TVB Drama: Always and Ever Episode 5 Recap~


Main Cast:

  • Bobby Au-Yeung as Pao Cheng(13th Century); Wah Long-Biu, an inspector (1950s);Circle Yuen, a police inspector from CIB (modern                                          era)
  • Esther Kwan as Hon Seung-Seung (Han Shang-shang), a talented scholar (13th Century); Tin Chau-Fung, a triad leader’s wife (1960s);                                   Phoenix Yeung, a reporter (modern era)
  • Mandy Wong as Tin Chau-Ngan, an exotic dancer (1950s); a police officer (modern era)
  • Ngo Ka-Nin as  Yuen Kwai, a police officer (1950s); Circle Yuen’s father (modern era)
  • Ben Wong as Ko Kai-On (Kao Chi-an) (13th Century)
  • Rebecca Zhu as Lam Yim-Fong, an exotic dancer (1950s)
  • Derek Kok as Cho Pao (1950s)
  • Chiang Chi-kwong as Advisor Gongsun (Kung-sun), a royal political advisor (13th Century)
  • Benjamin Yuen as Chin Chiu (Chan Chao), a royal guard (13th Century)
  • Christine Kuo as Princess Hing Sau (Princess Ching-shou) (13th Century)
  • JJ Jia as Consort Yin (13th Century)
  • Vivien Yeo as  Consort Suk (Consort Shu) (13th Century)

Episode 5:


Sheung Sheung is looking at the evidence of Consort Yin’s case in her study. Kai On walks in and tells her to stop investigating because the Emperor is upset enough. He says that he believes in Consort Yin’s innocence too but tells her to not be influenced by Pao and his gang. He invites her to dinner but she refuses, saying that she needs to do some kind of poem for the Princess.


The Emperor wakes up in the middle of the night and he sees the dead Crown Prince’s “ghost”. Ghost Crown Prince tells his Emperor-daddy that there is another “royal blood” left in Jok Zji San. In the morning, Kai On goes to see the Emperor. He tells the Emperor that there is an exceptionally bright star hovering over Jok Zji San. Emperor really believes that he has a son somewhere in Jok Zji San and orders Kai On to go and check it with Pao and Sheung Sheung.


On the way to Jok Zji San, Pao keeps on flirting with Sheung Sheung by telling her jokes and giving her wild flowers he picked. They arrive at a wooden house and find the person with the “moon” birthmark there. His name is Lang Ching and his mother( Hon Dan) was a maid in the palace.


Sheung Sheung and Pao go to the room where they store the records of the place servants and search for Hon Dan’s information. Hon Dan was really the palace maid and she left the palace 23 years ago.


Pao and Sheung Sheung go to a deserted house where Hon Dan used to live. They find this secret compartment and inside is a baby clothing with what they assumed to be the embroidery from the palace. Now they all think that Lang Ching is the lost royal baby.


Pao tells Chin Chiu to go back to the palace first. He fakes having a sore leg so Sheung Sheung goes and treats his leg. It turns out that it is Phoenix’s birthday and Pao wants to celebrate it with Sheung Sheung because they look so alike. Phoenix agrees and she reveals that she doesn’t know her birthday since she’s an orphan. Pao promises to make her a birthday cake every year from then so now it is her birthday as well.


Sheung Sheung and Pao shows the Emperor the baby clothing they found. The Emperor confirms it as a gift given by him. The Emperor decides to go to Jok Zji San himself to find the “Prince”.

Screenshot (458)

The Emperor and the others arrive at the wooden house but there is no one there. Sheung Sheung sees Lang Ching out side with Kai On. Kai On is on his knees , begging Lang Ching’s “mother”(the grave) to let him bring Lang Ching back to the palace. Lang Ching agrees to go with him. The Emperor is touched by Kai On’s loyalty.

pScreenshot (461)

The Emperor introduces Lang Ching as the Crown Prince to his subject. He then renames him as Zhiu Cheng. He orders Kai On, Pao , Sheung Sheung and Chin Chiu to teach Zhiu Cheng various palace skills. He decides to grant Pao a wish for finding the “Prince” and Pao wishes for Sheung Sheung………………………….’s bow and arrow that she invented. When Pao pauses at Sheung Sheung, everyone looks at him with the “oh no you didn’t” face. It was hilarious……XD Kai On is promoted as the highest rank official ( don’t know what that is in english but it is somewhere along the line of the head of the Emperor’s advisers ). Pao is suspicious of  Zhiu Cheng and Kao On’s relationship.

Screenshot (467)

At night, Pao and his guards are having a feast. Pao seems to be sad and one of the guards suggests that it’s because Kai On is promoted. Pao denies and drags Adviser Gongsun aside, asking him how to woo a girl. He advises him to stick with things she’s interested in and in this case is music. Pao decides to gather all the instruments he has and form a band with his minions.

Screenshot (470)

When Zhiu Cheng is practicing shooting arrows with the Princess and the second Prince, he asks the Princess to help him and he looks at her in a perverted way. The Princess is freaked out and backs away. When they are studying literature with Pao and Sheung Sheung, Zhiu Cheng falls asleep. The Royal Siblings are told to do calligraphy, Zhiu Cheng pretends that he doesn’t know how to do it and asks the Princess to help him. This time, the Princess ignores him. Pao offers to teach him and finds his hands exceptionally smooth for a person who used to cut wood for a living.

Screenshot (471)

Pao is suspicious and he re-examine the proof that confirms Zhiu Cheng as the “Prince”. He finds out that around 9 months before Zhiu Cheng is born, the Emperor was actually away for the year at war so it’s impossible for him to be born. He then looks at the document that states the year Hon Dan left the palace and finds that the ink that is used to write Hon Dan’s name is new compared to the other names. This confirms that Zhiu Cheng is not the Prince.

Screenshot (474)

Sheung Sheung is showing Zhiu Cheng the weapons. Pao arrives with snacks and Sheung Sheung leaves. Pao tries to test Zhiu Cheng by giving him some so-called bamboo shoots from Jok Zhi San and asking him some questions about Hon Dan. Zhiu Cheng knows that he is testing him. Zhiu Cheng takes a dagger with him and leaves. On his way out, Sheung Sheung tells him to resume his lessons but he tells her that he is sick and has to go back to his room. Sheung Sheung finds her dagger missing and is worried. She gets an invitation from Kai On to dinner.

Screenshot (478)

Zhiu Cheng is looking for Kai On but of course he can’t because Kai On is out waiting for Sheung Sheung to dine together. Sheung Sheung is looking for Pao but discovers that Zhiu Cheng has ordered Pao to meet with him. She goes out to town looking for Pao but is stopped by Kai On on the way. Kai On drags her to a restaurant because he has something important to talk to her about.

Screenshot (484)

Kai On thanks Sheung Sheung because he said he can be what he is today thanks to her. He says that he has a crush on her since he was 15 and he swears to marry her one day but when they grew up Sheung Sheung is very high rank and he’s ashamed. So he vows to be the highest rank official and when he does, he will propose to Sheung Sheung. Sheung Sheung however, doesn’t like him at all and rejects the proposal. Her excuse is that his family raised her and she is too lowly for him.

Screenshot (492)

Zhiu Cheng is dining with Pao. He keeps pouring Pao wine so he can stab him with the dagger he has hidden under his sleeves when he drinks. Pao knows better and warns him about a bat that is behind him. While Zhiu Cheng turns around, Pao threw away his cup of wine. However, Zhiu Cheng pours him another cup of wine and this time Pao has no choice but to drink it. Zhiu pulls out the dagger and stabs Pao.


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