My Opinion on The Master’s Sun Episode 5


Title: The Master’s Sun

Main Cast:

  • So Ji Sub as Joo Joong-Won 
  • Kong Hyo Jin as Tae Kong-Sil
  • Seo In Guk as Kang Woo
  • Kim Yoo Ri as Tae Yi Ryung

My Opinions:


Okay~ I really don’t like Joong Won……. I know he has feelings for Gong Sil and doesn’t want to admit it so that’s why he’s treating her like rubbish but that’s just too much!><! If there will ever be a man that likes me and treat me that way, I will definitely dump him! But I know Gong Sil doesn’t have a choice so I feel kinda sorry for her……though it seems like she doesn’t mind how she is treated. I wish it is Kang Woo who has the ability to chase away ghosts…….wait~ okay….now I’m really curios as to why Joong Won has the ability to chase away ghosts?~ What is it that is so special about him? I hope we will find out soon enough~


This episode’s case is about finding a dead teenage boy’s first love and the case itself is pretty cute~^^ and unfortunately, sad as well:( At first when Gong Sil is forced into marrying the dead ghost and when Joong Won ran to rescue her. It was so sweet! But then he pushed her back in with the ghost just because the ghost’s Granny said that she will work with his rival company if he opens the door.Aiiish!!! I flipped my table!>:(


But then I’m happy because this week is one of the sweetest episodes for our Kang Woo/Tae Gong Sil couple!! ( I wonder if there’s an actual name for the couple yet….) It is full of romance from beginning to end!!We have Kang Woo telling Gong Sil at the start of the episode that he will be her body guard when he saw Gong Sil telling the ghost to “leave her alone” and to which Gong sil explained as “just some stalker” since she couldn’t tell him that she what she sees are ghosts.


Then in the middle of the episode, Gong Sil was attacked by men sent by the ghost matchmaker. Kang Woo shows off his martial art skills and fights them off. (kyaa!!! I can’t handle the cutness>^<~) But then after Kang Woo drops her home, Gong Sil warns him to keep his distance because she thinks that she will disappoint him when he finds out her secret. Kang Woo feels guilty and said “Your warning does scare me—that I might disappoint you.” It really does seem like he is in love with her, probably when he was investigating her, amused by her strangeness~

At the end, I had buckets of nose bleed because of the scene with KAng Woo telling Gong Sil that he will be brave and that he wants to know more about her!>o< I ship this couple really hard but I know that things will never work out for them:( I just hope while KAng Woo doesn’t get the girl, he can still at least get more couple scenes:D though luckily for him~ there’s already this potential love interest for him but I will always prefer him and Gong Sil!

So what do you guys think of this episode? Comment and let me know:D


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