The Heirs Episode 1 Recap~


Title: The Heirs


  • Lee Min Ho as Kim Tan
  • Park Shin Hye as Cha Eun Sang
  • Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do
  • Kang Min Hyuk as Yoon Chan Young
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Kim Won
  • Kang Ha Neul as Lee Hyo Shin
  • Krystal as Lee Bo Na 
  • Kim Ji Won as Rachael Yoo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Jo Myung Soo
  • Jeon Soo Jin as Kang Ye-Sol
  • Lim Ju Eun as Teacher Jeon Hyun-Joo
  • Kim Sung Ryoung as Han Ki-Ae

Episode 1:


So for the first two minutes of the show, we basically have Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) showing off his surfing skills at a Californian beach. He walks up to his group of friends after he is done and tells one of his friends, Jay that he is going to shower first. Yay!!! already a shower scene. I bet there’s more coming ;D


He is in deep thoughts while he is showering. He recalls his last farewell with his brother, it was simple, short, and honest. We move to a scene in a room where small Kim Tan is talking to his brother (Kim Tan played by Choi Jin Hyuk). Brother tells him to do whatever he wants and that that’s what rich heirs do- live life the way they want, without a dream. He tells Kim Tan to just stay abroad and don’t return. Kim Tan then says that he knows then that he is not studying abroad but being exiled.


He is now in a cafe and a Korean waitress (I know because she spoke Korean) serves him a cup of coffee. His friend Jay is sitting across from him and he is asking Tan why he doesn’t hate his family who never takes his side. Tan looks out the window and answers in his head “To hate someone, I’m too lazy.”


Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) is bullying a fellow classmate with 2 of his other friends in what seems like a storage room/P.E. hall.  He is throwing a ball at the wall behind the frightened student while asking if he will miss him since now it’s vacation. When the boy doesn’t answer, Young Do throws the ball at him and poor guy screams in pain.


One of Young Do’s friends tells him to tone it down cuz people might think they are bullying the boy(you are.) Young Do’s face stiffens and he tells his friend to stand in front of the wall. He did and instead of hitting the friend himself, he tells the student to throw the ball.Dude is left with no choice- either he throws the ball at the friend and get hit by him or not throw the ball and offends Young Do. But no in reality poor guy will still be the same because when he grows up Young Do will still be his boss.

Dude finally snaps and throws it at Young Do which misses him and smashes the mirror behind instead. Young Do compliments him and wishes him a nice vacation before he leaves. As Young Do walks out, we can see in the background that the dude is beaten up.


Young Do is at a motorcycle store and our girl Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) arrives in with the delivery chicken. An ajussi starts flirting with her and he won’t give her the money. Eun Sang doesn’t chicken out and instead calls the police. Get it? Chicken out~ haha….okay, maybe it’s not that funny:/ Ajussi freaks out and gives her the money (you should’ve done that in the first place!). Young Do seems to take an interest in Eun Sang as he watches her storm out.


In a cafe, Eun Sang is busy with her work and when she finally takes a break, she sits down next to her childhood friend, Yoon Chan Young (Kang Min Hyuk). Chan Young hands her an umbrella because he knows that on her way home from her part time job tonight, it will rain. He advises her to get a boyfriend but of course Eun Sang wouldn’t have time with all her part time jobs.


A piercing voice fills the air and it comes from Lee Bo Na (Krystal), Chan Young’s girlfriend. She orders Eun Sang to stop seducing her boyfriend and since Eun Sang knows Bo Na very well, she starts complimenting her in a back-answering way leaving Bo Na with nothing to talk back at. Bo Na flounces out, dragging Chan Young with her. I love Eun Sung! She’s such a badass and smart at the same time!

Outside, Bo Na complains about Eun Sang and how she hates her. Chan Young tells her to calm down because Eun Sang and him has been friends for half of his life. BoNa doesn’t believe it, she thinks no boys or girls can be simply friends in their teenage years.


On her way home, Eun Sang complain about Bo Na to her sister in the voice message. She thinks that her sister is lucky she can go to USA and asks her about school. However, at the other end in USA, we see that sister Cha Eun Seo (Yoon Jin Seo) is arguing with her roommate and he slaps Eun Seo when she calls him trash.


After Eun Sang finishes the call, it starts raining. She has to run to the outside of a shop as the umbrella Chan Young has given her doesn’t open up. She turns and see the dream catchers in the shop’s window display. Suddenly she sees a flash of light from the tiny bead on the dream catch and the umbrella opens up.


We are now at Chan Young’s house and he is cooking with his dad. Aww~ that is the cutest thing ever! Chan Young starts lecturing his dad about cooking techniques but he immediately shuts up when his dad challenges him to say it all in English. Ha! Cha Young is gonna be going to USA to study and his dad asks if he has break the news to Bo Na and Eun Sang- Bo Na, yes and she is making a fuss.- Eun Sang, no because she is busy with her part time jobs.


Eun Sang’s mum is working in the Jeguk Family’s house and she is warned by her co-worker that madame is in a grumpy mood because her son isn’t picking up his phone. Madame is not happy with her dinner and we learn that Eun Sang’s mum is mute as she writes on a notepad that she will prepare another one. Madame drinks the wine in frustration.

The other maid comes in to inform Madame that the President(Kim Won) is back and Madame immediately spits the wine back into the cup (eww!). However, it is a false alarm as she then tells us that the President went straight back to his room.Madame is startled when Eun Sang’s mum suddenly took her cup of wine and poor it into her soup. It turns out that Won is just coming in as he wants the maid to clean his house again.

Screenshot (539)Screenshot (540)


Since she doesn’t want to waste the food Eun Sang’s mum brings home Madame’s leftovers for Eun Sang for dinner. Eun Sang snaps because she thinks that she is like the trashcan of the family. She goes into her room and swears under her breath that Eun Seo is the only one who is living in luxury. Mum comes in and promises to not bring home the leftovers again. She wants Eun Sang to go to the bank to send all of her accounts money ($8300) to Eun Seo because she is getting married.

Screenshot (542)Screenshot (541)


We move into an office and we have Rachael Yoo (Kim Ji Won), Kim Tan’s fiance talking to her mother who is getting remarried. Her mum tells her to get change to have lunch with her and her husband-to-be and reminds her before leaving to wear flats because her husband-to-be is short(ha!)

Screenshot (544)


Outside, Eun Sang urges her mum to tell her more about her Unnie’s husband. Her mum tells her that he is kind and hard-working. Eun Sang wonders if her Unnie is inviting them to her wedding but Mum tells her not to go because they will only interrupt her. Eun Sang snaps and her eyes fill with tears as she comments on how hard it has been after her Unnie left. She tells her mum that she will bring the money to Unnie in person before rushing of to her part time job.

Screenshot (546)


Young Do and his Dad are having a family lunch with Rachael and her Mum. The meal was quite normal until Rachael’s mum asks Young Do to take care of Rachael from now on. Young Do replies “Of course! She is totally my type and the table becomes silent. Young Do gets up to leave but his Dad tells him to stay. When he doesn’t, Dad slaps hard across his face. Wow, no wonders why Young Do is so violent! It’s from his Dad:/ Dad apologizes for Young Do but Rachael leaves, saying that she will expect the apology from Young Do instead.

Screenshot (551) Screenshot (552)

Rachael walks outside and finds Young Do and his motorcycle. So he bought it after all~ She says that the only reason she is there is to get the hell out of the shitty meal with her “family” and tells him that he who hates Kim Tan must disapprove of her engagement with Kim Tan as well since he will be brother-in-law with Kim Tan. Just as she is leaving, Young Do tells her that he actually doesn’t disapprove her engagement at all. This is quite a bit of shock to Rachael and she turns around demanding the reason. He explains to her the reason and coolly drives away with his motorcycle.

Screenshot (554)Screenshot (555)


Eun Sang is working part-time in a restaurant washing dishes. How many part time jobs do you have!?!!She works very hard but the mountain of dirty plates beside her never seem to reduce. She starts crying when a waitress dumps the dirty dishes into her clean sink without looking. After work, her boss gives her her hard-earned money and praises her for her hard work.

Screenshot (562)


After going to the bank and exchanging money, Eun Sang tells her mum that she will quickly go and return.  When Eun Sang replaces the notebooks (the one that her mum uses at work) in the cupboard, she took out the used notebook and looks through it. She realizes how hard it is for mum at work and one page particularly strikes her the most ,causing tears to run down her cheeks- there’s a page that says “Please don’t get mad at me Madame, I’m not good at english but I will remember it as fast as possible.” then we just see pages and pages of “Dry Cleaning Only”. Eun Sang writes on the new notebook “I’m sorry, Umma.” and Mum is making bean powder for Eun Sang to bring with her to the US.

Screenshot (564)Screenshot (568)


Rachael is packing her luggage to go to the Us to find Kim Tan while still arguing with her mum about her remarriage. Her mum is not happy that Rachael is the one going to find Rachael, not the other way around but she tells Rachael to send her greetings to Kim Tan before she leaves.  Rachael calls somebody on the phone.

Screenshot (570)Screenshot (572)


Meanwhile in Kim Tan’s house in California, he is having deep thoughts again but this time he seems to be writing it down in a diary. He mentions that his life is the same as his brother said, he just played and ate so that’s why the cops are on a lookout for him, he is gathering a lot of attention in school and he can make his mother who is in Seoul cry. Just as he finishes, his friend Jay comes in with his phone that is ringing. It is his fiance. Oh~ so that’s who Rachael is calling! He doesn’t answer the phone and explains that he already knows that Rachael is either going on the plane, on the plane or already in the US since it will be their engagement anniversary soon. (Is it just me or is the way Lee Min Ho says “already” really hot?!) Anyway he and Jay goes out to surf again because I quote ” I’m too lazy to celebrate it(anniversary)”.

Screenshot (573)Screenshot (582)


Eun Sang arrives in the airport in the US and recognizes a Korean the minute she walks out of the building. The Korean is Rachael who has just arrived in the US as well and she is talking to her mum on the phone. She lies that she has already seen Tan and that he grew taller and tanner because of the sun in California. Rachael notices that Eun Sang is staring at her and when she tells her mum that Tan says that she got prettier, she sees Eun Sang smirking at that. Eun Sang turns to go but Rachael calls her back and when Rachael asks why she is sniggering, she pretends to be Japanese but Rachael breaks her lies straight away. Eun Sang has no choice but to apologize and explains that she laughed because she thought that she is the only one unwanted here.

Screenshot (588)Screenshot (592)


Eun Sang looks over the beach on a bridge and sees girls in bikinis. She comments that she is really abroad then she self-consciously looks down at her top. She thinks it’s because of the different food they eat. On the other hand, Tan is just back from surfing and he notice Eun Sang at the corner of his eye. When he puts down surf board and looks over at the bridge, he sees that she is leaving. Jay invites Tan to a party but Tan refuses saying that he has some thinking to do.

Screenshot (595)Screenshot (593)



Eun Sang arrives at hes sister’s place but finds a foreign woman opening the door.  Eun Seo’s roommate comes out and recognizes Eun Sang and Eun Seo’s sister. She is invited in and she sees the state of the house. She then learns from the roommate guy that Eun Seo doesn’t go to school and she isn’t getting married. Eun Sang is furious that her sister is lying and demands to know where her sister is.

Kim Won is at a meeting with the managers of the company who tell him that the sales rate has gone down for the premium hall. They suggest changing the target to normal families instead of people with top 10% income .Kim Won is not satisfied and he basically tells us that he knows that his Dad has eyes within the company behind his back. Chan Young’s dad is one of them.

Screenshot (603)Screenshot (606)

Eun Sang arrives outside the cafe beside the beach where Eun Seo works. Tan is at the cafe as well and he is writing in his diary again. Eun Sang stares as Eun Seo serves Tan and he notices her again. Tan keeps his gaze on Eun Sang but she doesn’t realize it because she is too busy glaring at her sister. Eventually Tan realizes that Eun Sang is staring at Eun Seo.  When Eun Sang sees how Eun Seo flirt with the customers of the cafe, she starts tearing up. Tan watches Eun Sang the whole time and Eun Seo finally realize that her sister has arrived in the US when she looks to what Tan is staring at.

Screenshot (609)Screenshot (611)


Outside the cafe, Eun Seo confronts her sister and asks about Mum. Eun Sang is angry and screams at her for lying but Eun Seo just took Eun Sang’s luggage to look for money. Eun Sang snaps and pushes her sister away when Eun Seo throws Mum’s notebook on the ground while looking for the money. Eun Seo tells Eun Sang to cover up for her one more time before running away with the money. Eun Sang chases after her sister while crying but decides to go back to her luggage when Eun Seo has gone so far.  Tan watches the whole thing.

Screenshot (612)Screenshot (613)


Jay sees Eun Sang after looking at what Tan has been staring at. He notices a bag of powder and rushes to “help” Eun Sang. However, after he handed her a pair of shoes form the ground, he runs off with the powder thinking that it’s drug. Eun Sang chases after him but it’s too late he falls and the bag of bean powder rips open. Jay chokes on the powder and Tan orders Eun Sang to call 911.

Screenshot (616)Screenshot (619)


At the hospital, we know that Jay will be fine and it’s only a allergic reaction. Alone Tan asks why Eun Sung has bean powder around with her. Eun Sang doesn’t know why Tan is mad when clearly it is his friend who caused the trouble. Tan says that it is her fault that he is troubled. The cop talks to Eun Sang about the bean powder which is suspected as drugs. Eun Sang doesn’t really understand him but we have Tan to the rescue! He tells the cop that Eun Sang is his girlfriend and that she is staying with him. Unfortunately though, he makes things worse because the cop says that he would’ve believed Eun Sang but since he is involved, the cop has to confiscate Eun Sang’s passport. Oooh~ so Tan is in trouble with the cops before?!!

Screenshot (620)


Alone, Eun Sang asks to borrow Tan’s phone to ring her sister and Tan wonders if her sister will answer her call after the big fight. Eun Sang is surprised to know that he saw the incident. Eun Sang then asks Tan to drop her to Eun Seo house and offers to pay for the ride and the phone call. Tan wonders if Eun Sang is rich.

Screenshot (622)


They arrive at Eun Seo’s house but no one answers the door when Eun Sang knocks it a few times. Tan asks what Eun Sang is going to do and she plans on waiting until her sister comes back. Tan warns her about how dangerous it is at night but Eun Sang insists on waiting. Tan gives up and drives away.

Screenshot (625)Screenshot (629)

Eun Sang is sitting at the doorsteps alone when a bunch of guys passes by and whistles at her. She is scared and hides behind the stairs. She then can’t take it anymore and walks away when she notices car lights behind her. She slowly turns to look and sees that Tan has come back for her. The episode ends with Tan asking Eun Sang “Want to go to my house?”


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