Book Review: The Selection~


I just finished this book 4 days ago~:PI was going to my review it yesterday but I wanted my first book review to be City of Bones so that’s why I’m doing it today^^ I hope you guys like it:)

Title: The Selection by Kiera Cass

My Rating: 7.5/10 turtles


American has a normal life. Her family is doing well, not as well as the 4,5 or 6 caste but at least they get full meals. She has a forbidden love for a boy,Aspen. But everything changes when she is chosen to participate in a contest to pick the future queen and bride of the handsome Prince Maxon. As the contest progresses, she feels drawn to Prince Maxon too. Who will she pick at the end as her Mr.Right?

My Thoughts:

At first when I saw the cover of the book I was reluctant to start because I have grown out of the princess-y stories. But then my friend said that I should not judge a book by its cover so I gave it a try.  It turned out way better than I expected! I actually love it:D but of course not as much as the Mortal Instruments and not like “I have to get all the books” and reread it for 4 times:P


I get really frustrated with the characters a lot but in general the story in good. I am frustrated with America because she is very  soft and it seems she keeps shifting to who ever does sweet things to her. In other words she doesn’t have her own thoughts. She still doesn’t know at the end! I know there are three books but for Mortal Instruments you’ll know right away who Clary is with. I think it really depends on the reader. I guess it is kinda fun to guess who she will pick~ but I think I don’t like the feeling of things not confirmed……I don’t like changes.

With Prince Maxon, I don’t really like it when he says that he loves America but goes on and kiss other candidates. I know that it is his duty to pick candidates and hang out with them so that’s why I didn’t complain the dates, but kisses?!! I don’t know~ maybe because I’m Asian? I’m more closed-minded? But I think kisses are supposed to be for the ones you truly love. So I just don’t feel he loves America that much and therefore don’t feel bad for him when America…….kinda cheats on him.  I mean the same goes for America!

For Aspen……..hmmm……I don’t know but I just didn’t like him from the start already because of he has in mind. I just hate it when people decide to pick things for me thinking that it is the best for me but never really consider my feelings at all so straight away Aspen was off my bias list when he did what he did. I actually thought he didn’t deserve America.

Overall, I think this is a great story but I don’t think the characters are as lovable though I do recommend you to read it. Especially if you want some light-hearted books after reading something really intense e.g. Mortal Instruments~ Even though this is a light-read, I don’t think there’s that much humorous scenes in this book. This is still an enjoyable read for YA readers out there~


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