HK Drama:Karma Rider Review~


Title: Karma Rider(haha…..when I first heard the name I burst out laughing because the             title reminds me of the anime Kamen Rider:P)

Main Cast:

  • Raymond Wong as Chor Yat-Chin aka Bald Boy
  • Priscilla Wong as Foon-Hei aka Cheery
  • Matt Yeung as Ching Ying-Hing
  • Evergreen Mak as Wan Tin-Bong aka Fatty
  • Kaki Leung as Foon Ching aka Silence
  • Cilla Kung as Foon-Siu aka Smiley
  • Helena Law as Lang-Nu aka Pretty
  • Yoyo Chen as Wu Dip aka Shek
  • Cheung Kwok Keung as Grey Hair Doctor (Actually Si Fu)
  • Matthew Ko as Tsui Tsun-Hei
  • Kenny Wong as Silent Hero

My Rating: 8/10 Turtles~


It is 300 years after the legendary event of the Butterfly Lovers. Chor Yat Chin is saved by Si Fu and becomes a constable. He is assigned to catch a murder suspect called Fatty but he lives in a place in town where police, government and the emperor isn’t allowed to enter, only the citizen of that place can go in and out of it. Yat Chin comes across a thief, Cheery and discovers that she is a citizen of the place. He gets her to help him in the place so then their lives are somehow intertwined.

* Sorry if I’m not good at names, I watched that without subtitles because I know Cantonese.*

My Thoughts:

This drama started out really good for me and I was captivated by Cheery. I thought TVB finally picked up on their dramas~ but no! I was wrong. The plot wasn’t big enough so by the end of the last two episodes I was confused with all the things that happened since I kept on waiting for a bigger plot. At first it was very fresh to see new actors and different style to the usual TVB. I really felt sad when the middle got a bit draggy and it was aimless like my essays.(yes~ I suck at english essays….I just somehow keeps on talking about the same stuff and yeah……aimless)

I really liked Cheery’s character and I think Priscilla Wong is now my second bias. She did really well in this drama but sometimes her voice sounds sick, like a voice when she has a cold or something and that can be quite annoying. But I still like her anyway. Her character really has chemistry with Yat Chin and I think it is especially strong because it is a period drama.


At first I thought Cheery is Shek so I felt that Yat Chin and her are definitely destined to be together but then it is actually Wu Dip who is Shek so I was disappointed. Then at the very end, it turns at that Cheery was actually at the same dump as them and that indirectly, Yat Chin helped her out. So my point is that this drama is full of little surprises which I definitely like these days since more and more dramas are predictable.

Okay~ so the ending…….I was actually surprised at the ending. It definitely has similarities with Gu Family Book with the whole reincarnation thing. I’m not gonna say who copied who since TVB film their dramas in advance but Gu Family Book came out first. Anyway~ I was not a happy camper when Cheery died>:( Since many people died already. At first when you watch the drama, you will definitely think it is another one of those happily ever after dramas but no! This drama got more and more depressing as I watched.I cried buckets T^T

I think you guys will like this drama if you ever watch it but it does make you want to scream at the screenwriters for their stupidity. I really enjoyed it when I watched it but if you guys are emotional, like me, just don’t expect so much in the romance then I guess you’ll do fine:D

Let me know if you guys will watch it or if you did then what are parts are your favourite and what parts makes you face palm so much that your face is red~Hope you guys enjoy this post and thanks for reading^^


2 thoughts on “HK Drama:Karma Rider Review~

    • Thank you for your comment! Lately I feel like the quality of TVB dramas has gone down but that was one drama that i was excited for~ Now I am currently watching Line Walker which I have high hopes for, are you watching that?

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