Anime Review: Zombie Loan~


Title: Zombie Loan

My Rating: 7.5/10 turtles


Michiru Kita has a special ability to see a rings around a person’s neck. The darker the ring, the closer it is of a person’s death. Chika Akatsuki and Shito Tachibana are zombies. They died in an accident but made a contract with Zombie Loan. This means that they have to help eliminate the illegal zombies until their debt is paid. One day, Michiru accidentally sees the dark rings of Chika and Shito and ends up in a zombie hunt with them. When they find out about Michiru’s ability, they asked her to join them and help them find zombies to hunt.

My thoughts:


I watched this anime because I’ve grown out of the girly “pretty cure” genre and I wanted to try something new so when I saw the title I immediately went for it. Even though the anime is brutal and bloody, I find it really funny for some reason. The genre was really different from the ones I’m used to but it was fun to watch.


The zombie loan actually started really well for me and it kept me going for the 13 episode. I saw glimpse of romance here and there but not enough to be one of the important roles in this anime. Even though there isn’t really romance in this anime, I was shipping Michiru and Shito so hard! I just love them together>~< I was a bit surprised when Shito screamed at Michiru for taking the comb. At first I thought it was his ex-girlfriend’s or something but no! it was his mother’s and she looks exactly the same age as him. I find that a bit creepy:/


Just like Amnesia, I don’t think we know enough about the main guys. That’s the problem sometimes with short animes. You can’t put that much stuff in just 13/14 episodes. You really need to develop it, like a book. That’s why I don’t mind when books are thick. I felt like every episodes I was just watching Shito and Chika killing zombies. Sure~ there’s a few episodes on Shito but I think his family background is so complicated that it cannot be explained in the few episodes. I don’t think we know that much about Chika except for the episode where his family visited and the episode with his zombie friend but that’s it. It wasn’t enough for me at all.


I didn’t like the ending at all:( It was just so abrupt. They were doing this zombie-hunting competition with the A-Loan team and then it just ended. We didn’t even know if Z-Loan win or not or who’s staying:/ that was really annoying. I was hoping to get more episodes but it just ended like that. Not please>:/ I really want to know about more of what happen next. There isn’t even a second season:(

What do you guys think of this anime? Do you think the bloody scenes are funny too? I hope you enjoy my review and thanks for reading:D Suggest any good anime you’d like me to watch and review in the comments^^


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