My Opinion on The Master’s Sun Episode 17~


Title: The Master’s Sun

Main Cast:

  • So Ji Sub as Joo Joong-Won 
  • Kong Hyo Jin as Tae Kong-Sil
  • Seo In Guk as Kang Woo
  • Kim Yoo Ri as Tae Yi Ryung

My Opinions:


Gong Sil is so stupid!!! I mean just because you want to prove that you don’t see ghosts anymore doesn’t mean you can drink alcohol! What if Joong Won doesn’t chase after you and you ended up committing a crime somewhere you don’t know as a ghost? This is pretty much back to a year ago and I actually love it because I’ve always wanted to see some more of Gong Sil being possessed.                                                                                    P.S. Am I the only one that notice that Gong Sil woke up in a different outfit? She was wearing a black dress when she was dining with Joong Won but then she woke up in a nude-coloured dress.


I couldn’t believe that Sung Ran is pregnant. She is like forty something to fifty! I didn’t know you can have baby at that age. She seems pretty shock too so my surprised reaction is legitimate. I love what Gong Sil told her about love. That is going to me my quote of the day!


There was so much going on that I totally forgot about the ghosts. Now that we find out about the trashcan ajussi ghosts I feel really bad. I love the way we find out about him because he was kinda Joong won’s only friend ghost.It’s so sweet to see Joong Won who was so stingy with money at the start of the drama pay for the ghost’s daughter’s wedding just because of their friendship. He is right, he really did change.


I really think Gong Ri should get more scenes. She and Han Woo are just adorable in this drama. The thing they said about soul mates in the last scene is very clever cuz then we see Gong Sil’s first meeting with Joong Won and she said she actually felt something so it’s the screenwriter’s way of saying that Gong Sil and Joong Won are soul mates.


Aww….now Kang Woo is willing to step into Yi Ryung’s world. It’s funny how he needs that much courage since when he stepped into Gong Sil’s world which is full of ghosts he fears, it didn’t seem as hard for him to me. I guess Gong Sil was very important to him:P (haha……sorry but I just need to come up with at least something about him and Gong Sil so my heart doesn’t get completely open.


I didn’t enjoy the push and pull thing between Joong Won and Gong Sil in this drama but I guess they have to since they need something to fill in for the episode. The way it was done wasn’t bad so I won’t complain that much and besides I really like the bit when Gong Sil was drunk so yeah…..I’m fine with it.


It’s finally the end but the ending was a bit weird to me. I was okay with the formal-invitation-dinner and the talk but then when they were talking about Steve Jobs, I was dumbfounded. I kinda expected the ending to be like the scene with Gong Sil and Kang Woo. I imagined Gong Sil kissing with Joong Won and the camera does a 360 spin revealing ghosts that surrounds them while clapping hands and cheering for them. Ah well, this ending is good too. At least I got the kissing bit right:D

What do you think of the ending of this drama? Do you like it? What did you imagined it would be? Tell me in the comments below:D Thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoy my post^^


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