Anime Review: Yumekui Merry/ Dream Eater Merry~


Title: Yumekui Merry/Dream Eater Merry

My Rating: 8/10 turtles


Yumeji Fujiwara is no ordinary boy. He has the power to see people’s aura which can determine what dream they have next. He has strange dreams of cats chasing him and according to the leading of the crowd of cats, John Doe, he is special. One day a girl named Merry fall on top of him. Merry is actually a dream demon who was banished to the human world and she has no memories of her past. The only thing she wants is to return home. Yumeji decided to to help her. On the other hand, in the dream world, an evil dream demon, Pharos Hercules is planning to invade the human world by planting dream demons in the human world. Now Yumeji and Merry have to fight together to save their friends and their dream.

My Thoughts:


This anime is really worth watching. The animation is amazing and the plot is good. I actually watched this anime without even reading the summary because the visual was really good. *don’t kill me:P* but I think for some reason the previews were hilarious! The dramatic music and the solemn script, I burst out laughing everytime I watch the previews xD.


There wasn’t really any romance in it except the fact that we know that Isana has a crush on Yumeji and their friends tease them about it but that’s all. You can’t really see the slightest bit of intimate relationship in there. You can argument with Yumeji and Merry but there isn’t any heart-beats-faster moments for them at all except the way Merry got really angry at Engi when Yumeji got slashed by a sword for her.That’s all. I wish I can see more relationship in this anime but I suppose this anime is more “dream” focused.


All the characters in this anime is very interesting but we never really get to see more of their past. I mean I still don”t know what Merry is and why she is in the human  world at the end. I wish I know why Yumeji is the “special” one who can see the dream auras. I also wish to know more about John Doe. He is one hell of a weird guy and I have a feeling he has more of an important role in the anime but yea……we just don’t know him that much. He only appeared in 2 episodes:( Pharos Hercules who was supposed to be the main villain didn’t appear at all so I was confused at the end as to who is the main villain.


This is another one of those animes where there is an awkward ending. This is the type of ending that you see when there is a second season for the anime but there isn’t for this anime. All the ending is is that they beat the ultimate villain and then Merry didn’t even get to go back to the dream world. There is just too much unsolved riddles for this to be ending. I think they are trying to compress too much manga volumes into the 13 episodes. It is rushed and doesn’t make too much sense so that’s why I always prefer long animes even though they’re long.

What do you think of the anime? Is it too rushed and does it make sense to you? Comment below and let me know:) thanks for reading and hope you enjoy my post^^


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