontrollably. He comes out of the bathroom and Young Do asks if he’s not afraid that he is caught by him but Hyo Min says that he prefer to not get caught by Daddy. And besides, he knows more of Young Do’s secret than he knows of his.

Screenshot (745)


Eun Sang brings Tan a cup of Americano as a treat. She tells him that she has taken so long because she wants to give him some time alone to talk to the customer who wants drugs.  She takes a sip and overreacts so Tan tells her to stop. She tells him to bear with her since she has come a long way to American so she ought to have Americano and besides she wants to make good memories or else she will only have bad memories of the States. Then Tan cutely asks if she is sure that she only has bad memories. Awww…….you think she thinks of you as a bad memory.

Screenshot (749)


Eun Sang is thinking hard for memories when she sees girls taking pictures and thinks of a way she can get home. She borrows Tan’s phone and messages Chan Young online since she doesn’t have her phone number. Tan wants to know who she is messaging-Is it her boyfriend? She says that it’s a friend that she respects. Tan says that there is no respect in friendship. Ha! that reminds me of Bo-Na. Eun Sang tells Tan to inform her when there is a message. Tan asks what she will do when there is no response but Eun Sang is confident that Chan young will reply.

Screenshot (752)


Tan drops Eun Sang to his house and goes back for his car which he has left when he was running away from the two Americans. He looks at Eun Sang’s social online site and finds out that her name is Cha Eun Sang. He is glued to the screen as he reads her every day posts. He finds out that she has many part time jobs and her eccentric taste in movies.

Screenshot (755)


He then comes across this message that says “Annoying Customer No.1” with Chan Young’s photo attached to it. He knows that he is the guy he is looking for. Then we have a comedic scene as we see Tan’s interpretation of the conversation between Chan Young and Eun Sang displayed on a split screen. Tan comments at every one of their comments. Chan Young-“Is an annoying customer this cute” Tan:”Is he crazy?”and Eun Sang: “Get Lost”, Tan:” That’s right!”

He thinks that there’s no way Eun Sang and Chan Young are just friends and when he scrolls back up, he sees a message: “I hate my mother who works so hard, I hope Empire Group goes bankrupt.” The cop that has taken Eun Sang’s passport comes and gives Tan Eun Sang’s passport. He says that there must be some misunderstanding and Tan answers bitterly that it’s not his first time.

Screenshot (761)


Bo Na is with Young Do and his buddy and she complains about Chan Young who isn’t answering her call. Young Do flirts with her, saying that she is totally his type when she is clinging. This saddens his buddy who seems to have a crush on Bo Na. Bo Na calls again and this time Chan Young answers. He is at a book store and when he goes to pay at the cashier who is a woman, Bo Na hears her voice and gives a fit. Bo Na tells Chan Young to check his SNS (oh~so it’s called SNS) but Chan Young says that he has turn it off so he can concentrate on his studies. Bo Na nags him and he agrees to check it. When he does, he sees the message that Eun Sang left him and he calls her but no one answers.

Screenshot (764)


Eun Sang packs her bag and is going when she sees Rachael. She asks who she is and why she is here but instead of answering, Rachael asks her the same questions. When she learns that Eun Sang has stayed for the night she fumes and knocks Eun Sang’s suitcase down the stairs. When Eun Sang takes her luggage and is about to go, Rachael orders her to open her luggage so she can make sure that she hasn’t stolen anything. Eun Dang agrees with her and open it but Rachael is far beyond that, she flips the whole luggage over, leaving all the stuff scatter around the floor. Eun Sang repacks her stuff in tears.

Seriously? where the hell is the sassy you who told the perverted ajussi off? If I would’ve been there , I’d slap the hell out of the b!tch already! Anyways, Eun Sang is now sitting outside in the park with her suitcase, looking at how happy others are. She then gets up and walks away with the suitcase in her hand.

Screenshot (765)


Back in Seoul, Bo Na is anxious as she hasn’t gotten Chan young’s call. Young Do suggests dumping Chan Young and dating his buddy Myung Soo instead but Bo Na rejects him three times. The atmosphere is fun and full of jokes until Myung Soo mentions Tan. Bo Na disses him for bringing up Tan. Seriously! Why does everybody hate Tan? What did he do?

Screenshot (766)


Eun Sang goes to a travel agency to buy a ticket to go back to Seoul but she forgets about that her sister has stolen her money. She also forgets about her passport so she can’t get her flight ticket.

Screenshot (769)


Back home, Tan finds his fiance there but Eun Sang is missing. He interrogates Rachael and learns that she has told Eun Sang that they are engaged. Rachael is upset that they haven’t met for months but he only cares about Eun Sang now. She also wants to know why he doesn’t come to get her from the airport when he knows that she has come. He replies that it’s too hot and Rachael argues that he could have gone to Korea since it’s autumn there. for this he reply is that it’s too far. Rachael wonders why he engages to her then and his respond is that he thinks for him to not marry her later, her has to at least engage her now. Aww……now I kinda feel sorry for Rachael.  Just then the door bell rings

Screenshot (772)


It’s Eun Sang and she has come back for the cop’s card as she needs her passport. Rachael tells her that she threw it in the bin outside the gate and despite Tan’s attempt to stop her since he has her passport, Eun Sang runs off looking for the card without listening properly to Tan. Tan finds out that Rachael hasn’t even seen the card and got cross, telling her to not interfere with his business before running to Eun Sang. Eun Sang is looking desperately for the card in the bin and breaks into tears when she can’t find it. Tan finds her crying and she tells him that she has come to the US for a better life but she end up next to a trash can again. At that, Tan feels bad and apologizes, finally gives her the passport.

Screenshot (775)


Just then a taxi arrives and a gang of people comes out of it looking for someone. They spot Tan and Eun Sang. Tan realizes that they are different from they ones they’ve met before and grabs Eun Sang to run. They run for what seems like miles and end up hiding in a cinema. They decide to stay and watch the movie.

Screenshot (780)

After a while, Tan is leaned back with his eyes closed and Eun Sang says that she doesn’t understand what they are saying. Tan tells her that the woman in the movie is checking the guy’s identity. Eun Sang is startled because she thinks that Tan is asleep. Tan continues to translate the dialogue for her then he goes off topic and tells her that he met a woman yesterday and her name is Cha Eun Sang.

Eun San wonders how he know her name and Tan continues “I’m very curious about Cha Eun Sang” He turns to Eun Sang and asks “By any chance, do I like you? They stare at each other intently and the episode finishes.



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