Book Review: Divergent~


Title: Divergent by Veronica Roth

My Rating : 9/10 turtles


Beatrice’s Society is divided into five factions- Abnegation( the selfless), Amity( the peaceful), Candor( the honest), Dauntless( the brave) and Erudite( the intelligent). Every year,sixteen year-olds gather and take an aptitude test which investigate their abilities and which faction they belong to the most. Then they must pick the faction which they will devote the rest of their lives. Beatrice has to pick between staying with her family and  being herself. Which one will she pick?

My Thoughts:

I love this book! Lots of my friends read it but I never got the chance to buy the book and now that I did I want to hit myself for not reading the book sooner! I don’t know what to say because I don’t know how to. This book gave me so many feels that I can’t even explain myself.

I think this book is as good as the Mortal Instruments! Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people are comparing the two books especially since City of Bones was made into a movie and Divergent is too.I am not trying to say who is better than who because there is no best or worst in story-writing but only personal preferences . I love both of them.

At first, right after I finished the book, I was so overwhelmed that I almost screamed ‘WTF did i just read’ in my head. Compared to the other YA books I read, this one is exceptionally brutal! I was just so taken aback I didn’t really digest the story properly until today.

All the characters are so brave and reckless in the book. I just don’t even know what to say. Normally we have one or two bada$$es but in this book is full of them and they are all fighting to be the bada$$ of the bada$$. Tris( Beatrice) changed so drastically in such a short time that I can’t really follow the story sometimes but that’s okay because I reread it. I normally read books that have a steady/slow pace so it’s nice to see a change.

I don’t think I like Tris as much as I thought I would. She is a great person but I think she is not as great as I thought. This is not a bad thing actually because I think that makes her more realistic. The things she did in the book such as *SPOILER*

  • kicking Molly even though she dropped down
  • Killing Will
  • not forgiving Al
  • Shooting Peter

*highlight the blanks*

I didn’t think she would do. I actually know why she did all of them but it still feels foreign to me. Sometimes we get so invested in some characters that we forget why other people do ‘things we hate’ and forget to think of their feelings. This book got me thinking a lot and it actual has the most realistic character I read in a YA book.

Tris kicked Molly cuz she’s really angry at her. Well, she did strip Tris, leaving her naked in front of the other initiates. Imagine how humiliated you would be if it’s you!!? She killed Will by an accident and I know it but I still feel bitter about Will’s death so I ended up blaming her. Al……hmmm… I have to say I was really disappointed in him and I still can’t believe what he did. But since I was secretly shipping him and Tris from the beginning, of course I would feel sad about his death. And if he did what he did to Tris to me? I would probably beat the living crap out of him! As for shooting Peter, I actually didn’t mind but I was kinda surprised because Tris used to be an Abnegation and that’s all. Peter deserves the shooting.

Not many characters are likable and I think that’s the only thing I docked marks for. Four is the only person who I like from beginning to end. Wait…..actually, Tris’ mother as well. Tris I like but sometimes I don’t find myself always supporting her. I really hated Christina and Will for what they said to Tris after she got First in the Second Stage. That was very cowardly  but other than that they supported her all along so I can’t really complain about them.

The main evil plot doesn’t really come in until the last few chapters so I thought at first there might not be a big enough plot or there might be a cliffhanger or something but it ended very well. Not a happy ending but still very well as in the story. I don’t know if I should say this.Don’t kill me><………………. I thought Veronica Roth is pretty cruel. Already lots of people die and it seems like she doesn’t hesitate to kill a character if she has to. Sometimes I guess is good but sometimes it’s bad. I like the way she do whatever she wants with her story but I cried a lot at the last few chapters cuz it was so brutal.

I really need something light to read or I’ll really blind myself by crying too much at dramas and books:P Actually, there were funny bits as well in the book but not that much (fear landscape, guys, if you read the book, you will 99% know what I mean:P).

Have you guys read the book yet or am I the really one who’s late? What do you think of it and did the amount of deaths by the end of the book surprised you as well? Tell me guys in the comment section:D Hope you guys like my review^^


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