My Opinion on The Master’s Sun Episode 2


Title: The Master’s Sun

Main Cast:

  • So Ji Sub as Joo Joong-Won 
  • Kong Hyo Jin as Tae Kong-Sil
  • Seo In Guk as Kang Woo
  • Kim Yoo Ri as Tae Yi Ryung

My Opinions: 


So in this episode, we know a lot more about Joong-Won’s past~ not fully but most of it. I’m very conflicted whether I like Joong Won or not because of him personality. I still can’t see all of it so I can’t like him fully. As for Kang Woo, I’m not sure about other people but I’m totally digging him!


Kang Woo is just so sweet and I love him in superstar K. I mean what can be more charming than a guy singing with such a sweet voice.(sorry,guys~ I know this is not related to the drama but I had to say it:P)


I think I’m really disturbed by Tae Yang’s creepy smile( not that I don’t like it but I’m just taken aback by how creepy she can be:P)Also, the way she phrase things sounds wrong sometimes.(which makes this drama 100 times more fun to watch:D) But I guess they are trying to show us how innocent Tae Yang is~


I don’t know about you guys but I definitely want Tae Yang and Kang Woo together! I love the scene when Kang Woo asks Tae Yang to go home together. I died out of the cuteness><!

What do you think of the drama? Do you like it so far?  Comment down below to let me know:) Hope you enjoy today’s post:D


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