Movie Review: The Tower (korean movie)~


Title: The Tower

Main Cast:

  • Sol Kyung Gu – Captain Kang Young-ki
  • Kim Sang Kyung– Lee Dae-ho
  • Son Ye Jin – Seo Yoon-hee
  • Kim In Kwon – Sergeant Oh Byung-man
  • Ahn Sung Ki – Yeouido Fire Station chief
  • Song Jae-ho – Mr. Yoon, the old man
  • Lee Joo-shil – Mrs. Jung, Mr. Yoon’s friend
  • Lee Han-wi – Mr. Kim, church elder
  • Kwon Tae-won – Jang, the Fire Commissioner
  • Jeon Guk-hyang – Ae-ja
  • Jung In-ki – Cha, the safety section head
  • Cha In Pyo – President Jo
  • Jeon Bae-soo – Young-cheol, the cook
  • Kim Sung Oh– In-geon
  • Min Young – Nam-ok, the pregnant woman
  • Park Jun-seo – aide
  • Lee Joo-ha – Min-jung, the receptionist
  • Do Ji Han– Lee Seon-woo, the rookie fireman[13]
  • Jo Min-ah – Lee Ha-na
  • Lee Sang-hong – Yeouido fireman
  • Jin Mo – Yeouido fireman
  • Chu Min-ki – Yeouido fireman
  • Kang Poong – Yeouido fireman
  • Kwon Hyung Sang– Young-hoon
  • Lee Chang-yong – command HQ specialist
  • Lee Chang-joo – Jo’s private secretary
  • Park Cheol-min – head cook
  • Kim Eung-su – Jin
  • Park Jeong-hak – Jung


On Christmas Eve, staff members and residents are busy preparing for the Christmas party in the luxurious Tower Sky twin tower building. Helicopters are hired to sprinkle snow around the building and every one is amazed at the scenery. But what will happen when the helicopter catches fire on the 60th floor of the building when it loses control and crashes into the building?

My thoughts:

So I was watching movie trailers on YouTube and I stumbled across the trailer for this movie. AS you all know, I am really into Korea so straight away I went and looked for the movie online and I have to say that it did not disappoint me one bit at all!~

As usual, the little korean girl’s acting stunned me! Seriously, Korea, you have the best child actors ever! In Hk the child actors are more exaggerated but I still appreciate them for their braveness~ anyway, back to the girl. She is even amazing at acting in the movie and she is just so cute that you just want to pinch her cheeks and kiss her and protect her! I actually cried so much when she cried! I love you, Jo Min Ah!!( I hope I don’t sound like a creep~:P Of course~ other actors’ acting are phenomenon as well but for a child, it is outstanding!

I love the way the movie is not all disastrous and has a little romance sprinkled in here and there. The romance between Lee Dae Ho and Seo Jun Hee is just so cute and I definitely love Lee Dae Ho as a man. I mean after he escaped and reunited with his daughter, he could have left her but he didn’t and despite all the danger, he saved her. For me, that is the most touching part of their romance.

Also I love the humorous parts as well!! I can never take Kim In Kwon seriously after watching him in You’re Beautiful and I love the way just his face in the movie makes it humorous. Hallelujah!!! Amen!!! ( don’t get it?? watch the movie and join with me!!:D)  Hallelujah!!! Amen!!!

Since this is a disaster movie, I can’t really complain when there are deaths. I know it’s coming but it is still so sad. I really cried buckets with my mum watching that movie. In most disaster movies the ending is always when the problem is solved and it is for this movie. You will definitely know that they are going to put out the fire and the main characters will somehow escape~ but I didn’t expect one of the main characters to die so I’m still not over that>~<

I actually really like disaster movies because when something bad happens, a person’s true nature reveals and you will know who is really there for you and who is just all talk. It happens in this movie too. Lee Dae Hoo didn’t abandon Yun Hee and came back for her( as I mentioned above) and Director Jung abandoned his colleagues which leads to him falling into his own death. (he really deserves it!!)

I really love this movie and I watched it a second time this morning. It is family friendly and you guys will probably love it as much as I do:D So go watch it~ Tell me what you think of the movie in the comment section below:)


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