HK Drama Review: Always and Ever~


Title: Always and Ever

Main Cast:

  • Bobby Au-Yeung as Pao Cheng(13th Century); Wah Long-Biu, an inspector (1950s);Circle Yuen, a police inspector from CIB (modern                                          era)
  • Esther Kwan as Hon Seung-Seung, a talented scholar (13th Century); Tin Chau-Fung, a triad leader’s wife (1960s);Phoenix Yeung, a reporter (modern era)
  • Mandy Wong as Tin Chau-Ngan, an exotic dancer (1950s); a police officer (modern era)
  • Ngo Ka-Nin as  Yuen Kwai, a police officer (1950s); Circle Yuen’s father (modern era)
  • Ben Wong as Ko Kai-On (13th Century)
  • Rebecca Zhu as Lam Yim-Fong, an exotic dancer (1950s)
  • Derek Kok as Cho Pao (1950s)
  • Chiang Chi-kwong as  Advisor Gongsun, a royal political advisor (13th Century)
  • Benjamin Yuen as Chin Chiu , a royal guard (13th Century)
  • Christine Kuo as Princess Hing Sau (13th Century)
  • JJ Jia as Consort Yin (13th Century)
  • Vivien Yeo as  Consort Suk (13th Century)

My Rating: 8.5/ 10 Turtles~


Circle Yuen killed his fiancee,Phoenix by an accident and at the same time as she died, Circle is sent back to the Song Dynasty . He meets a scholar there who looks exactly like her. They fall in love but what Circle doesn’t know is that they have a curse. In whatever era they are in, once they fall in love Circle is bound to kill her. Will their curse stop them from getting together?

My thoughts:

I happen to really like this drama but just like Karma Rider, TVB did a really bad job in keeping the story in place.I absolutely love the first 15 episodes but then it just got really dragged out. I guess it wasn’t really TVB’s fault because I never liked Hong Kong in the 1970’s so I kinda lost interest as soon as I saw that Circle landed in the 1970’s Hong Kong. Nevertheless, this drama is pretty good.

In this drama, the main characters are more experienced and are in the “older” generation. *this is not meant to be offensive at all* We have Bobby who has been acting since 1982. He’s more of a comedy actor so I expected a lot of funny scenes in this drama. Surprisingly enough, this drama is pretty serious. On the other hand we have Esther, an actress that I really respect. And as expected, her presence drastically improved the drama.

Even though both actors are quite old, this never stop their chemistry from blooming! especially in the Song Dynasty~ I think I have this weak spot for dramas in the ancient era because when ever I watch them, even though they are not full of skinship, they are still full of chemistry. So in this drama, my favourite part is at the start and I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I moved on to other eras.


I think the ending was really random:/ So I get that the curse is lifted and that they are living happily ever after but then suddenly they are at a film location. Then it turns out that they are actually film stars now…………and a storm suddenly comes……..then this time it is their baby that gets sucked into the time hole?! okay~ seriously! If this is your attempt to avoid complaints about barbecue/dinner/all-the-characters-run-towards-the-camera kinda ending, I would much prefer those! That ending is just stupidly awkward……

If you guys happened to watch this drama, what do you think of it and what is your favorite era? Let me know in the comment section below:) thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoy it^^  


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