Kdrama Review: Dating Agency Cyrano~


Title: Dating Agency Cyrano

Main Cast:

  • Lee Jong Hyuk as Seo Byung Hoon
  • Sooyoung as Kong Min Young
  • Lee Chun Hee as Cha Seung Pyo aka. Master
  • Hong Jong Hyeon as Moo Jin
  • Jo Yoon Woo as A-rang
  • Kim Jung Hwa as Yoon Yi Seol
  • Ha Yeon Joo as Hye Ri

My Rating: 9/10 Turtles


Seo Byung Hoon was a theatrical director but now he work as the leader of the Dating Agency Cyrano. His best friend died in an accident and feeling guilty, he decides to save the theater his friend left behind. Since the theater is in debt, the only way for Byung Hoo to save the theater is to form Cyrano Agency and pay back the loan.

Kong Min Young is a romanticist. She believes true love is found no matter what age, social status, religion, etc. you have so she quits the dating agency she worked at that only match couples within their “class” and joins Cyrano Agency. Due to different personalities and opinions of love, she often argues with Byung Hoon.

Cha Seung Pyo is a chef of his own restaurant that is situated beside Cyrano Agency. He seems to have great interest in Min Young.

My thoughts:


This drama is so fun to watch. It is full of romance and comedy just like the book ” Forgive my Fins”.(in terms of genre) It is really cool the way it is based on a play which is the first time I see it in an Asian drama. They are normally based on anime or Asian myths.


I think Soo Young did an exceptionally well job. I was already looking out for her from “3rd Hospital” and she didn’t disappoint me at all. I especially like her crying scenes, they are very realistic. I think Soo Young is one of the best idol actresses out in the industry. Of course, other actors did well as well but whenever there is an idol in a drama, it is always the idol’s acting people are concerned about. They kinda expect the actors to be good and wonder about the idol’s acting.


Did I mention how good this drama is? It hooked me right from the first episode! The start of it was already racey. There was a lot of flirting at the start so I didn’t expect Byung Hoon’s character to have scars in his relationship before. I’m very surprised at Byung Hoon and Min Young’s chemistry in the drama. I mean nothing is wrong but it’s just that when I see them together at the beginning in the poster, it’s like walking on the street and spot a couple that doesn’t seem to match each other at all.


Of course for the typical korean drama, I shipped Min Young and Seung Pyo. It was just so cute the way Min Young calls Seung Pyo “Master”. At first I found it a bit weird and thought maybe Min Young doesn’t get it or that the screenwriter is a troll but it seems normal in Korea. The reason I found it weird was because in animes, usually “Master” is an address for customers who go to a maid cafe.


Well in this drama even though it’s full of romance, the romance doesn’t have a happy ending until the very end. Even romance for the Moo Jin and Hye Ri. It’s very ironic the way the members of the Cyrano Agency help others to get together but they can’t themselves. I still love the mini love stories in this drama though. My favorite one is the one with Lee Kwang Soo but I find the one with the librarian-vet extremely hilarious.

I think this drama is suitable for a lot of people since it has mini romance stories within the main one so even if people don’t like the main one there are still others available. For me I actually love all of them except the one with Taemin. I just don’t feel the love as deep as other ones.

I would recommend this drama to Soo Young’s fans AND anti-fans. I think the an-ti fans will find something they like about Soo Young after they watch the drama. I personally like Taeyeon the best out of SNSD but after this Soo Young is already fighting her way to the No.2 space in my bias list. I would also recommend this to people who wants a fun and comedic drama to watch. This is definitely one that you laugh-your-a$$-off at.

If you already watch the drama, tell me what you think in the comments:D If you didn’t,….well you can tell me what you think of my review:) Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my review^^


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